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So what could cause this sudden dip in energy when eating healthier foods is supposed to make you feel better? For the first 3 weeks or so of your new Paleo lifestyle, the most likely culprit is simply the transition period. On top of that, Paleo tends to be lower in carbs, with most of your calories coming from fat.
This could be true for you even if you think you “eat a lot of food.” A big pile of vegetables is very healthy, but it simply doesn’t have a lot of calories. If one of these meals looks a lot like your total daily food intake, it’s time to start eating some more.
This is dangerous, because you need iodine to keep your thyroid healthy, and the thyroid is like the central control mechanism for every hormone in your body. Iodine is covered above, but a wide range of other nutrient deficiencies can also be expressed as chronic low energy.
Vitamin D: It’s possible to be deficient in Vitamin D even on Paleo, because most of your body’s supply comes from the sun, not from food.
Choline: Choline isn’t as famous as some other minerals, but it’s one of your brain’s favorite nutrients.
Liver: Liver is famous for its “energizing” effect – you can almost feel the astonishing amount of nutrition rushing straight into your body as you eat it. Chestnuts: another tasty source of starch, perfect if you’re getting a little bored with potatoes.
Grass-fed butter: there’s a reason why the famous “Bulletproof coffee” insists on grass-fed butter and not just any old stick you can pick up at the grocery store. Pemmican: pemmican was the original “energy bar” for Native American groups, made from a mixture of tallow and dehydrated meat (sometimes with berries added).
Note that this is all different from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a disorder that makes you constantly exhausted all the time, whether you’re eating Paleo or not. For some years now I have been providing special sessions to women who find themselves pregnant when they do not wish to be. This approach enables the spirit of the unborn child to consciously participate in the abortion decision. With every spiritual abortion session, the child's spirit brings a message of learning to the mother and father. This dot point will be (has been) covered in an excursion to the dry rainforest at Long Point. In many places, climate can play a much larger role in the trend of distribution and abundance. Predator organisms kill and eat their prey however sometimes organisms will live on or off others without killing them. Allelopathy Plants cana€™t attack and kill their competitors because their roots fix them in the soil. Parasitism When two species live together in close association and only one of the species benefits. Mistletoes - a plant that carries out some photosynthesis but also obtains nutrients from a host. Commensalism In a commensal interaction one organism benefits but the other is unaffected. Decomposers therefore have an essential role in returning carbon dioxide and water to the atmosphere but much more importantly, the minerals that plants and animals need in trace amounts. Since you will be obtaining some of this information from secondary sources, now is an appropriate time to read this guide to validity and reliability of secondary sources.
Trophic interactions (feeding relationships) can be described by food chains and food webs. All consumer organisms use only a small part of their food intake to make their own bodies - the rest is used to provide energy. Over many generations, these and other features of animals and plants would be modified (zebras would not have stripes, humans noses, dogs tails or echidnas spines) unless they help the animal in some way. We can infer the advantage that features give an organism - a€?Echidnas have spines as defence against predatorsa€? for example but it can be no more than an inference.
Therefore, you should not write a€?Echidnas has spines to defend themselvesa€? but a€?Echidnas have spines which probably are an adaptation which helps them to defend themselvesa€?. Every time you look at or think about an organism you should make inferences about its adaptations.
Watching any David Attenborough documentary about animals or plants would provide hundreds or thousands of examples of adaptations. Tiliqua scincoides, the Australian Blue-tongued Lizard is a large, slow-moving lizard with a distinctive blue tongue. This dot point will be (has been) covered in practical lessons.A A  Refer to your Practical Record Book. Plan your report carefully.A  Read this especially paragraph (a), (b), (e) and (f) before you start. Predator organisms kill and eat their prey however sometimes organisms will live on or off others without killing them.A  These relationships may be called allelopathy, parasitism, mutualism or commensalism. CommensalismA  In a commensal interaction one organism benefits but the other is unaffected. Consider what gardeners add to their soil to make the plants grow well.A  The plants may have a ready supply of water from the soil and CO2 from the air to make food but they will grow better if there is adequate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements in the soil. Trophic interactions (feeding relationships) can be described by food chains and food webs.A  Food chains and webs always start with consumer organisms. Over many generations, these and other features of animals and plants would be modifiedA  (zebras would not have stripes, humans noses, dogs tails or echidnas spines) unless they help the animal in some way.A  There must be some advantage (or at least no disadvantage) in having these features. An adaptation is a feature that suits an organism to a particular environment.A  Presumably all the features of an organism are adaptations - we can only infer the advantage that they provide.
