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Gossip along Madison Avenue is growing more fluent about Apple tiring of its longtime ad agency TBWA Media Labs over a series of disappointing ads.
The New York Post asserted Monday, without mentioning sources, that Apple and TBWA are at the break-up point. Apparently, Schiller, who has been fending off criticism from even Apple board members, came close to firing TWBA over lame ads. For a long time, I’ve been arguing that Apple should be viewed as a marketing agency that just happens to make consumer electronics products. As much as I hate saying this, Apple did indeed lose its marketing mojo following Steve Jobs’s death in October 2011. When you lose a CEO for whom marketing wasn’t just an afterthought, missteps like the silly Apple Store commercials staring Geniuses (pictured above) were bound to happen. True except comparing the iPhone to other flagship phones is just wrong on so many levels since other flagship phones are nothing like the iPhone.

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The client-agency relationship is said to have deteriorated to the point where the iPhone maker ostensibly appears on the brink of putting its ad account up for a formal review and firing the ad agency after 30 years of fruitful collaboration. TBWA is a unit of Omnicom Group, the world’s largest advertising agency holding company. Then, the respected industry publication Ad Age reported last month that the firm’s in-house advertising team has grown from about three hundred to as much as a thousand media buyers.
I would rather see a commercial highlighting useful apps and selling features of the phone than a commercial bashing every fault they (Samsung) can find or fabricate.
They can’t just accept the enslaught and eventually will have to answer to what Scamsung are saying.

Maybe it will even convince Apple to produce a phone where you don’t have to send it in if the battery needs replacing.
I know you can (and perhaps will) come up with some witty retort to this statement but honestly the iPhones battery life really isn’t that bad.
Under his leadership, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, never really obsessed over slogans, or lines in ads or creative concepts. Having close to 40GB of media is pretty worthless as they are all at the mercy of the battery life.
If Apple improves the battery life in future iPhones it would certainly be welcomed by many but by no means necessary.

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