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Looking more specifically at PPC ads, let’s delve into Google AdWords Search Network text ads and go over best practices for writing enticing ad copy. The headline is the first thing potential customers tend to see when viewing your search ad.
At 35 characters, the description lines (1 & 2) give us more room to draw in customers. Making sure to follow a few best practices when putting together your text ads will go a long way in having a presentable ad that draws the customer’s eye to drive click-through rates.
Once your ads are written and implemented into your ad groups, we can turn our attention to ad extensions, which provide an additional way to use information and links within your Google AdWords ad. A two-step optin is when a user first sees to action and after clicking it accesses the form to opt-in. It’s been tested and proven to be a very effective way to collect leads which is something I am going to play with as well.
A double opt-in means requiring two opt-in actions before a person’s details get into the list.
A two-step opt-in means letting a user click twice before they can type into their details in the form: First they click on a banner, a button or a link and only then they get to see the form to complete. The broken logic in me has always suggested that the easier you make it for the user to complete the form, the more of them will feel like doing it. Saying yes to a small request (in this case clicking the link that invites to subscribe or download) predisposes you to say yes to a bigger request (in our case, to subscribe). The food-in-the-door tactic is based on the notion that if you get someone to agree to a small request, the person will later be more willing to comply with a large request. After creating your PPC account structure and establishing standard campaign settings, it’s time to start researching and adding keywords in your ad groups.
Having a descriptive keyword list that characterizes your product or offering precisely will help put your ads in front of a relevant audience searching to find the solution you can fulfill for their problem. Moving forward from here, we’ll dive into techniques and strategies for building successful and relevant keyword lists. After developing that initial list, using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is an excellent way to start expanding that initial keyword list you started with.
The Keyword tool works by taking an existing keyword list or your website URL and generating new related keywords. By using the Google search suggestions feature, you can find a variety of new keywords you may not have identified yet.
Exact match keyword will allow ads to be shown only if the search query is exactly the same as the keyword.
When selecting your keyword match types, remember that there is no perfect way to assign them. Once your ad group has built out keyword lists and match types assigned to those keywords, we can direct our attention to writing ad copy. If you want to be successful in SEO, climbing the ranks of search engines and earning more visibility and traffic for your brand, then you need more inbound links from high-authority sources. If you have neither the time nor the money for good content, you have neither the time nor the money for good business.
But never settle for second-rate content to hit a deadline, spare someone’s feelings, or meet a quota. This post is the second in a six-part series written by Portent’s small business team outlining the fundamentals in building your first PPC account through Google AdWords. Once your account structure is solidified, it’s time to create your first set of campaigns. Once your campaign is named, your next step is to choose the type of campaign you want. The Search Network is a group of search engines that allows advertisers to sponsor text ads appearing after a user searches using a keyword or string of keywords. The Display Network is a huge group of partner websites that display both text and banner ads. Are you a locksmith and potential customers want to find you when they’re in a pinch and scrambling for help on their mobile device? Pro-tip: To leverage device bid adjustments, think about what devices your customers use to find you. Targeting can be broken down into geographies by country, state, city, zip code, Nielsen DMA region and even congressional district.
The bidding and budget section in the campaign settings allows advertisers to not only set their daily budgets but also how baseline keyword bids are determined in a campaign.
Within AdWords, you have two core options for making keyword bid adjustments–manual or automated. After determining which campaign bidding method to use, it’s time to set up a daily spending budget. Pro-tip: Manually setting your keyword bids provides an advantage if you have the time and ability to do so. After getting through these standard campaign settings, it’s time to move forward in our Google AdWords campaign building. The post Building Successful PPC: Understanding Campaign Settings appeared first on Portent. If you have a solid content marketing asset to publish, you’d better use lots of great tools to promote your piece as well as to monitor those helping you promote it. Thanks to their advanced searching, sorting and filtering capabilities, spreadsheets (Excel and Google Spreadsheets) make the most sense for creating that Twitter archive. The best part is that it will fetch and export tweets and retweets allowing you an easy Excel export.
Twitter Archiver is a Google Sheets Addon that lets you export and archive Twitter search results in a Google Spreadsheet (which you can easily export into an Excel file). If you are a Zapier user, you can create a more customizable spreadsheet using a Zapier app. Not only can you save the tweet URL, body, date and time, but also the author’s name, handle, follower count, location and more. First, you’ll need to set the search parameters (in our case, that would be your Article URL) and then connect this Twitter search to a Google Spreadsheet. This post is the first in a six-part series written by Portent’s small business team outlining the fundamentals of building your first PPC account through Google AdWords.
