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My philosophy with Morgan Woods has always been the belief that building a business is far more rewarding than working in it. Most accountants who try to start their own practice get stuck between the rock (which is the preparation and administration of their client's accounts) and the hard place (which is finding the time to gain more clients).
Morgan Woods was originally created as a pilot to see if it was possible to establish a new Accountancy Practice in a location which was separate from where the client's accounts and administration would be prepared, the theory being that if the accounts preparation and administration were centralised the Practice manager would have more time to build the business and focus on their clients' accounting needs. The result of the pilot was a resounding success and we went on to open a further office just to test the model in another new area.
With the success we have gained and lessons we have learned by undertaking the initial pilot practices which continue to grow, we are now in a position to award territories for Morgan Woods franchises.

Our model of centralising the accounts preparation and administration gives our franchise owners the time to build their practices using our marketing strategies.
I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with a great deal of experience gained from 5 years working with a large financial group overseas, and from practicing in the UK since 2003. Many people can claim to be accountants but actually owning your own successful practice is a much harder achievement. The Morgan Woods business model frees up the practice managers' time to grow their businesses.
This was also successful, and hence the step towards growing the Morgan Woods brand across the UK via franchising.

This is a formula we believe can be successful for anyone who aspires to owning their own accountancy practice. Due to my experience of practice management, I understand the difficulties that practice managers face when trying to grow their business whilst servicing their existing clients which drove me to develop the Morgan Woods Model.

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