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Advertising and branding firm Millward Brown’s Chicago employees moved just a few floors within their Orleans Street office building, but HOK architects wanted the difference to be night and day.
Reclaimed barn wood plays off warm green and magenta tones throughout the 18,200-square-foot office space. The firm’s previous office space had raised workstations with boxy separating panels and more visual privacy. Blue columns emblazoned with company values line the pathways, providing color and wayfinding.
In one such space, a wood ceiling works in concert with patterned carpeting to draw sightlines outside. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), Bureau of Tourism (IBOT) and the Illinois Tourism Alliance sought the marketing savvy of several agencies to support an integrated communications initiative to promote Illinois tourism. In 2005, IBOT tapped Beaman Incorporated to create and manage a comprehensive, multiyear marketing campaign to target the African-American market, raising the visibility of Illinois as a prime travel destination and ultimately increasing African-American travel to the state. Over a three-year span, Beaman Incorporated orchestrated a highly successfully strategic marketing campaign that employed numerous media channels. In a four-year period, Beaman Incorporated has garnered an array of news stories and story placements in local, regional and national media. Beaman Incorporated orchestrated radio media tours yielded exposure on top-tier African-American radio regionally and nationally.

In all, Beaman Incorporated has placed more 45 stories, securing more than 10 million media impressions.
Beaman Incorporated launched a strategic advertising program that utilized print, online, radio and event marketing media to reach African-American travelers in collar markets (Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Missouri) and densely populated African-American markets nationally. When launching a new campaign, perhaps the most significant piece of the marketing puzzle is to deliver a a€?look, taste and feela€? for the campaign that marries strategy and creativity. With each year of the campaign, Beaman Incorporated developed a series of stellar print and online ads that incorporated an array of themes, including family travel, shopping and dining, regional destination drivers and statewide cultural legacy. A centerpiece of Beaman Incorporateda€™s creative work for the Soul of Illinois campaign is the production of a newly designed travel guide that features the African-American community in the state of Illinois. Using the brand platform for Soul of Illinois, the web site incorporates the dynamic, rich colors and style developed for all other campaign creative.
Daylight spills in unobstructed by perimeter offices, which instead pepper the interior areas and are typically enclosed only by glass. Looking inward, however, employees also enjoy clear sightlines to other workstations and into the higher, wood-framed glass offices throughout the space. On days when the ambient light is stifled by dreary weather, office lighting works with the wood elements and the company’s cheerful color palette to create warmth. Each year, Illinois attracts more than 90 million visitors and adds $25 billion to the local economy as a result of an aggressive campaign to spur year-round travel directed to its wide variety of attractions.

The campaign, themed a€?Soul of Illinois,a€? casts Illinois tourism through the lens of an African-American perspective, creatively pairing the statea€™s rich cultural legacy with an assortment of statewide destinations and attractions. These testimonials support culturally significant destinations, events, people and life experiences, providing fodder for Beaman Incorporateda€™s public relations, advertising and other marketing initiatives. This coverage provided Illinois tourism valuable nonpaid airtime to promote events and travel destinations.
From its captivating cover design of iconic bronzed images to its comprehensive content that masterfully navigates statewide attractions, the Soul of Illinois African-American Travel Guide pays homage to the statea€™s rich African-American history and profiles an exciting array of options and activities throughout Illinoisa€™ seven regions. The overall effect, said HOK vice president for interiors Craig Pierson, is intended to promote collaboration. The open-plan concept uses 6-foot-by-6-foot panels, down from Millward Brown’s previous 6-by-8, high-paneled workstation layout. Pierson said the pattern was meant to invoke the interplay of ideas that typifies Millward Brown’s work. The 40-page, 5 A?a€? x 8 A?a€? guide gives travelers a scenic preview of cultural attractions, festivals, and dining locales.

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