So, why do echidnas have spines?A  Because ita€™s in their genes and having spines is an adaptation - probably spines help to defend them against predation. Therefore, you should not write a€?Echidnas has spines to defend themselvesa€? but a€?Echidnas have spines which probably are an adaptation which helps them to defend themselvesa€?.A  The difference is slight but important - echidnas never had a desire to grow spines for protection. They read the testimonials from people who went from constantly-exhausted couch potatoes to vibrant, joyful CrossFit athletes, and they want that transformation for themselves.
If you’re switching from a high-carb diet, there’s usually a week or two of adjustment (commonly known as the “low-carb flu”). When you’re in the middle of this, it’s easy to worry that it’s going to go on forever, but remember: this is a transition period. It’s a problem to get more carbohydrate energy than you need, but it’s also a problem to not get enough. Good Paleo carb sources include potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, bananas (the only fruit with more starch than sugar), and plantains.
If you’re using that broccoli to replace a bunch of bread, you’d better also be increasing your servings of meat and fat. When you switch to Paleo, you’ll need to change your mental picture of how much meat and fat should be on your plate, or risk a serious energy deficiency. You may have to count calories at first to make sure you’re getting enough food, but as your body recovers, it will start to give you accurate hunger and fullness signals. The number one reason why people fall prey to the “not enough calories” problem above is that they’re still afraid of fat. Coconut oil is high in a special type of saturated fat called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).
Common knowledge is that salt is dangerous and unhealthy, but in reality that’s just not so.
For one thing, restricting your salt intake can leave you deficient in a mineral called iodine.
Constant, wearing fatigue (among other side effects like weight gain and menstrual abnormalities) is a classic sign of thyroid problems. Salt is an electrolyte – one of the important minerals that most of us recognize as “things we’re supposed to eat after exercising.” Your body needs a certain balance of salt and water to function properly. Sea salt is fine, but if you want to fix an iodine deficiency, either choose an iodized salt or get another source of iodine as well.
Most milk is fortified with Vitamin D, so if you stop drinking milk and don’t make a special effort to get enough other Vitamin D-rich foods, you might start seeing deficiency symptoms on Paleo. Choline is necessary for building the membranes of cells in your brain, so deficiency can cause fatigue (as well as all kinds of other brain problems). Possibly this is the placebo effect (eating liver doesn’t happen by accident; if it’s on your plate, you know it’s good for you), but it might also have to do with the truly amazing amounts of fatigue-fighting vitamins it contains. They’re rich in choline and selenium (two of the potential nutrient deficiencies that might cause fatigue), and they’re full of healthy fat.
If you’re struggling to find enough “stomach space” for all the calories you know you should be eating, start here!
Butter has the same medium-chain triglycerides as coconut oil, and the grass-fed variety is also a source of iodine and selenium. Like liver, it’s another one of those foods that makes you feel almost superhuman when you eat it. But these are the kinds of foods that will help you treat your fatigue symptoms: nutrient-rich, energy-dense whole foods. For one thing, you’re not likely to stick to it – if your choices are feeling energetic while eating pizza or feeling lousy while eating a salad, at some point you’re going to crack and go for the pizza. CFS is a very complicated disease, and it’s very real, but it’s not caused by anything as simple as a change in diet. But just because you fell into one of these traps the first time around doesn’t mean you can’t change that now. In many instances, this message involves the importance of nurturing and caring for one's own inner child.
