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You can’t even begin to understand the excitement that is generating through my body at this moment. Although my tolerability (word?) might have changed, and I may find myself looking for the nearest bathroom after one ‘exciting’ drop off of splash mountain, I plan on enjoying all that I missed out on!
I had the ingredients on hand so I decided to throw these together today and they were AWESOME! Hi Bridget, It’s the same thing as the cereal brand rice krispies, but this is a brown rice (whole grain) version.
I just had to tell you that I brought these for my CTR 4s on Sunday and they could NOT stop eating them! Cats Dogs Small Pets Other Animals moms-facebook moms-instagram moms-pinterest moms-twitter Cats Dogs Small Pets Skip to main content.
I am happy to say that I am still feeling lots of movements and also excitement about all of this. I am still worrying somewhat about still birth again and possible complications, but with my history the Dr said it is perfectly normal. I cannot stop crunching cream crackers and bread sticks, and may have eaten a whole box of bread sticks over night in week 26 (blushing)…No matter how full I am or what time of day it is my mouth just yearns for some crunchy textures and its going a little nuts.
Mr Smith has nipped out a few nights to get them and last week I may have been seen as I walked Ethan to school one morning crunching cream crackers all the way. My hips and back are still sore, but it hasn’t worsened any, so that is good for now. One of the biggest changes I have experienced in the last few weeks is seen in the things that I am drawn to for baby Smith.
And finally I am addicted to wearing the Asos dungarees featured in every pic that my sister in law leant me, along with some other maternity items, and I find them uber chilled and comfy!
Hahaha its taken me 4 pregnancies to actually care what I look like and make a reasonable amount of effort! The Hearty life is an award nominated blog written by me Mary, a wife and pregnant stay at home mum of 2 here in beautiful Yorkshire! It is where I share our story of the highs and lows of life after baby loss, My loves, our travels, adventures & general banter of family life.
Somebody should invent a super absorbing adult diaper for pregnant woman, that needs to be changed every 1.5 litre of urine.
This morning we decided to have breakfast in Tanglin Halt market, after two weeks of craving for Hum Chin Peng (without red bean filling).
I want my baby boy to grow up listening to Mocca! Ever since they performed at IAF 2003 at Victoria Hall, I have always adored Mocca, which has sold 300,000 of its first album My Diary. Whilst my energy isn’t what I would hope, and physically this is probably the hardest of all 4 pregnancies, I still do feel excited to be having a little baby girl soon and having another chance. I guess its just a hurdle to overcome like every other 1st before the real joy can really be cherished.
I had a similar thing with Megs and it was plain corn chips (tortilla chips?) and plain Riveata that was the answer, but with this one it always seems to be bread sticks or crackers! At 20 weeks pregnant I wrote a post where I laid out what I was into, my style and the stuff I tend to like for babies (You can read it here), but since writing that and gaining the confidence to go baby shopping and route through friends hand me downs, everything that jumps out to me is everything I would usually avoid?!
I think it’s only natural to be feeling quite emotional about everything after what you have been through previously. Sometimes I write these blog posts late and night and my brain is usually scrambled eggs :)! Can’t wait to take them out of the fridge and try (: great recipe, I looked all over for healthy bars, thanks!! For over 2 years we have wanted another baby and whilst we got one, it was incredibly hard to give her back so soon.
I was at the hospital this week for some monitoring and tests as I have been feeling quite rough, but apparently and thankfully it is nothing sinister and baby seems happy.

I remember feeling so guilty when I was pregnant with the twins as I was so tired, me and Lucas didn’t do a lot. Basically it is the same as Odading (Bandung), Kue Bantal (Jakarta) or Beignet (New Orleans, only without cinnamon and powdered sugar).
All the while my husband runs around like a 5 year old hopped up on churrrrros smiling his way down every drop, turn, twist, and other exciting rides as I sit back and watch.
I changed the directions so it said to said to bring it to a boil, then reduce to a simmer for about a minute.
SO yes, I am excited I get to channel my broodiness and motherly love into a fresh new bundle of joy soon(ish)! It was emotionally hard being back where we were told everything, and in the room where we were told she had passed away. This stall, located at the left side of the Tanglin Halt Market food court near the corner sell the best Kueh in the area. My feet start to get swollen, I got carpal tunnel syndrome at my right arm, and I started to feel pelvic discomfort. The pb started to smell like it was going to burn right about boiling point, so I just took it off then.
I left the hospital quite stressed and teary and have felt strongly since that a delivery there probably isn’t for me this time.
Along with the great Teh Tarik in the Muslim Stall at the right side of the market (sold by bearded old man), this made a great breakfast for today. Perhaps ita€™s time for me to withdraw myself from this busy world and move up into my hermitage with the baby :> When I went to see my doctor today he was a bit worried of the swollen feet, and I had to do a blood test to see whether there is any sign of preeclampsia. It just tastes great, and it makes you want to drink it over and over again.BTW, the blood test that I mentioned last week came up normal.
Once I get the result early next week, wea€™ll find out how soon the baby needs to be delivered. Wish us luck!Let me talk a bit more about giving up train seats for pregnant women - statistically.
