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Which bloggers are generating $1000s in passive income from ads and affiliate marketing, and what can they teach us?
In all the case studies below we’re going to look at people who blog and earn passive income through advertising and affiliate marketing. These content-rich sites come in different forms, ranging from blog format (eg Expert Enough), to news & reviews format (eg Photography Tips), to online store format (eg Animal Print Bedding) to the more conventional style websites (eg Security Guard Training HQ). Although some of the case studies below involve people who also sell info products, the majority of their income is derived from ads and affiliate marketing. Now we get to look at the work of the quite famous Chris Guthrie – the guy making a million dollars of Amazon affiliate sales a year, of which he keeps about 10%. I’m no Martin Scorsese, so I’d like cut the suspense and get straight into how this site makes money.
This is an inspiring case study and one that has got me chomping at the bit to replicate something similar in another part of the sports equipment niche. This is not the actual niche site we’re going to look at, but rather the site where Nerdy Nomad talks about her niche sites. If you’ve followed the guys at Think Traffic you would have heard about their Million Dollar Blog Project. An interesting case study, because like Expert Enough I’d say it’s kind of a cautionary tale, more so than a success story. Nick McIntosh built this site to test out whether he could earn passive income from Google Adsense and affiliate sales.
Something a little different!  Trent over at Online Income Lab does a great job showing people the behind the scenes workings of his muses. So when I was there recently I checked out his analysis of his authority site on cleaning tips.  Oh yeah, if it hasn’t been made clear through the other examples above, you can pretty much start an authority site on any niche, and often the more boring, the better.
If you’re in your 20s, still at college and looking to earn some nice side coin, then this is a kickass case study for you! Who wants to travel full time and make a living telling other people about the things they’ve learnt doing it?  Hells yeah!

This site was born out of the Niche Site Duel, a competition between prominent online marketers on who could make the most money from a new blog.  SGT is Pat Flynn’s baby, and thankfully its a passive income business that is not about teaching people how to make passive income.  Awesome! If you’ve been looking for a super fast way to launch an affiliate marketing business here’s the case study for you.
First of all, if you haven’t heard of Squidoo it’s a publishing platform, where you can create your own pages on all kinds of niches, eg animal print bedding! You get a lot of control over your page and can even put in your own affiliate links.  So in this sense it is kind of like a quick and dirty website of your own.
Selling security advice is selling fear AND who has a higher propensity to spend money on stuff, let alone stuff that will protect their precious baby, than Mac users!!  (I’m typing this on a Mac, so I speak from the standpoint too).
So yeah the site is pretty much a place where they curate things designers want to find; icons, themes, tools, graphics, wallpapers etc. These guys make a fortune!  They’ve created pretty much the #1 resource site for weddings in Australia and the result…revenue streams up the wazoo!!
First up, the online directory that lists out suppliers of everything brides will need, from function centers to flowers to dresses to celebrants to cakes.  They have 1000s of providers listed and the price to get listed ranges from $500 to $1000+ a year depending on where abouts you want to show up.
So basically what they’ve done is review all the big hotels in Whistler with some original content and photos (nowhere near as much as they should), and then setup a hotline for people to call to book “for the lowest rates”. If you’re struggling to think of an idea or you’ve tried out a few ideas, but can’t seem to eek out more than a couple hundred dollars a month, STOP. We offer you the chance to not only Earn Money from any clicks that you sent to our site, but in addition we offer a 2nd-tier!
All you need to do is to find out about Slots Advertising and then Sign Up as an Affiliate to our program and start making money.
The goal of this post is to explain how you can make cash employing the Amazon Affiliate System. Gregory Smith on Adding an Artisteer Styled Template Button to the Content of Your Joomla Websiteminecraft games on Basic Rules for Successful BloggersKathie M. The two story suite itself is stunning with a rotating bed, private bathrooms (in which an amazingly beautiful lady requested we shoot her sitting on a toilet), hot tubs, glass elevator, outdoor deck and a pool which hangs 50 stories above Vegas.

There were playboy bunnies, models, dancers and people who just happened to fall into the beautiful category.
The hit of the party was the rotating bed on which the playboy bunnies and hotly dressed ladies frolicked for the camera while the occasional guy jumped in for a photo opp. We hear CX Digital and Mundo Media had parties too but despite our confirmed invites, we were not on the lists and didn't feel like being one of those assholes who acts like a pompous idiot until the door staff can't take it any longer and relent. Not only were there great people there to connect with, the hotness quotient was off the charts.
While some found the "imported hotness" odd and disconcerting, everyone of these non ad industry people we spoke with were wonderful, fun people out to have a good time just like the rest of us.
We have pictures of ladies the the shower (fully clothed you perverts), guys swimming in the pool in their boxers, women posing on the edge of the pool over looking the strip, aerial dance shots. While there were many parties the only one worth attending (we hear) was the one we were at (naturally). Epic advertising had an epic party (267 pictures of hotness) in the Hugh Hefner Suite at the Palms which went well into the early morning hours. Publishers may possibly be open to hearing an advertiser's recommendations, but eventually, the two entities are independent from a single an additional.Earning cash on the web has never ever been easy for most people in as considerably as it seems as a very lucrative this write-up i seek to highlight challenges that numerous folks face in the process. Locate out how you can geotarget your Amazon affiliate hyperlinks for totally free and earn much more from your international traffic.
Soon after spending 15 years gathering info, testing theories, and trying out-of-the-box methods, I've found there are three main affiliate advertising errors most newbies make.

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