It’s perfectly understandable to expect that a healthier diet will give you more energy – which is why it’s such a betrayal when sometimes, it doesn’t. If you’ve just quit caffeine, if you’re not getting enough sleep regularly, or if you’ve just made another drastic life change, your diet should not be the first place to look for answers. That’s one of the reasons why habit has such a strong power over us: it takes less energy just to do whatever we’re used to doing.
Carbs definitely shouldn’t be your staple source of calories, but that doesn’t mean you need to eliminate them completely from your diet. Athletes, for example, often really struggle with a low-carb diet because carbs are your muscles’ favorite fuel. Women in particular (especially pregnant women) tend to do better with more carbs in their diet. Other root vegetables (like carrots and winter squash) have some but not a lot; they’re fine to eat, but you’d have to eat a big pile to get enough. One cup of soup and some roasted squash doesn’t even deserve to be called dinner: that’s a snack. The 3-ounce “portion” of meat (the size of a deck of cards) is set by diet authorities who assume that you will be accompanying it with a huge pile of rice, wheat, or corn. If your daily energy expenditure is 2300 calories but you’re only eating 1400, it’s absolutely no surprise that you’re feeling tired. This is true even if you want to lose weight: you don’t need to create a massive calorie deficit for weight loss. So they take out a lot of energy-dense carbohydrate foods, but they refuse to replace those carbohydrates with healthy fats, and they end up exhausted and hungry all the time.
In fact, a salt deficiency can be unhealthy, and it’s easy to get too little if you stop eating high-salt processed foods and start cooking everything at home without salt. Iodine isn’t found naturally in salt, but most table salt in the United States is fortified with it, and salt is a significant source of iodine in the American diet. If you suddenly feel tired on Paleo when you never did before, you might want to add some salt back into your diet or look up another source of iodine like seaweed.
If you drink a lot of water and don’t eat enough salt (especially if you’re also losing salt through sweat when you work out), you’re at risk for a medical condition called hyponatremia, which causes muscle cramps, confusion, and (you guessed it!) fatigue.
Eat as much salt as you crave; when you’re not filling up your plate with sodium-packed processed foods, you can rely on your taste buds as the ultimate judge of how much your body needs. If you have underlying gut problems (like Celiac Disease), you might not be absorbing all the iron in your diet, so anemia is still a possibility no matter how much iron you eat.

If you’re trying to do a “low-fat” version of Paleo, you might be deficient in choline, because the best sources are delicious, fat-rich animal foods like egg yolks. You might be deficient if you don’t eat fish and seafood regularly, as most food sources come from the ocean (the big exception is Brazil nuts). One ounce of raw liver already has 277% of your RDA of B12, and very few people eat just one ounce at a time.
Unsurprisingly, they’re also just generally healthy: fatigue is really a sign of an overall health problem, so anything that produces an overall health improvement will help fight it. To really make Paleo stick, you need to find a way to keep your energy levels up while you’re at it. This article is about a totally different problem: the sudden, confusing drop in energy that otherwise healthy and energetic people notice when they switch to Paleo. Experiment with one – or more – of the solutions, and see how you feel; you might be surprised at how simple the answer actually is!
I believe that we are spirit and that we have come into the physical realm for learning and experience. The basis for the spiritual abortion process comes from the belief that when you enter the physical realm as a baby, your body is small and needs to be taken care of, but your soul may be old and full of wisdom.
Women who are questioning whether or not to have a child can contact and support their child within. The skills needed for good leadership are present in all of us, but not all of us are natural leaders. If Paleo means spending all day in a haze of exhaustion and brain fog, something’s gotta give. But assuming that nothing else is responsible, it’s reasonable to start troubleshooting your food to make sure you’re not accidentally shooting yourself in the foot with your efforts to eat better.
