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We are a trusted DMV certified provider of secure electronic lien and title (ELT) service to lienholders throughout the United States. We are a trusted DMV certified and bonded provider of the mandatory electronic temporary registration (ETR) service in Florida. The ACDM dealer management system makes selling a car mindless and managing your entire dealership easy. All-Pro linebacker, Lavonte David, is the featured player for Sunday's season opener vs.

We provide service to banks, credit unions, finance companies and buy here pay here dealerships. Both Franchise and Independent dealerships in Florida rely on our Florida ETR service to print temp tags and process metal plate transfers online. Be organized when selling cars, printing state-required paperwork, managing inventory, tracking financing, and running business reports. The system caters to Florida-based dealers, so if you're a Florida VI (vehicle independent) dealer, join the hundreds of other successful dealers using it.

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