Setting yourself up for PPC success through Google AdWords starts with how you decide to structure your PPC account. Before we get too far into it, it’s important to understand what a campaign means in the context of Google AdWords. Campaigns should be thought of as a container for ad groups: the more relevant to each other those ad groups are, the better. How your website is organized at its top-level navigation is a good place to start when beginning to build out a preliminary list of potential campaigns.
With our campaign list taking shape, let’s turn our attention to determining what ad groups will go in each campaign.
Continuing with our paracord e-commerce example, let’s visualize how to organize our ad groups by looking at the navigation built into the website. Below is a subset which displays the different types of paracord this particular store offers. The following chart gives us a visual representation of how the account structure should be built after we break out our campaigns and ad groups from the website. The post Building Successful PPC: Structuring your Google AdWords Account appeared first on Portent. In the strange corner of the world that is Search Engine Marketing, fashion retail is an amazingly competitive, often frustrating vertical.
For the fashion business without a giant team, without a giant budget, and starting on the DIY marketing track: here are three simple but essential AdWords strategies to keep you competitive and improve overall ROI from PPC. Create a separate (search network only) campaign in AdWords for branded terms (keywords that exactly match your brand name or contain your brand name).
Google Shopping is a rapidly growing facet of PPC where users can search for and compare products directly in Google search as opposed to a specific retailer’s website.
Also unlike search ads, PLAs are targeted through product data and categories instead of keywords.
Similar to other PPC ad formats, in Google Shopping merchants bid on PLAs in a specific Shopping Campaign in AdWords. When the Merchant Center account is linked to an AdWords account that product info is made available to the Shopping Campaign.
Most ecommerce platforms fortunately have the ability to export your product feed automatically, and this is by far the easiest way to keep everything up to date. The easiest and most straightforward way to set up a remarketing campaign in AdWords is actually through Google Analytics.
One relatively new feature in AdWords that’s particularly useful for fashion retailers is dynamic remarketing ads. An organisation may become engaged in affiliate marketing as it recognises it as a meaningful strategy to increase leads and sales volumes. Affiliate marketing and referral marketing are both valuable strategies an organisation might employ to increase sales. Affiliate marketing involves an affiliate promoting your products or services either on a website or blog, using links which are then clicked on and directed to your own website – hopefully, resulting in a sale. In referral marketing, a satisfied customer usually lets friends and family know about your products or services, and refers them through word of mouth.
Affiliate marketing is based on commission, where you pay an affiliate when they introduce someone who purchases your goods or services. Referral marketing is often seen as a more natural and convincing method than affiliate marketing as it’s based on pure satisfaction.
An affiliate marketer will probably need to spend a significant amount of time marketing their efforts, writing user reviews and articles etc. In most cases, affiliate marketers should try out the products they promote so that they have an awareness of them.
Marketers know that personalized content is key to successfully sending the right message to the right customers at the right time. Publishers are on the opposite side of the puzzle: they’ve got a treasure trove of great content, but do not always have a home for publishing this sponsored content. With over 100 billion recommendations per month, Revcontent is an undisputed leader in the native content advertising game. With a network boasting more than 3,000 advertisers and over 2,000 active affiliates, Clickbooth is a serious powerhouse. ThirstyAffiliates is a top affiliate marketing tool for WordPress that makes it easy to monetize your blog with a simple and effective affiliate marketing plugin.
Rated the “#1 Affiliate Manger” and “#1 Affiliate Network” by mThink in 2015, PeerFly is a leader for its custom tracking program, lead generation, and flat-rate sales. When selecting a content referral network, keep in mind that the best network can only take your business so far.
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Pay per click advertising model, internet marketing commercial service, online commerce technology.
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Flat design modern vector illustration concept of the abstract website page background with simple banner advertisement place and pay per click internet advertising model. Flat design modern vector illustration concept of pay per click internet advertising model when the ad is clicked. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Referral marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business be it a traditional business or an online one.
According to online resources, DropBox, a renowned cloud storage service provider, has designed a referral marketing campaign of 3 billion dollars which is getting 35% of the daily sign-ups. When it comes to referral marketing, you need some feature rich tools to help you manage your campaign easily. Therefore, you need to research a lot to find the one that fits you best according to your needs.
As it names, the software is meant to transform your customers into your brand ambassadors. It also provides you with the social recommendations to increase your sales by converting your visitors into customers. InviteBox is yet another great referral marketing tool which helps business owners to reach new potential customers simply via social referral programs. In case, you are not sure whether it would meet your requirements or not, you can sign-up for a trial version. Expect Referrals is one of the most effective referral marketing tools available on the board.