He also noticed that my blood pressure is higher than usual, although still within normal range. This shows a potential for pre-eclampsia, or that I have tendency for hypertension (yes, it runs in my family).
The doctor said nothing much can be done except resting, likely I would need to take my maternity leave even before my baby boy is born a€“ meaning, next week.*Shrug* I have intended to work until the very last minute, since I only have 8 weeks of maternity leave, and I would rather spending the leave to take care of the baby, and not to rest myself.
Most of the time, it's women in their 20s-30s that give me seat.As for men, usually older men (aged 40s-50s) will give up their seats.
Yes, I think 8 weeks is too short for maternity leave.I guess partly ita€™s also because of my eating habit. Rats have flavor preferences, and some popular fruits are cantaloupe and other melons, strawberries and peaches. I experience kindness from men in their 20s only once, when a Singapore Poly student gave up his seat for me (bravo Singapore Poly, for the courtesy). Blueberries and blackberries are rich sources of antioxidants and a tasty treat for your pregnant rat. Almost every afternoon in the office I lunched at the Malay stall that cooks spicy mutton dishes. Perhaps this shows that usually men who experienced being a husband and father have more empathy towards pregnant women.One interesting experience I'd like to highlight is when I went home from Newton in early February.
Moreover, I only drink less than 1 liter of liquid while in office, partly because I just hate going to toilet so often. When I drink a lot of water nowadays, I would need to go to toilet every 20 minutes and the baby is pushing hard on to my bladder, creating a really bad urge to urinate.
I suppose all these contribute to my higher blood pressure, and I try to rectify it by resting, drinking water, and eat more veggie, particularly cucumber (my moma€™s advice), and obtain protein intake from somewhere else, not from mutton.By the way, we are considering of banking our babya€™s umbilical cord blood (UCB) stem cell, mainly because this is our first child, and this particular action could benefit the whole nuclear family (us and the future siblings).

In case you are curious, there are two private cord blood banking facilities in Singapore, CordLife and StemCord, offering same service with same price.After doing our preliminary research at Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Website (a really good non-biased website created by a practicing physician who lost her children), we visited both banks yesterday. And then, since the train was so crowded, once I lost my balance and almost tripped on this guy, and woke him a bit. Your pregnant rat might like to nibble on a raw cauliflower or a broccoli floret, and on cooked or raw carrots.
In a nutshell, through our interaction with the salesperson, so far we have better impression over CordLife.
The salesperson took her time to answer our queries (that we obtained from our research) no matter how technical it is. I grinned, because the funny thing is that he sat (and pretend to sleep) directly under the sign that says "Please offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you do", with illustration of elderly people and pregnant women.For me, at that time, I still have the energy to stand up and I did not want to fight with other people to get my right. Bok choy is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A and phytonutrients, and it can be fed either raw or cooked. She even expressed her appreciation of our genuine interests in learning about the technical matter as much as possible.
If people do not want to give up their seat, it's OK, I'm not going to faint or whatever, at least at that time I still have the energy. Rats love the flavor of sweet potato, which must be thoroughly cooked before offering it to them.
On the other hand, the StemCord salesperson did not seem to address our technical concerns of the product, and seemed to be interested only in selling his products; he was stiff and a bit on defensive side when Indi pulled out a long list of questionnaire. But imagine if it's other pregnant women who badly need the seat because of swollen feet or weak balance!Other passengers also noticed this incident. It is a good idea to remove vegetable leftovers from the cage after a few hours so they won't spoil.
A couple who stood up at the other end of the train as well as a JC student offered me their seats, but it was too far to walk and the train was too crowded.
Obviously, the couple was disturbed by this incident, they decided to take photo of me and the 'pretender' using their handphone camera (then I took photo of this funny incident too - see above).To add to the irony of this incident, when the train reached one station, this guy immediately stood up and exit the train. Imagine, a guy, who was deeply asleep and was not disturbed by pregnant women who bumped into his knees all along the way, was able to know which station to board. You can mix plain, cooked oatmeal with cow's milk, goat's milk or soy milk for a protein-rich cereal.
If the blocks are part of your rats' diet they are likely to get the nutrients they need, in part because they won't be able to skip nutrients by picking out their favorite foods.
To prevent them from getting damp,put them in a container that can be clipped into the cage rather than left on the cage floor. People who study, write about and love rats disagree on whether soy is good or bad for rats. You can learn the reasons behind this debate and decide for yourself whether to feed your pregnant rat blocks that include soy products.
These include ?raw dry beans, raw peanuts and raw sweet potato, which contains compounds that create cyanide. Other dangerous foods are green bananas, raw potatoes, green potato skin and raw bulk tofu, which can contain bacteria. It is essential that pregnant and nursing rats have fresh water in their bottles at all times. Thinstripe Hermit Crab Information Common Land Hermit Crabs Related Posts Chinchilla Cages and Habitats Hamsters & Pink Eye Learn More About Animals What Does It Mean if a Guinea Pig Licks & Nibbles Your Hand?
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