Until you get into a routine, you have to use willpower, and that’s draining, both mentally and physically. Even with fat providing most of your energy, carbohydrates are still very important, especially for women, children, and athletes.
There are exceptions, of course, but a ketogenic diet is not generally ideal for fertility and pregnancy – or even for overall good health. Even if you’re trying to lose weight with Paleo, you need to eat enough food to supply your body’s essential needs. If you’re replacing all those things with non-starchy vegetables, you need to eat more of the meat! Whether we intend to or not, we tend to ignore our hunger signals and instead take cues from our environment about how much we “should” be eating – but those portions are often way too small.
For some complicated hormonal reasons (see this article for all the science), the hunger of long-term energy restriction doesn’t always produce any empty feeling in your stomach.
It’s actually better to take it slow and steady, and feel amazing and energetic during the process.
So the next time you’re feeling down in the afternoon and craving an energy hit, try a spoonful of coconut oil instead of a caffeine boost or a sugary snack: it’s the same quick energy, but without the crash afterwards. When sports medicine experts advise you to drink electrolytes after a workout, this is what they’re trying to prevent. If you suspect you might have some gut issues, it might be worthwhile to get a blood test for iron and see whether anemia might be an issue. Liver is also high in selenium and choline, not to mention pretty much everything else: if you have any kind of nutrient deficiency at all, liver is a good bet for solving it. If this is so, then why not communicate with the spirit of the unborn child and let it know that this is not right timing? If this is true for a baby then it is also true for the unborn child, the one just beginning to develop a physical body inside of the womb that holds it. Our ALPs series is designed to identify, embrace and and strengthen our ALPs participants leadership abilities. Your brain is working a lot harder than it usually has to, so it’s no surprise that you’re tired. Once you make new habits, you won’t be putting such a heavy toll on your mental resources all the time, and once you get used to running on fat, you’ll wonder why you ever thought a bowl of Rice Krispies was a decent breakfast. They’re nutrients just like every other nutrient: you don’t want too much, but you don’t want too little, either. For high-intensity work like sprinting or Crossfit, some safe starches in your diet will help you feel and perform better, and recover faster after a workout.
Food is energy; if you aren’t getting enough of it, you will feel exhausted and run-down all the time, because exhaustion is a symptom of starvation. According to the World Health Organization, a starvation diet is defined as less than 1800 calories a day for women or 2100 for men (now compare that to the 1400-calorie diets regularly recommended for weight loss). That goes double for people with a history of calorie-restricted or “portion-controlled” dieting. There is no such thing as “low-fat Paleo.” “Low-fat” should not even be a word in your Paleo vocabulary.
For even more MCT goodness, you can also buy specially-formulated MCT oil (although this is more expensive). If you plug your data into the calorie calculator here, you might be surprised at how much you actually need. If your body has been living through a “famine” for a while now, you might be starving without realizing it.
The spirit of an unborn child is filled with wisdom and always has a powerful lesson to share with the mother and father. Nestles is recomended only for advanced surfers.Click the photo below to view Nestles video. One of the most common issues between parents and children is the desire of the parent to control the child and mold the child into what the parent wants. When the child (who desires to find a healthy, independent identity) rebels, the pain and separation that result are often blamed on the child. TMO Adventures provide an opportunity to realize a group's governing principles, values, ethics and practice core competencies in a safe and supportive environment.
There is a longing to return to this ancient wisdom of the Goddess.a€?a€?Spiritual Hypnotherapy makes it possible for the mother to connect with the spirit of the unborn child and together they agree upon a natural miscarriage. Our challenges are experiential in nature and we encourage continued teamwork, realistic goal setting, honest feedback and shared learning in a experiential process which stimulates our creative thinking and problem solving skill sets. Of the women I have worked with several have naturally miscarried shortly after their sessions while others have needed to have clinical abortions. In place of a functional, supportive parent who encourages the child to individuate, we find a dysfunctional parent who controls, either subtly or overtly, to have his or her own needs fulfilled by the child.