All you need to do is to manipulate some important fields and your marketing campaign will be ready to launch within few minutes. One of the tremendous tools for designing and implementing a bountiful referral marketing campaign is Referral SaaSquatch. This a complete referral marketing suite having every possible feature that you are looking for in a marketing tool such as tracking and fulfillment, in-app widget, referral analytics, ongoing optimization, subscription ready rewards and enterprise grade fraud protection.
Good Peeple is a unique referral marketing tool which is focused to generate leads via your Facebook page. You can also track the effectiveness of your campaign by showing you the number of customers derived to your business through it and what are their reviews about it. Great article and nice list of options out there for people looking to add customer referrals and referral marketing to their marketing mix.
In order for ads to be engaging they need to be relevant, informative, and in-line with what the user is searching for. Think of these two lines as your elevator pitch–they need to be to-the-point and show the value you provide to the customer. The display URL will be shown on the text ad itself, acting as an additional source of relevancy. The first action is typing your details in the form and the second action is clicking the link in the email confirming your first action. I did ask my dev team help me because I had some problems with it working properly, so it took me probably up to 2 hours to set it up correctly. What would they search for in Google to find solutions for the issues they are working to solve?
Keywords that are set to broad match will trigger ads when someone searches for that specific keyword as well as slight variations of that same keyword. Yes, it's more complicated than that, but on a basic level, getting more links for your site is the only way to build domain authority. Follow along in our six-part series as we will be laying down the knowledge detailing best practices for setting yourself up for PPC success.
That said, things like daily budget, network selection, and locations, among other settings, are uniform for the entire campaign. Once you begin working to build volume and increase daily spend, look at enabling search partners.
Increasing your mobile bid adjustment could help attract customers stuck with only a phone.
You may then want to avoid spending your advertising budget on people searching from their phone. This default setting is not always the most effective, depending on how your business is set up to serve your customers.
Advertisers may also set a targeted radius around any given custom location, like a store address.
If you are a local business with a physical location, be conscious of how far your typical customers travel to get to your store. Each automated strategy is designed around a different methodology–selecting the right one is up to the advertisers.
Setting your daily budget is fairly straightforward, but when doing so, be sure to keep in mind that AdWords can spend up to 20% more than what your daily budget is set at. It may also be a better option for those who are careful about authenticating Twitter with too many apps, so if you are already using Zapier, you will feel safer using it. Archive Your Promoters in Excel and Google Spreadsheet appeared first on Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog. Properly setting up your account structure forms a strong backbone to create the building blocks of your AdWords account.
In the context of PPC, a campaign is a singular set of ad groups (which contain keywords and ads) that share a singular campaign budget and campaign settings. We can use each of these product types to create individual ad groups within a singular campaign. Nevermind the stress of trying to sell a hugely visual product using text ads, but especially for smaller fashion businesses, it’s incredibly difficult to stand out amongst the clutter and compete with retail giants such as Nordstrom or Target. By having your ads and products show up alongside your organic listing, you’re essentially getting more real estate within that critical search engine results page. When it comes to paid ads, you have more control over the position of your listing, where organic ranking can be a slow and labor-intensive climb to the top of the pile. By virtue of Google’s Quality Score Algorithm, your brand terms tend to be significantly cheaper for you than non-branded terms, and have the highest conversion rates. Due to the competitive nature of paid ads there is a chance that other companies may be bidding on your brand name.
How well does your amazing brand statement and value proposition translate to a search result? Assuming your brand terms get a decent amount of traffic you can quickly test value propositions, calls to action, or promos in your ads to see what performs better and use this to improve overall brand messaging. For the sake of clean data on what’s working, make sure you are not mixing brand and non-brand terms in the same campaign. Include your brand’s value proposition and some sort of call to action to entice users to click your ad.
One of the most noticeable differences is that Product Listing Ads (PLAs) feature a product image directly in the search results. There is no doubt that these types of ads stand out compared to the other ads in the search results. Since the searcher can see a product image, store name, price and other information before they even click through to your site, they’ll have a stronger sense of your product offering than shoppers from regular search ads.
Similar to bidding on your own brand terms to own a larger portion of a search results page, when you advertise with Google Shopping there’s an opportunity to show both your PLA and text ad for some searches.
