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Islamabad Muhammad Mashhood Iqbalyup,… alibuy to us waqat karain agr package plan pata ho, ya na ho abi buy kar lain or baad main aford he na ho rashidqubee usb 500 ki mil rahe ha or 1500 ma 2mbps vala unlimited connection ha. Syed Asad Ali Rizviin case if you are connecting to legacy OS such as windows xp which does not have plug n play driver for this device, it can install on it.Also, when you run it in usb modem mode, you will need that software.

We don’t know, what if they offer an expensive package with 5GB limit on it, which is most likely. Mobilink 3G 4 zong 5 telenorso when i select mobilink 3G it say Registered to Network so it take 1 minuter after that error came that cannot connect to that network please try later.

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