When women have clinical abortions scheduled just following their session and they follow through with the abortion, it is impossible to know whether or not the process would have occurred naturally.
My belief is that as more women become aware of this option, it will become easier for them to have natural abortions, and that it will become easier for women to consciously choose when to become pregnant.
Some of the most common lessons the spirit comes to teach are about healing the inner child, bringing forth creative energy, empowering the self, healing relationship issues and healing from past abortions or miscarriages so that the mother may choose a healthy new pregnancy. When I first began doing this work I felt that if the miscarriage did not happen naturally, the process did not work. Sometimes the connection between the woman and the unborn child runs very deep and the mother experiences feelings of great love and pain in letting go. Groups tend to develop a sense of community that wants to be successful at what they are engaged in.
Participants find a new sense of confidence in themselves an understanding A and appreciation for others that transfers over to the school and their community. I now understand that everyone woman has her own process to go through and sometimes that process includes a clinical abortion. A right choice in our lives can bring feelings of loss, grief or loneliness and still be the right choice for us. We believe that together, the teachers and students will return to their classrooms and will ultimately be linked together through their shared experience to achieve the common goal of linking adventure through education. Whether or not miscarriage occurs as a result of this process, the process is always powerful.
For example, leaving an abusive relationship can bring up many painful feelings and still be the best, healthy choice for us. The mother heals emotionally from guilt, fear, grief, self-hate or whatever emotions she is carrying.a€?a€?Spiritual Hypnotherapy is extremely valuable for both actual abortion and healing from miscarriage. P-Land is recomended for intermediate to advanced surfers.Click the photo below to view P-Lands album. A  10:00 am - 2:00 pmHave you ever wondered if you could you make it on your own in the woods?
Click the photo below to see The Points album.Fishing Panama, Surfer ParadiseFishing in the Gulf of Chiriqui region is regarded as a world class fishing destination. When an abortion or miscarriage takes place and there no spiritual healing involved, feelings such as grief, guilt, anger, and fear may become stuck in the body. There have been many write-ups in sport fishing magazines about the marlin, sailfish, Wahoo and tuna that have been caught in this area.We operate primarily as a surf camp. Fishing off the boats is offered at no charge as the boat captains drive around the surf breaks keeping an eye on the surfers. Naturopathic physicians have told me that many women who have ovarian cancer, cysts, fibroid tumors, abnormal bleeding and other female problems have experienced an abortion or miscarriage at sometime in their lives. In our modern medical environment a hysterectomy is often offered as the cure.a€?a€?The womb is the center of the feminine body. You are the best thing you have."During this four-hour program you will use critical thinking skills and a positive attitude to complete this 'Survival' scenario.
It is the birthing center of creativity, but the beauty of this is little recognized in our society.
There is no charge for this type of fishing.We also offer an outer island trip, which requires a payment of $320 for the extra gas used by the panga boat.
You will learn impromptu wilderness medical skills (First-Aid without a kit), look for natural shelter, build a debris shelter, find safe drinking water, find resources for making primitive tools, make a primitive weapon, track wildlife, build a fire, learn back country cooking skills and what leave no trace ethics are, even forecast the weather! In this country, women commonly hear, a€?You're not going to have any more childrena€? or, a€?You're past the childbearing age, so let's do a hysterectomy.a€? What message does this give to a woman?
All participants acquire real skills and an increased awareness of themselves and their environment. I think the message that a woman receives is that her creative worth, (the womb being the center of creativity), is defined by bearing children. They also develop a more positive self-image through an authentic sense of personal accomplishment. I bring attention to this because claiming personal power and creativity has been the major issue with several of my clients.
All students should read or listen to the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and come with small blank page journal and a pen. We should be able to get out to the Coiba Island and Hannibal Bank area where large marlin and tunas can be caught.
