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In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a basic Keynote presentation and export it to a different format so that it can be viewed cross-platform. Keynote is an Apple-developed slideshow presentation application that is packaged as part of iWork ’13 along with Pages and Numbers. Boasting a variety of themes, Keynote can export each presentation that you create to a different format, enabling it to be viewed on any platform. Keynote ’13 is currently available for purchase for ?13.99 in the App Store, and is bundled free of charge with every Mac purchased after 1st October 2013. Edit the style of the text via the Format sidebar located on the right-hand side of the application. Now, it is time to add a transition effect so that each slide merges seamlessly into the next.
Edit the Duration, Start Transition and Delay of your chosen transition, or click Change to select another. Images can help illustrate certain information and are used to break up large walls of text. Add a caption to accompany your image by clicking Text and then choosing a text style from the menu. Effects are an excellent way of keeping your audience engaged, and will draw their attention to important information within your presentation. With Keynote, you can add audio to a single slide or your entire presentation, as well as record your own narration to introduce each slide. Inserting a video into your presentation from your iMovie library will enhance your presentation further, and the video itself can be optimised for iOS to ensure smooth playback. Presenter Notes are notes that appear in your presentation for you to read, but cannot be seen by the audience.

Before playing your presentation to a live audience, Keynote includes a feature to rehearse your lines ahead of time. Once you have finished rehearsing your presentation, you are ready to play it to your audience.
You can share your presentation with others by exporting it to a different format so that it can be viewed on multiple platforms. Click a checkbox to modify the appearance and functionality of the final article (optional), select the image quality and then click Next. In this tutorial, I have shown you how to create a basic Keynote presentation and export it to a different format so that it can be viewed cross-platform. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This Map of Finland deck for Apple Keynote can be easily manipulated to blend right into your presentation.
Muezart’s Map of Finland deck for Apple Keynote lets you present this Nordic nation in Northern Europe with editable maps. Use these slides to visually depict your Finnish businesses and offices, or perhaps to show the location of the offices of Santa Claus! You don't have to limit this map to your Mac Apple applications - select all, copy and paste into your text files, PDFs and other applications too! Why waste time on cumbersome slide design when you could spend more time on writing and refining your presentation content?
With Keynote, you can create professional-looking presentations to suit every audience which can be wirelessly shared across iDevices via iCloud. Additionally, Keynote enables you to rehearse your presentation before playing it to a live audience, and includes helpful notes throughout that only you can see.

Once you have decided on a topic and gathered the necessary information relating to that topic, you are ready to create your presentation. As you can see, every Keynote theme includes a title and subtitle already pre-inserted into each slide, ready to be edited. From here, you can change the theme of your presentation, as well as the size of each slide and other related settings.
You can create as many slides as you wish, although it is worth bearing in mind that your audience may lose interest if your presentation is particularly lengthy. Click Background to change the background colour, or tick the corresponding checkbox to add a title, body of text, and slide number.
When inserting an image into your presentation, Keynote will automatically display your entire iPhoto library for you to browse, categorised by Event. For the purpose of this tutorial, I am going to export my spreadsheet to PDF, although you can also export to PowerPoint, QuickTime, HTML, Images and Keynote '09. Download this deck and then easily add your text, change colors, scale and customize to fit style and audience. The slides contain comprehensive visual depictions as well as built-in information on the country's outline, flag details, geographic location, national capital, provinces, major cities, regions and resources. Nowadays, if you have got something to say, you can now do so without boring your audience, thanks to Keynote.

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