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ITFeatured App – Slack May 2, 2016Are Self-Driving Vehicles Ready for Widespread Use? Today, just about every company runs a website, some kind of social media presence, and deals with tech acronyms (SEO, PPC) on a daily basis.
Of course, now that everyone has finally gotten things situated, the tide is gearing up for another turn. 2013 marks the first year in history that Americans will have spent more time on their digital devices than they have on the television. While I wouldn’t completely pull the plug on television advertisement just yet, it’s important for businesses to know what’s on the horizon and begin shifting their sails accordingly. Recognizing technology changes and aligning your business ahead of time can mean the difference between riding the wave or frantically swimming to catch up. Old internet marketing strategies can leave? your dealership left in the dust of your? competition.
Cheap TV Spots - TV Ad Production - Low Cost Advertising - Cheap TV Spots - Folks just like you make us the leading TV advertising agency for Entrepreneurs and SMBs. Why TV Is Still The Most Effective Advertising Medium - Adweek - When it comes to driving sales, TV still dominates over all other advertising media. Latest Marketing & Ad Industry News - AdAge - Get all the latest advertising & marketing news from Advertising Age - the premier source since 1930!
2016 Campaigns Will Spend $4.4 Billion On TV Ads - NPR - TV ads drive name recognition, but it's uncertain exactly how much more they do than that.
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Online Collections by The Strong is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Where paper and billboards once reigned supreme, the Internet dashed in and all but decimated the traditional newspaper. Marketing budgets have shifted to incorporate banner ads and product listings in place of the old magazine and classified advertisements. This is certainly not to say that we’ve all suddenly lost interest in our favorite shows; rather, we are choosing to watch them on our own time through network websites and services like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple’s iTunes. From a consumer standpoint, it’s great – but step to the other side of the fence, and it seems like businesses are left holding the bag. Keeping an ear to the ground and an adaptive marketing strategy will ensure your company stays steady on the surfboard. Its readers enjoy hard-hitting and up to the minute CE, PC, IT and information technology news.
We are a fast growing TV advertising agency, based in the heart of London, our team offer a track record of developing amazing TV . Use powerful real-time data to optimize your media planning and buying based on the networks, shows, days of week and dayparts that have the . For example, to find objects that contain the words wizard, oz, and movie, enter wizard AND oz AND movie. For example, to find objects that contain the word dog or the word puppy, enter dog OR puppy. For example, to find objects that contain the word pets but not the word dogs, enter pets AND NOT dogs.

Those who couldn’t navigate the curve failed, a crippling recession only serving to hurry the process.
Recognizing the trend, Google jumped in with a brand new device this year, called Chromecast, which aims to turn a user’s TV into a giant digital device. As more viewers find their way to the web for video content, the audience pool (especially among younger generations) is rapidly shrinking.
Begin refocusing your marketing budget to more internet-friendly outlets: hire a production team to produce short, eye-catching, and informative YouTube videos, build up your website with quality blogs and content (hire a copywriter), and develop mature social networks that will help direct your audience back to your web content and videos. DailyTech’s fast-moving content also reaches out via news syndications, public portals, and forums.
Meanwhile, every day businesses struggled to comprehend a changing landscape: websites were suddenly a necessity – but a culture shock too – as the online era ushered in a new level of transparency. Priced at $35, it joins a host of other streaming devices which will eventually have a dramatic impact on the cable industry, and subsequently, television advertising.
Further, explore ways of advertising on YouTube and Facebook, where you can pinpoint specific demographics for marketing precision, and pay close attention to news stories about new advancements in technology and  video streaming – especially if a big player like Google gets involved.
Now customers and competition could see how many units were on your lot, what they looked like and (gasp!) the MSRP.

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