Childbearing can be a good camouflage for those who are afraid to look into themselves and face the fears, doubts and inadequacies that keep their expression of personal creative force at a distance.
Of course, these women are not aware that they are masking something until they take that journey within the self.a€?a€?Men also hold unresolved feelings in their bodies.
With respect to childbearing issues, I'm not certain where in the body men hold this energy. It has been described as the perfect wave you draw on your notebook in high school that just keeps going and going. In the case of miscarriage a man might feel that he was not powerful, potent, or manly enough to save the baby.
In abortion, it might be that the man feels that he did something wrong, that it was his fault and he doesn't deserve to have what he wants. If you are a man who has had an experience with miscarriage or abortion, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the experience. Learn the skills that will save your life and or your family or friends.This is a course that you won't want to missDress casual and warm. Feel your feelings around this issue and notice where they live in your body.a€?a€?Spiritual Hypnosis allows the woman to go deep within the womb to explore core beliefs and judgments held by her as well as by women throughout the fabric of time, past and present.

Many women who perceive themselves to be independent, strong, and freethinking have been appalled to find such beliefs lurking in their innermost psyche. Learn outdoor survival skills plus how to build a matchless fireBring water - snack & lunch, ID books, magnifying glass if you have them. It is amazing to see how core beliefs that we are consciously unaware of, or thought we had let go of, determine what we attract into our lives. Through the Spiritual Hypnotherapy process, these hidden elements come to the surface where they can be healed and released. All programs require proper clothing and rain gear, sturdy footwear, sunscreen, water bottle. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico).I called the Delta customer service rep to ask if that was a typo (mistake) and she said no. She answered Yes, that is correct.Heres a petition going around: Fight Airline Surfboard Charges Sick of paying airline surcharges for your board? The reason for the new price is because of the increase in fuel costs and other commodities that have steadily increased over the past two years.
TMO Adventures provide an opportunity to realize a group's governing principles, values, ethics and practice core competencies in a safe and supportive environment. Improvements have been in the area of another honeymoon suit, new wood decking, new tiled floors, new boat, new motors, new rental surfboards, improved port facilities. However, if you would like to lock in the old rate from 2008, then you will need to make a reservation and pay the deposit by December 31st, 2008.
Ive only been here a few days, but have added the best photos that Ive taken yet to my portfolio. And, yeah, I caught my fair share of these bombs check my personal photo section to see for yourself! Im in the process of adding photos with a slow, third world internet connection, so be patient theyre on their way.This place is so beautiful, and the place Im staying is something else. These offshore breaks are heavy-duty, deep water reefs with some areas of dry-reef that need to be carefully negotiated. The vibe is so cool, and everyone is surfed out and in a good mood all day.Check the photos and book your tickets.
He escapes the cold of Washington State to visit us in the warm waters of Panama during February and March. It has taken a little time to get from physically being at home to mentally being back as well.
My heart is always surfing around the world even if responsibility is trying to get in the way.
I will get some things done on the farm and then it will be back to the beach in Oregon.The attached picture was taken at Leftovers on the island of Outer Silva about 10 kilometers from Morro Negrito Surf Camp. There are 4 breaks on the island and various snorkeling opportunities for the non-surfers or people who need a break. I mention this as on the 3rd day I was there, the waves were breaking in the 10 plus range with at least a 6 throw to the lip. It pitched me over the falls backwards and held me down for a long time in a lot of bubbles. I did not hit anything, although when I saw the magnificent Shuler epoxy surfboard that Lanny made for me to surf in Panama, was in 2 pieces. This meant that I was going to have some short-board experience for the remainder of the stay. I gave it a try and had my board leash come off my ankle and had to swim into the rocky shore.
This picture was taken 2 weeks ago, was voted the wave of the day and is a true Monday Morning Wave.The guests, cooks and staff made this a time to remember, always. I wish this experience to all of you and thank everyone who made this happen.Have a great day,BobP. As a side note, I was able to come back 1st class on both flights from Panama City, Panama to Seattle, Washington, USA.
