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Nicola Meiring works digitally, feeding from her design background to create iconic and graphical illustrations. We are an independent media planning and buying specialist and we deliver and integrate advertising campaigns.
Our exceptional industry reputation means we are a registered member of the Incorporated Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and an official Google Partner. Whether you choose online, traditional or both, you can directly purchase advertising media formats from us.
We explore your brand, sector and competitors and then build a campaign that will trend with purpose and strategy. From a local radio campaign, a national outdoor advertising campaign, to building and designing your website – we calculate the best standalone format, or mixture of media to achieve your brief objectives, increase business success and drive profit. We enable companies to directly purchase individual media formats for both online and traditional advertising. Due to the large volume of enquiries we receive, we recommend you use a company email rather than a web provided email address.
Owen Davey works with traditional and digital media creating contemporary yet retro-inspired illustration.
His strong use of colour palettes, texture and pattern help create fun and entertaining images that are perfect for engaging with audiences in a friendly and informative manner. His illustrations are used by advertising, editorial and publishing clients across the board. Mobithinking, a reputable mobile analyst firm has stated recently that the mobile ad market will be worth a huge $11.4 billion this year, and by 2016, double that, so there’s no denying that the mobile ad world is just as huge as the very successful advertising markets found online on a computer. It would take thousands of words to cover everything you would need to know about mobile advertising and the results you can get from it, however as a newcomer to mobile ads, there are most probably some questions that pop up a lot more often than others, and below you will find the answers. This is a question that you are never going to get a solid answer to, and although as the mobile market evolves, you may have a better understanding of what rates you could earn from your application, you are still never going to be certain about what kind of money could be gained from your application. The mobile market as it is now is fragmented, and it’s extremely difficult to set out a ‘best’ mobile advertising platform, however, there are a few categories to pick between, and some app platforms stand out in their own categories slightly.

The decision to pay for ad space on another application is a difficult one, and as a small business or startup, it may be unviable. There are a lot more details to dip into when considering mobile advertising, but these few pointers should help you get on your feet. Jobs.A dedicated source for jobs in advertising, media and marketing communications agencies.
We are the UK’s leading integrated, full service advertising agency, helping to connect cultures and build brands for more than 28 years. Our success comes from deep knowledge and insights of what makes people interact with brands and motivates them to make purchasing decisions. As strong believers in the power of word of mouth we constantly explore the ways messages are distributed amongst peers. This website is open to everyone, but first you will need to complete a few simple steps to allow us to identify whether you are an IPA member so we can give you additional benefits, such as discounts on publications. Jean Pierre Tarabay's Photography fully respects your rights to privacy and utilizes the following practices in regards to any information we are provided or obtain about users of this website. In order to fulfill licensing transactions or provide service to you as a customer of Jean Pierre Tarabay's Photography, we may require you to provide certain information to us. By providing this information to Jean Pierre Tarabay's Photography, you are agreeing to allow us to utilize this information to complete all transactions you request through this website and to disclose that information and details of all such transactions to Jean Pierre Photography's various offices, subsidiaries, affiliates and any necessary payment processors.
Both simple and contemporary, her images and imaginative typography are in frequent demand for everything from company identities and rebranding, to licensing, product packaging and advertising.
No content from this website may be reproduced in any manner without the prior written consent of the copyright holder.
They know the best methods and media for our clients’ advertising because they have worked for media owners before.
Our media planning and buying facility is also used by some of the biggest agencies in the industry, and numerous PR and creative agencies on either sporadic or strategic campaigns.
However, when starting up in the app market, looking at different advertisements to feature in your app, and also different ad platforms to advertise your own application on can have a huge variable in results depending on what platform you use and how you use it, so there’s a bit of knowledge that should be consumed before opening your app up for advertisement.

However, if you start to make profit slowly from your application, you could try your luck in feeding it back into the app’s success by placing a few adverts up.
We champion Continuous Professional Development, instilling a culture of learning in member agencies as a platform for business success. We provide comprehensive marketing solutions for targeting all your customers including hard to reach communities. Whether you require an innovative creative solutions, media buying, digital and social media, advertising and strategic planning, we do it all. In 1999, he graduated with honors in photography from the University of Holy Spirit Kaslik. He's easygoing and comfortable to work with yet a true professional in his approach to delivering the project on time and with outstanding results. Common items may include, but are not limited to, your name, address, phone number and credit card number. It is this expertise which is valued so highly by our clients and qualifies our reputation as industry leaders. There are dozens of names that could be mentioned here, but the most notable would be Adfonic or LeadBolt.
Before doing this, you should ask those that have used your app, or ask a review site to have an honest look at your app so that you know how to improve enough to match up against your competitors. In his free, time he manages to pursue his love of photography by developing new artistic photography concepts. This way you will be able to gain new downloads for your app, but also improve upon your daily user sessions because your customers have a better experience with your app than they do with its competitors.
His experience element goes into numerous different photography approaches such as fashion, advertising, documentary, portrait, nature, architecture, jewelry, industrial and more.

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