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What made Google a multi-billion dollar company today will help the search giant pioneer the next revolution in mobile advertising: hyper-relevancy.
When it comes to customer value and service, Google has always maintained the good tradition of providing superb quality service and solutions to users. Well, the superb Google tv ads provide you a fantastic way of reaching your audience on national television. Because of the result of this partnership, the advertisers who use Google TV ads will now have access to inventory on more than 75 networks across Cox’s channels.
And when it comes to Cox Media, this partnership with Google will help to deliver new national TV advertisers, especially those who concentrate on quality and accountability in their TV ads. An update service by Google Ads allows operators to easily contribute narrow slices into the Google national TV ads inventory.
This solution by Google is designed to deliver higher returns for operators and also to integrate with existing industry technology, streamlining time-consuming inventory management tasks which includes ordering, trafficking and reporting. When it comes to building the brand, Google mobile ads help in attaining this by providing interactive, captivating and quality display ads. When it comes to publishers, these ads help them to generate more revenue with quality solutions for mobile applications. Last but not the least, it provides mobile specific formats which are well optimized for the small screen.
When it comes to app developers, Google Mobile Ads help them to grow their mobile app business.
These are highly visually appealing ads and help in drawing user attention across Google properties as well as other partner sites. You can also control your costs as it lets you set budget with the help of an auction-pricing system. Google Search Ads let you advertise on different devices that people use to search for information. Mark Wilston is a Content Writer and marketing professional working with PixelCrayons, a reputed Custom web design & development company India offering offshore cms, ecommerce and mobile apps development services.
Ad Age reported that Paul Feng, Product Management Director for Google Adwords, said that the update is meant to help advertisers reach consumers. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the latest update to Google’s suite of business tools was an update to Google Docs. With the changes in devices and a big focus on mobile now, marketers have more demands placed on them in creating effective marketing campaigns.
Fast Code Design reported that Google earned $74 billion in revenue last year from its properties, with most of the money coming from Google Adwords. Redesigning the new Google Adwords interface requires more than just surveys and polls in order to create a product that Google’s customers are satisfied with and will use. Gwen Stefani Pregnancy Rumors Swirl, Baby Girl On The Way As Blake Shelton Quits ‘The Voice’? Google’s ad targeting technology and Android growth positions the search giant ahead of the curve.
Google recently admitted to paying a percentage of their mobile ad revenues to the mobile hardware manufacturers who use the Google apps as the default search engine, so I think that’s going to be a big part of Google strategy to keep a hold on the market. It was launched in the year 2007 and since then, it has been catering to a large number of advertisers and providing them with a smart and effective way to run national TV campaigns.
Cox Media is the advertising division of Cox communications and is the third largest cable operator in the US(Comcast cable TV is the largest cable provider in the United States, and Time Warner is 2nd).

Another big advantage that can be derived is that Cox Media is available in a large number of cities across the country.
There is no doubt that Google TV ads help a major advertiser immensely in reaching to a nationwide audience. As and when these small slices get aggregated, it will represent a much larger national audience that marketers can later customize as per their audience goals.
Advertisers can easily reach out to their targeted audiences across different platforms and devices using Google mobile Ads. Considering the fact that reaching mobile audience becomes easy, Google Mobile ads help in making a brand impact.
App developers can monetize across platforms and can also to promote their app to new users. Video ads help in reaching out to more customers when they search or watch content on YouTube and the Google Display Network. We have a goal of expanding the community of design eccentric individuals from all over the world by inspiring them through professionally written articles, resources, tutorials and inspiration.
The new update allows users to save documents to their Google Drive and then work on the documents offline.
The latest update is a major overhaul to the user interface and will take about one year to implement.
Google met with hundreds of Adwords users around the world to research the design, and their focus is on small business owners since this is the primary group that uses Adwords to market.
There are basically 2 places where you can gain customers from using search engine and that is from the organic result or their (PPC) pay per click advertising platform. To set up a good campaign would typically take us a week of research followed by another week for a proper campaign management set up on the google adwords system. Google’s acquisition of mobile advertising platform, AdMob, signals the next evolution in advertising. It’ advertising solutions are designed to cater to users in the most effective manner. Along with this, it also helps its partners (including networks, satellite operators) to work effectively so as to maximize the revenue. It has more than 6 million customers and now that it has formed a partnership with Google TV Ads, it has added its inventory to the national TV buying network. It eliminates the problem of time consumption involved in buying and selling each slice individually. Talking about Cox Media, it has become the first major cable operator to join hands with Google TV Ads as management solution. It helps a lot in increasing online sales, and help to draw more customers to an online store. Advertisers can use an auction-based system to place their video ads and can also manage them easily. The update is a major update that reflects the change in technology, because it allows marketers to work in a multiscreen environment while also being able to work across multiple devices. Another new feature introduced by Google is that it allows business owners to add expiration dates to the documents they are collaborating on with clients or other businesses.
Marketers will have to adapt to these changes, and Google is looking at campaign types as well as audiences to help marketers determine exactly where their traffic is coming from, particularly if it’s mobile. This new design will incorporate Material Design, a modern design language developed by Google, and it will incorporate clean graphical design over lists, text, and numbers.

Mobile advertising didn’t exist, and the primary way that advertisers reached their customers was through the desktop.
Having work closely with our clients, we realized that the sales lead from Google tends to be better in converting to sales.
Google will deliver advertising content consumers actually want — making it lucrative for all parties involved.
Indeed, just as Google outpaced online advertisers by delivering relevant content, it will take this superior skill-set to mobile. In the search results, you have the nearest Bed, Bath and Beyond, with drop-down images of top-rated coffee makers and a coupon advertisement to buy them. Either way, Google and Yahoo could certainly utilize mobile ad space to sell local placements. During the last year, Google TV ads has seen a six fold increase in the number of ads that are aired per day. In fact, Cox Communications is the first major cable industry that has entered into a partnership with Google in order to deploy Google’s next-generation advertising management solution. Advertisers also get the advantage of building their brand value across top websites and apps with the help of wonderful formats. This is the first major update to Google Adwords since Google created the advertising program 15 years ago. The changes to the Google suite of business tools offers enterprise level businesses another option when it’s time to choose how to collaborate on projects.
One major change is that advertisers will be asked to give their goals and objectives for their campaigns. Interpublic’s Magna, said that US advertisers will spend $229 million on mobile media this year, up 26% over 2008.
I have listed 5 of their main advertising solutions below, so read further to find out which are the 5 most famous solutions by Google. This has been attained as their household reach across cable and satellite operate has become three times.
These ads show targeted, mobile-specific ads from Google’s large base of advertisers to your users. Google is looking for a way to streamline the advertising process for those using the platform. With an estimated 270 million mobile subscriptions in the US, opportunity to target these users is immense. This is why Google has been able to help both its advertisers and partners to get the most out of TV advertising.
Another advantage is that you only have to pay only when viewers choose to watch your videos. Google has proven, time and again, it has the creativity and innovation to change markets (think AdWords). Also, you can mane your campaign very easily as it provides you with all the tools in one place that you may need to create a campaign or for detailed reporting. Google’s perfect made for mobile ads help in achieving all important things like getting more orders, drawing customers to the store etc.

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