As more and more apparel businesses shift their advertising budget toward Google Shopping for these reasons, there is almost no question of whether you should invest a portion of your PPC budget and management time on this channel. It’s essential that the product feed has all the required attributes and is up to date.
A spreadsheet created manually can provide good control for merchants who want to advertise just a small handful of products, but for a business with over 500 products it can get a little high maintenance. It allows an advertiser to target and serve ads only to users to have visited their website, a particular page or group of pages of the website, or even users who have taken some sort of action on the website. Remarketing allows you to serve customized text or display ads to this audience as a great reminder. Where display campaigns can be used for building brand awareness early in a buyer’s journey, remarketing campaigns target an audience that is already familiar with your brand to varying extent. The customer already knows the person they are referring, and the motivation for them is personal and based on satisfaction.
However, you are likely to get more results with affiliate marketing, as your audience is much bigger. There is often a more flexible approach to rewarding a referral than with affiliate marketing, which can make it a more attractive proposition for a business owner. But, the reality is, referral marketers will have a closer connection with the product because they gained satisfaction from it. Zemanta starts by aggregating and indexing your content for multiple content ad formats, including promoted recommendations, in-stream ads, in-text ads and sponsored content.
Revcontent offers geographic, demographic, contextual, channel, and site-specific targeting options. The user-friendly interface keeps things simple and the network requires only a minimum payment of $50 to get started. Monetize past and future content with Autolinker, cloak unsightly affiliate links using your website’s URL, and import affiliate links from Amazon and other programs. Advertisers benefit from no monthly fees, dedicated account managers and a full-time compliance department.
If you’re on the publishing side of things, you will still need to spend time crafting compelling content that converts, tracking engagement and optimizing campaigns. He accomplishes this through his agency Integrity Marketing & Consulting, which he founded in 2011.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.
All you need to do is to provide them some benefits, discounts, promotions, freebies or any other thing that you think can entice your customers and they will talk about your brand and promote it among their friends and family members and social circles. However, the only difference is that it requires communication and software support and affiliate, on the other hand, needs active approach from the owner.
In order to save your time, I have compiled a list of few best referral marketing tools which you can use to promote your brand among the extended audience group. You can track your referrals to analyze the effectiveness of the referral programs you are running and reward your ambassadors with points, cash, and virtual swag and receive metrics to analyze the increased Return On Investment (ROI). The trial version subscription can be availed by providing some basic contact details and do not require any financial data such as your credit card information. This is an effective tool which helps you generate more leads by transforming your existing customers into brand marketers. It helps you design an alluring marketing campaign that actually encourages your visitors to publicize your brand.
As a result of it, your company will become more credible and your ranking in business listing will be improved greatly. In order to have hands on experience on all of these exceptional features, you will need to sign-up for a free account which would be a trial version only.
It helps you increase your customer base by encouraging your existing customers to promote your brand on your behalf.
We just launched a new customer referral platform for small to mid-sized ecommerce businesses earlier this year called Forewards.

Having ads with irrelevant ad copy is a great way to spend money on wasteful clicks, and having ads that are too bland make it easy for the customer to just keep scrolling. In a standard Google AdWords text ad, each ad contains a headline, description line 1, description line 2, display URL, and final URL.
With only 25 characters in the headline, being concise while grabbing the customer’s attention is crucial. A strong call-to-action is key in convincing customers that your ad (and offering) is better than the competitors in your space. To be as specific as possible it is better to use phrase and exact match when possible to weed out unqualified customers.
But how can you do this while evading the harsh evaluations of the Penguin algorithm and maximizing the potential of your brand? Do not set your campaign to serve ads on the Search and Display Networks within a singular campaign.
This method is ideal for advertisers with the understanding and ability to review and change their keyword bids on a regular basis. Having an organized and efficient structure for your campaigns and ad groups will help you better balance your spending budgets, increase your efficiency when it comes to account management, and boost your paid advertising performance.
Compounding this, if you’re a smaller business, chances are you and everyone you work with are also wearing a dozen hats, to run and grow the brand.
Although every account is unique and there are always pros and cons to any strategy, showing up in both paid and organic results when your brand is searched is proven to improve PPC performance.
It also gives users more opportunity to click through to a targeted part of your site depending on what they’ve searched, similar to a Sitelink Extension. By the time they click on the ad they will often be closer to making a purchase decision, especially since they can compare your product with others before clicking through to your site. In addition, there’s even a chance that more than one of your PLAs can show for a given search. For the smaller retailer, it’s another chance to broaden your presence in search results and to stay competitive against the big guys. Done well, this can be a great moment to tap into that pleasant surprise to create a sense of urgency. By using remarketing to show them branded merch that serves as a relevant, useful visual cue, you can strengthen brand awareness and affinity. Distinguishing between the two can often be confusing, but there are clear differences, as well as pros and cons for both strategies. The affiliate doesn’t know the people who are being driven to your site, and they will forward anyone on.
