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Google's revenue depends largely on advertisement that is displayed on its properties, third party websites and in tools. What may come as a surprise to many though is that Google is currently running an experiment on YouTube that removes all the ads officially.  Experiments are A-B tests that Google likes to run to test various features or settings in its products. Experiments do not last forever and it is very likely that Google will disable this particular cookie eventually.  An alternative to that is Adblock Plus, a browser extension for most web browsers that removes advertisement on YouTube as well. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. One last thing, updating your hosts file, not saying for 20 years, let's say 4-5, ends up with a huge file that makes your OS slow down and sluggerish.
I use Ghostery and Adblock extensions on Opera 12.16 and my Youtube page always looks like the second picture. Maybe they should get a real job instead of depending on showing crap ads that nobody wants to see. No way I'm going to browse the net without my ad-blocking tools, peerblock, firewalls and other counter-marketing crap.
It's sad it came to this point to, one can no longer enjoy the net without advertisements everywhere.
I GOT RID OF ADS WHICH HAS AN OPTION TO SKIP AFTER A FEW SECONDS BUT HOW CAN I TAKE OFF THE AD WITHOUT THE SKIP AD BOX? Are you a user who use Google Chrome web Browser in your computer then you can get a chance to skip ads in YouTube videos.
First go to the above link and download the add-on in your computer, now open the file it will give a notification automatically. About Author   Rajkumar is an Electronic Geek, Partime Blogger & Founder of Techraju from India. As far as ads on YouTube go, most users see a roadblock ad on the homepage, in-stream videos ads and also ads near the content when videos are played or pages browsed on the site.

Adblock Plus takes care of advertisement on YouTube for instance, and there are probably other ways as well that remove most ads that you would be exposed to otherwise. Google Chrome uses the Field Trials feature for instance to launch new or modified features on some user systems. This means that it is possible to enable an experiment even if you have not been selected by Google to take part in it. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. Ghostery is ok-ish, but it blocks too much, resulting in merely destroying the website's view. I don't even care about the others you mentioned, it seems like a lot of your browser's juice ends up on blocking everything. I was getting irritated when listening to the best hits of Maroon 5 and suddenly it cut into commercial.
It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. Compared with the Google chrome it is little bit hard to use the plugins in firefox, because it takes some time and it needs some different steps of work. But even today also it has millions of users in worldwide and it also has lots of add-ons in many category so you can find a suitable one for you to block the yYouTubeadvertisements and such ads. I hav a youtube channel thati started about a week ago, so far i haveore then 5 videos alreay, some of them are more then 20 minutes long, i do minigames, factions, and my server updates.
It is not clear why Google is running the experiment, but the most likely explanation is to see how visitors use the site when there are no ads displayed on it. I also use Ghostery, Ad Block Plus, Priv3, Better Privacy & The Share Me Not plugins in Firefox to practically eliminate any additional ads. Now here also we are going to use the same Adblock plugin for this browser, even they also provides thousands of free add-ons for the same purpose.

I really hope you guys check out my chanel, and watch all my vids, means a ton as a small youtuber who puts in a TON of work make a video ever 2 days. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Compared with the other browsers Google chrome helps the users to use the plugins (which is called as extensions)is a very simple manner. It is one of the best add-on among the all plugins so that’s only millions of users has been choosing this product for their general and official purpose. They were so basic that no one cared for, more less likely to want to block them via the hosts file. If you want to use any kind of extensions in chrome then first open your chrome browser and click the tools logo(which is located the top right corner of the browser) now a drop-down box will be open and select the settings option.
And the major advantage of this plugin is that it helps to block all kind of ads in maximum websites(facebook, yahoo,etc.,) not only the Youtube. It will be open in the new tab choose the extension option, here you can find all of the extensions which has been using by you. TrueView in-stream ads – this type of ads can take 20 to 30 seconds which plays before the YouTube videos. But mind it this plugin will restrict only the Youtube adds not other website’s adds.

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