As good as the airline was the cooks at camp did it better job and their meals tasted superior. Just click to add your own content.You can use this page for anything you like, but we recommend focusing on one or two related topics to avoid confusing your readers. Panamanians have a strong sense of pride for their provinces, and the Foundation thought this would be an opportunity for the children to see some important parts of Chiriqui. Led by camp manager, Jeff Healion, ten children and nine parents enjoyed a two day excursion of learning, fun, and exploration set to the theme of Getting to Know my Province.A Traveling by boat and bus, the trip included visits to the mountain town of Boquete and the provincial capital, David.
The first stop was Paradise Gardens, an animal sanctuary and refuge in the cool highlands of Boquete, a thriving hub of coffee production and nationally famous for its coffee and flower fair. Here, we enjoyed interactive tours of monkeys, exotic birds, endangered mammals, and an enclosed butterfly park.
Most all the animals at Paradise Gardens have been rescued and are awaiting release back into the jungle.A After a picnic lunch in Boquetes main plaza, it was down to the warmer climes of David, Panamas thriving western hub of agriculture, business, and tourism. The group visited Culturama, a historical and cultural society located in one of the oldest buildings in Chiriqui. We learned about local history and were treated to entertaining stories by one of the areas best storytellers.A What is a field trip without a little down time, so we headed over to the theater and caught the new Disney holiday movie Enchanted followed by a stop at MacDonalds.
After dinner we went to see Davids new million-dollar plaza, probably the nicest plaza in Panama, if not Central America.
Just by luck, a local philanthropic organization was presenting a Christmas performance of dance, music, and holiday dramas in the parks amphitheater.
It was a lovely tropical evening and we enjoyed the festivities besides being tired from a day of busy events. Finally, we made it to a comfortable nights sleep at Hotel Toledo.A Day two began with a fun breakfast at a popular downtown cafeteria where we were treated to a private reception room. From the restaurant we walked to the Sevillana Bakery where we enjoyed a full tour of the bakerys back kitchens. In Panama, as in much of Latin America, the bakery still plays a major role in peoples daily lives. At Sevillan, fresh bread slides out of the ovens nearly all day.A A short walk from the bakery we stopped at citys main fire station. Here we had a full tour of the facilities and then were treated to a simulated emergency call.
We watched the firemen slide down the poles, put their suits on, and then leave the firehouse. After some fun pictures with the firehouse staff, we were on our way to our final destination.A Davids International Airport is the second largest in Panama and Aeroperlas, the regional carrier, had invited us to board one of their planes as it was being prepared for a flight. Probably not something we could have done in many countries, we all boarded the plane, visited the cockpit, and then relaxed in the cabin seats while the flight attendants answered questions from the children. Wow, what a thrill for the children.A With just a few hours left before we needed to begin our journey back to camp, we spent a few hours looking around the busy commercial district of David, bustling with holiday activity. In Latin America, so much of the activity begins out in front of the stores so just walking around the streets is fascinating.A It is hard to imagine how our trip could have been more fun, rewarding, or educational.
Sure we arrived back at the island tired, but the children were still buzzing with excitement from the events and what they had experienced.
If you could have seen the smiles and eyes during the two days, you would all know how rewarding it is to share with those that are less fortunate.
During the holiday time, it was especially rewarding for us to share a magical treat with the children from our island. The old price has been $600 per week and the new price will be $650.The reason for the new price is because of the increase in fuel costs and other commodities that have steadily increased over the past two years. Improvements have been in the area of another honeymoon suit, new wood decking, new tiled floors, new boat, new motors, new rental surfboards, improved port facilities.However, if you would like to lock in the old rate from 2007, then you will need to make a reservation and pay the deposit by December 31st, 2007. The 25 ft deep V hull boat can smoothly cut through big swells and is equipped with new twin 115 hp 4 stroke motors, live bait well, GPS fish finder and an onboard stereo system.
