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Currently, India is ranked at the 142nd position among 189 nations in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2015 report. After Maggi being off the shelves in Bihar, the state government today banned sale, advertisement and storage of 11 other brands of instant noodles after lab tests found presence of monosodium glutamate in them. One of the 11 brands also contains lead over permissible limit, Bihar Food Safety Commissioner Anand Kishor said. The government has also asked the companies to recall the products immediately from the market. Kishor said it will initiate legal proceedings against retailers and distributors found involved in sale, purchase, display of these noodles after the ban. The samples were sent for testing to Kolkata, Bhopal, and New Delhi among others as Bihar has no laboratories which can conduct the required tests. MUMBAI : Nestle India Ltd has taken issue with an order from regional food inspectors in a northern Indian state to recall a batch of Maggi noodles on the grounds that it contained dangerous levels of lead. 1) “The company does not agree with the order and is filing the requisite representations with the authorities,” said a statement on today.

2) The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA) in Uttar Pradesh said high lead content was found during routine tests on two dozen packets of instant noodles, manufactured by Nestle India, a subsidiary of Swiss-based Nestle SA. 3) Local FDA officials said all the packets of instant noodles tested in the state-run laboratory were contaminated. 4) Nestle India said the batch of about 200,000 packets of noodles it was being asked to recall were made in February last year and had already reached their “best-before” date last November. 5) It said it collects stock nearing best-before dates from distributors and retailers and was confident products from that batch were no longer on the market. 6) Nestle India also said it had not received any other order to recall noodles currently being sold.
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Events foster a festive atmosphere and encourage everyone to have fun while racing as hard as possible. The advertisements for the instant noodles manufacturer have Bachchan pitching for the 'happiness' which one gets within 2-minutes by eating the noodles.
We are banning all these products for a month from August 2 to September 1 as of now,” Kishore added.
Apart from sale of the products, their advertisement, publicity and storage have also been banned.

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