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As one of the most affordable advertising vehicles, the single page flyer is an effective mass distribution piece. Single page flyers are available in a Template or a Custom Designed format where you determine exactly what you want to feature. The UK has embraced the mobile internet market more rapidly than any other country, with the possible exception of the US. This continued growth in web advertising has come from the British public’s love of the mobile web search as they look primarily on-line for many of their major purchases,services.
The UK continues to go mobile as more and more customers are accessing  mobile websites from their mobile phones.

Mobile sites are treated in a different category by search engines – they fall under a ‘mobile’ category. And because this mobile index is smaller, it makes it much easier to get a higher ranking in mobile. Great work well done I know this was a difficult site to do but I am exstremly pleased with the results. They are designed to be inserted into your local newspaper or distributed in the mail through Valasiss "Red Plum". Google has a separate index for mobile content – which is much smaller than the normal Google index.

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