The Gulf of Chiriqui is located south of David and covers an area of 14,740 hectares plus a great number of Islands and Islets.
Among them you can find Isla Coiba, Isla Cebaco, Isla Montuosa, Boca Brava, Jicaron and Isla Secas with some of the best big game sport fishing, surfing and sport-diving in Central America. Hannibal Bank and Coiba Island are both well known sport-diving and salt water sport fishing destinations Panama Central America. This creates currents that are convenient when going on an offshore fishing salt water fishing trip. The Coiba Island is now a patrolled national park and protected from commercial fishing within its boundaries. The island was first ruled by Coiba Indians and later ruled by Vasco Nues de Balboa who at some point was defeated by pirates. Besides from sport fishing, here you will find great opportunities for adventure travel or eco tourism. You will find a great variety of monkeys, iguanas, crocodile, snakes and over 133 different species of birds for those birdwatchers.
Cebaco Island is located between Santa Catalina and Mariato West Coast of the Peninsula de Azuero. This island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and scenery for sport-diving, snorkeling or guided fishing trips. The Cebaco Bay is located south of the island and it is excellent for big game fishing or angling, sport diving and surfing. Its reefs are home of Cubera Snapper, Roosterfish, Dorado, Monster Yellowfin Tuna (100 + pounds) and a variety of billfish such as sail fish Montousa Island is 10 miles off Hannibal Bank and it is also a great sport-diving spot in clear waters of Panamas Pacific Ocean. The bottom floor also rises dramatically from approximate depths of 10,000 ft making it great for deep sea fishing in Panama. Moreover, this island is a boutique resort we operate with which was designed for those who want private, pristine surroundings with excellent service. With a theme of Hacia el Futuro, or Towards the Future, the trip was for many of the participants their first travel outside the province and their first visit to the capital of Panama City.
Over a period of two days, the group of students and parents, led by Morro Negrito Surfguide Jeff Healion, traveled to the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal, the ruins of the first settlement of Panama, the Presidential Palace which included a surprise meeting with President Martin Torrijos, and the new continent-spanning Centenario Bridge. Along the way, the group enjoyed some out-of-the-ordinary treats of pizza, ice cream, and holiday shopping at the new Albrook Mall at the site of the former US Albrook Air Base.The design of the trip was to bring the students in contact with the past, the present, and the future of their country through the ruins, the Canal, and the government buildings. At the Canal, the group was treated to a private presentation of the Panama Canal movie and then witnessed two giant Panamax ships passing through the locks. Nothing could have been more surprising though than when Panamas President pulled up just as the group was visiting his palace.
As he left for his office, he commanded his staff to give the group a special tour inside the palace.Healion reported the smiles, excitement and gratitude we saw during the trip were heartwarming reasons why we know the Foundation can do good work. If a student wishes to continue, the family must send the child to the high school on the mainland. For most families, the cost of transportation, food, housing, and school supplies is a great burden and many are unable to send their children, especially those with several children.The educational assistance program will provide families with the funds necessary for supporting their children in higher education. In 2007, another two will be eligible to continue at high school if their families so decide.
With the new program we hope that money will no longer be a factor whether families send their children.The surf camp enjoys close contact with all the families that will be involved in the program and will be able to monitor the progress of the students.
We have seen many of these children grow up and it is especially rewarding to know they will have new choices and opportunities for their futures.
We know their ties to the island will always be strong but we also hope that by continuing their education their new paths will show them what a truly special place their home is. September 2006, a one thousand watt wind turbine was installed that has been doing an excellent job of supplementing the solar system with wind generated power. Previously, the solar batteries would automatically disconnect themselves due to low voltage at about midnight. Hopefully, we can help inspire the camp visitors that come to surf camp to perhaps consider installing their own clean energy systems, wherever they may come from. There are a number of artesian springs pumping a large amount of water out of the ground, so much that it has created several water falls on the island, explains Steve.

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