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Many Landing Pages actually do much of the same thing, but sometimes it’s better to see it and visualize rather than think about it in theory. This is a rarity where a landing page isn’t asking you to buy or download anything, but it is attempting to be helpful. This is one of the rare circumstances where its okay to be a little mysterious with your information. This landing page is great because of the easy-to-read, easy-to-relate to images and videos that they use.
Though this landing page is all above the fold, I think they created so much excitement on the page that you do scroll down and that you understand what this website is about. Goodmix.fm does not explicitly state what it is they do, however, they have a slider that shows how to use their app.
I’ve actually heard a lot about the Grid Set app and I think the landing page does a good job of capturing the correct audience via the copy as well as the images on the site.
Grooveshark is a way to basically listen and with many apps based on this idea of playing music you have to quickly show shy your approach to it is different and better.
While some are opposed to using questions and answers to sell things, what I like about this website, is that it asks the question and then it explains the purpose of the website, which I think is effective.
Mixture is a very simple Landing Page that makes it pretty obvious what the idea is and that is they want you to sign up for an invite. Ballpark got it right immediately because they used visual hierarchy to get their point across and they did it in short concise sentences that make sense. This not only seems like a great idea, but right away they spell out what they do, where they come from, and how you can be a part of it.

Again, this is a landing page that got it right because they don’t have a lot fluff and you know right away what this app is to do and then you know how to get it. There’s probably no better way to really get people interested in what you do other than showing it. This seems to be an app that knows their target market and created its landing page for them.
Very rarely do you get to see people use landing pages just for services, but I think Styli.se does a great job of that because they make it obvious what it is they do and they also quickly show examples of that. Something that’s important in creating landing pages is to know who you are selling to and this web site has created headlines for their target market. I think the most effective landing page gives some way to visualize what you do whether that be the screenshot, video or whatever and then the call to action. Remember to keep the most important information above the fold and never include a lot of fluff.
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CrowdSpottr’s landing page is wonderful because it asks the question and it spells it out for you their step-by-step process. The landing page is approached differently than most, everything is available for you to see right then without having to scroll. I think Shark does that with two simple sentences, a call to action button, and a screenshot of what they can do.
The reason this Landing Page is effective is because it showcases photographs taken and it also briefly shows how the app works.

I think this is effective because what they are selling is extremely popular and useful in today’s age. I think that’s important because people will always have their own ideas of things and if you can counterattack that, then that’s great. They want you to take action and in order to take action, they’ve created a call-to-action button that’s right in the middle of the page. Again we’ve got informative screenshots and copy that explains the purpose of this site. There’s much more content, but some way or another they find a way to draw attention to their call to action and their purpose. The most important thing is to gather information about your product and your services, as well as your audience.
You know its important, you know what the app does and you are left with the choice to get it.
The only thing that could have been differently is instead of highlighting the call to action to view the collection, I think it would make more sense to have them sign up, then you have captured information. Create something that is bound to get them to move and to take you up on the call to action that you are offering. Landing Pages are extremely important when done correctly they can increase your business and increase your brand.

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