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Imagine this: your national and local economies are benefiting from a shift to renewable energy, your air and water are getting cleaner, your electric grid is becoming more democratized, you and your neighbors are benefiting financially from becoming solar power producers, you get to cast of the shackles of guilt that come from burning fossil fuels, and the whole world is looking up to you as the leader you are in stimulating a solar power market and bringing down solar power prices. Surely, this all makes you want to change course 180° and badmouth the solar policy that got you there, right?
When you see talk of a “backlash to solar subsidies” in American media (all too common), you never actually see any polls or studies cited, do you? Whenever I see a comment from an actual citizen, she or he is in full support of the policy that has made Germany a global leader in this arena. Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter.
Zachary Shahan is tryin' to help society help itself (and other species) one letter at a time. If France was doing so great with its nuclear fleet, how come Germany is export world champion and France has a record unemployment rate? How does someone who is barely literate manage to figure out how run a herd of sock puppets? The home owners association just rejected my South (side) roof solar array in spite of the lowest impact design money can buy. East and west facing solar panels produce about 80% as much electricity as do south facing panels. Although, after 5 years of presenting the facts, I did sell my parents on double paned windows! In 2012 electricity cost Germans on average 36 US cents per kilowatt hour compared to 11 cents for Americans. But that is due to market failures (Oligarcy of power producers, and the producers own the distribution system) and not their method of getting power.
Not only that, but PV helps democratize the power grid, allowing the middle class to get involved in a highly lucrative industry previously dominated by bankers and energy tycoons!
So in summary, RE such as wind can make power costs go down from what we pay with coal, even if you completely ignore externalities inherent in the pollution, and technologies like PV are becoming increasingly competitive. Numerous completely un-subsidized wind turbines have been built like the two built by an African village to supply power for their entire village. Third – no where did I imply that wind mills should be installed everywhere, nor do I believe that. Granted, Geothermal is somewhat of an exception – It uses much of the same technology as oil and has a High barrier to market entry because of the cost and expertise required. When you follow the food chain, it pretty well has to end up at a large energy company, these are the only people who know how to do the physical install and also have the political expertise to land the contracts. Roscoe Wind Farm, owned by one of the largest energy companies on earth, a coal burning company with 80,000 employees. So you appear to have no incentive to actually look for facts, you just throw out whatever you think at the moment.
Wind in Texas subsidies: PTC, + huge tax breaks for the owners, including accelerated depreciation, plus property tax breaks, plus more. Yes, Texas has Wind Subsidies – I said above every developed country does and Texas is part of the US.

A: There are three major wood pellet manufacturers in the UK, and over the past few years they have been investing heavily in developing their businesses. However, the good news is that future prices are likely to be more in line with the retail price index.
He illustrated the point, saying that it's no good getting a cheap price if you end up with a pile of sawdust, or the delivery company leaves you a week without heating. If you have a question about anything in the above blog, please ask it in the comments section below. In 2010, US upstream energy companies aggregated $128 billion of total debt, according to S&P Capital IQ. Debt issued by energy companies is typically bought up by pension funds, insurance companies, and savings plans. A couple of factors have allowed production and exploration companies to increase leverage. But the party is now over since the price of crude oil has slumped to a multiyear low, as shown in the above graph. No, you simply receive quotes from conservative politicians, certain heads of the energy industry, sometimes anonymous sources in the energy industry, and professional disinformers. Because of this – Policy makers are not held accountable for their actions on FF vs RE policy. While it did impact the economics of installing solar, as prices continue to fall that will occur in many other countries as well.
Plus, the Germans are happy to have higher electricity prices that encourage people to conserve and, as Otis noted, correct market failures that would result in them paying other costs anyway. Localized solar also doesn’t have to pay transmission costs, making it even more competitive in all but the cheapest energy markets. Not only that, but PV actually helps bridge the socio-economic gap and brings us into a game where everyone is on the same playing field, not just watching the game. Big Oil is pulling every trick in the book – like enlisting you, to fight for wind and solar everywhere.
I have no obligation to any O&G company, or any energy company for that matter, but I am in a unique position that I do get to see some of the books from companies in the industry. It appears to me that they are selling the electricity on the grid at the same cost as all of the other electricity on the grid due to Merit Order Pricing. I know here in Texas wind power has lowered the price of electricity, and there are a number of other places where this is true as well.
While I completely realize that there are things I do not know, I freely admit those as shown in my posts above and across this website.
But, even considering that the PTC and the tax deductions from accelerated depreciation and property tax breaks are still less than the Oil Company gets in the Master Limited Partnership ALONE.
Until the RHI took off they were working in a UK market where supply outstripped demand and were exporting surpluses to Germany.
Also as the economy has started growing again there is increasing demand in the market for timber (housebuilding, construction, we export some as well as wood fuel).
The timber market is a complex one, and the pellet sector is in the process of establishing itself.

If you haven't already registered, please sign up as a company or an individual, then come back and have your say. Some of the energy upstream and integrated companies that have increased leverage in the past one year include Apache Corporation (APA), Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM), ConocoPhillips (COP), and Laredo Petroleum (LPI).
In addition, drillers employ technologies such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking for extraction. In a difficult condition such as falling oil prices, this can determine an energy company’s survival. I’ve got the results of a poll conducted by a major energy association representing 1,800 companies (companies in natural gas, electricity, heating, etc). Buying stocks will only marginally help expand wind farms and is mainly useful for investment purposes, co-sponsoring will directly expand wind farms and while probably a good investment, I would take a chance on just because it helps expand the technology.
The reason you don’t see un-subsidized wind power in developed countries is because they all have subsidies! No clean technology should be used to power 100% of a countries power unless you want to pay for unsustainable amounts of batteries, but by mixing different renewable energy types that each have different strengths, we can easily provide reliable, renewable power for entire countries.
While I don’t mind some healthy discussion, I would appreciate some respect just like I hope you would show any other human being you met in person. Low interest rates enabled funding growth with cheap debt. Higher oil prices mean higher revenue, leading to higher cash flows and the ability to service debt.
Read Market Realist’s Why production cost may determine survival of the fittest oil companies to know more on this.
Brent crude oil price, which is a benchmark of international crude oil price, has also fallen ~48%. Zach is recognized globally as a solar energy, electric car, energy storage, and wind energy expert. If we can get the contractor to go from house to house it will lower the overall costs and make a bigger impact! If you built something and found that the government would give you free money for doing it, wouldn’t you take the money?
The advantage big oil has is its position as the incumbent with incredible amounts of support written into the tax code (Master Limited Partnerships) and the ability to spread misinformation.
Apache Corporation, Exxon Mobil, and ConocoPhillips together account for 21% of XLE’s total market capitalization.
According to Bloomberg, over the past five years, investments totaling $1.4 trillion were poured into the oil and gas industry, including debt and capital.
About 1,000 citizens were questioned in telephone surveys conducted in January 2011, January 2012, and June 2012.
And to my knowledge (and my knowledge of the Oil field is fairly extensive if I’m being honest) no Oil company is profiting from their excursions into wind. The few that are involved with renewables are at the R&D stage, are using it for PR or are using it for on site power to drill out more oil.

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