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AsystolE Definition: Asystole is the absence of electrical activity in the myocardium. Download Presentation Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle Show those numbers to the damn auditors and Ill throw you out the window.
Page 1-24 in ACLS book AsystolE Treatment Algorithm Continue CPR Intubate at once Obtain IV access CONFIRM asystole in more than one lead Hypoxia Hyperkalemia Hypokalemia Hypothermia Preexisting Acidosis Drug Overdose AsystolE Algorithm cont.
A primary goal of the Expenditure cycle is to minimize costs in acquiring goods and services a€¦ Key decisions Optimal level of inventory (should you have inventory?) Which are the best suppliers (on time, low cost, high quality) Which invoices to pay to take advantage of discounts.
Signal reflects off the ionosphere Keeping in mind the limitations of MF and HF, you can do amazing things which cannot be duplicated at other frequencies. Paying for goods, supplies and services As we review these activities, think about where Information Technology can play a role to improve efficiency and effectiveness (Effectiveness = doing the right thing, efficiency = doing the right thing well) DFDa€™s of Expenditure Cycle Expenditure Context Diagram Expenditure Level 0 diagram Expenditure Level 1 Receive and Store goods diagram Expenditure Level 1 Pay for goods diagram Technology Take a few minutes and discuss with those at your table, places in this business process where you think technology can play a role to a€¦ Reduce costs.
NVIS mode has traditionally been misunderstood and poorly appreciated FO = Critical Frequency: The highest frequency that will not penetrate the ionosphere more than 50% of the time when radiation is directed at a takeoff angle of 90Es.
HPF = Highest Probable Frequency: The highest frequency at which ionospheric propagation between specific locations will be available 10% of the time. Business Documents Purchase Requisition a€“ used internally to request that an item be purchased. Shock Fainting One of the most common sudden illnesses Definition-partial or complete loss of consciousness.
MUF = Maximum Usable Frequency: The highest frequency at which ionospheric propagation between specific locations will be available 50% of the time.
CONFIRM rhythm in 2 leads Always check that your leads are attached Asystole represents what electrophysiologic condition?
FOT = Frequency of Optimum Traffic: The highest frequency at which ionospheric propagation between specific locations will be available 90% of the time. LUF = Lowest Usable Frequency: The lowest frequency at which ionospheric propagation between specific locations and using specific power levels, receiving equipment and antennas will be available 50% of the time.

Aystole may occur as the primary rhythm or follow Ventricular Fibrillation or Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA). Receiving Report a€“ documents details about delivery including date, amount, PO#, who received it, quality check, etc.
Debit Memo a€“ records adjustments to the amount you owe based on your inspecting the shipment you just received (wrong number, damaged, poor quality) QuickBooks Money Out QuickBooks Tasks Add a new Vendor Add a new product Buy something? NVIS propagation occurs readily at the high end of the MF range and in the lower half of the HF frequency range.
Atropinea€™s use during AsystolE There is no sure proof of its value, but There is little evidence that it is harmful Less effective after prolonged ischemia or mechanical injury in the myocardium Difference of Atropines use in AystolE vs PEA Atropine is given in asystole to a€?speed up the hearta€?. Diabetic Emergencies Diabetes mellitus-a condition where the body does not produce enough insulin or use insulin effectively. 5.4 Mhz NVIS Communications occurs when the signal of an appropriate frequency is properly directed toward and reflected from the ionosphere. This requires proper frequency selection, a suitable antenna design, and sometimes appropriate power level. Understanding the use of technology is important for both reducing costs and for improving your business operations, reducing costs and differentiating your business from your competitors. Type II (adult onset diabetes)-body produces insulin but the cells do not use the insulin correctly or not enough insulin is produced.
The signal reflects off the ionosphere and emanates out at a substantial radius from the center NVIS Propagation Concept Takeoff angles are used to enable NVIS operation and path length.
Signs of a Diabetic Emergency Changes in levels of consciousness Irregular breathing Rapid pulse Feeling or looking ill Fruity breathe Irregular behavior- a€?out of ita€? or dazed Treatment Check for life threatening conditions Give person sugar fluids or food ie. To enable these values of takeoff angles, the antenna must be placed at an elevation that is closer to the ground. In this case you would follow the V-Fib algorithm No evidence that defibrillation is beneficial.

If victim doesna€™t feel better within 5 minutes call 911 Insulin shock (hypoglycemia)-too much insulin, low sugar level Diabetic coma (hyperglycemia)- High blood sugar level, low insulin.
Defibrillation of asystole can knock out the natural pacemakers of the heart and destroy any chance of recovery. Vertical Gain of Dipole at 0.2 Wavelength Over Various Types of Ground (dBi) Gain of dipole at various wavelengths above ground (dBd).
The height above ground also has an effect on the impedance of the antenna; therefore, a tuner must be used.
But by being able to recognize them and respond appropriately in an emergency, you'll give your patients a better chance of survival. Do not try to put anything in the mouth Position person on their side Speak calmly and reassure them Febrile Seizure Happens to infants who are running a high fever quickly.
Stroke 2 Kinds 1.Disruption of the blood flow in the brain caused by a clot (thrombus or embolus) TIA-temporary disruption of blood flow 2. Hypertension-high blood pressure You are 7 times more likely to have a stroke if you have high blood pressure. Things you can do: Exercise Do not smoke Eat healthy Get annual physical examinations General guidelines for treating sudden illnesses Do no further harm Monitor ABCs and consciousness Help victim rest comfortably Keep them from getting chilled or overheated Reassure victim **you need to know when 911 is needed and when it is not.
These maps are made from data gathered in real time around the world using HF ionospheric radar systems called ionosondes.

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