People who visit your website as a result of a referral will know more about your products or services than those who have been introduced via affiliate marketing. In referral marketing, the referral is usually done by word of mouth, so there is no need to write reviews or engage in marketing efforts.
Because there is no existing relationship between the affiliate marketer and the visitors driven to your website, it might take them longer to build this level of trust up. Many believe that this means you are more likely to a get a more accurate representation of a product through referral marketing than affiliate marketing. Next, Zemanta will test bids and test creative to make sure you meet the ROI for your content marketing goals. It also boasts some of the highest performing native ad networks for ecosystems like Forbes, NBC NEWS, CBS Local, E!, and Fantasypros. Clickbooth can be picky about who they accept, however, so if you’re new to affiliate marketing you may have to wait an initial period before joining. ThirstyAffiliates offers a host of bonus add-ons, including the useful autolinker, which automatically links up keywords to affiliate links throughout the blog. And don’t bypass alternate ways to share your content, including guest posting and video marketing.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
It is designed on an intelligent algorithm which promotes your brand or product to your customer’s Facebook friend by creating local Facebook ads automatically. And, if you think that it is helping you grow business, you will need to upgrade your account to premium version. Take a look, we’d love to get your thoughts on what we do and can provide you with demo software if you are interested. By showing your ads on Google’s search partner websites, advertisers should see an overall increase in impressions and clicks.
If creating a highly targeted campaign meant to attract mobile users as much as possible, increasing your mobile bid modification to the maximum of 300% will help spur mobile traffic. If you are into local business, for example, you can archive the location of each Twitter user who tweeted your URL! Meaning you’ve got less time for hands-on, highly-complex approaches to marketing channels like PPC.
Google has also done studies that show that search ads will not cannibalize organic traffic. Again, you want to ensure you’re getting the most revenue possible from those hard-earned searches of your brand. AdWords also offers ad extensions which you can use for no additional cost and which allow you to add additional text, links, or contact information to improve the relevance and performance of your branded ads. Although results vary, many advertisers experience significantly higher click through rates and improved traffic volume with PLAs compared to their search campaigns. This ultimately means you drive more transactions and improve conversion rates, in exchange for letting Google show your wares.
To help you get your bearings, there’s even benchmarking data within the AdWords platform that can help businesses see how they stack up to their competitors, to help you continually improve your PPC results.
Again, this is just one way of segmenting and targeting an audience in remarketing, and there are more than a few others. On the flip side, frequency caps (the number of times an ad can be shown to a user in a given time period) are important features to use.
It’s a more complex process than affiliate marketing, and referrals operate in a wider way to communicate their satisfaction than affiliate marketers.
One key factor that makes Revcontent unique is its use of a fully responsive widget along with infinite scroll options and unlimited customization of the API.
And while networks like Maxbounty and Peerfly are both easier to get accepted into than Clickbooth, if you have an established track record, you can’t go wrong with Clickbooth. For publishers, PeerFly includes guaranteed top payouts, accelerated payment options, and free training so you can get started using the platform right away.
I have come across a relatively new company with a unique product and system that is worth sharing. Link AttractionThe first key is to note the significant difference between link building and link earning. Even if a competitor is NOT bidding directly on your brand name, if their ad shows up above your organic listing there is still a chance that you’ve lost the click and the customer at the last second. For brand advertisers, Revcontent also claims to be the only premium publisher with a closed native network, offering maximum transparency and control.
Google click tracking will automatically detect affiliate links and add Google Analytics Event tracking to these links. The former focuses on establishing single instances of links on external sources, such as through guest posts, while the latter focuses on creating compelling content that people naturally want to link to on its own merit.
Of the two, link earning is a somewhat safer strategy (while link building is a bit more stable, scalable, and controllable).
You’ll also get an unlimited supply of campaign reporting metrics through one centralized dashboard.
But at the same time, link earning is also unpredictable--how can you make sure that your content's going to earn the links you need? And unlike many paid distribution solutions, bounce rates and time on site are virtually identical to organic traffic. The Best Blog Posts for the JobTo get you started, there are a handful of types of blog posts that naturally earn more links and attention than others. They naturally contain easily-understandable and valuable information, making them appealing from a logical and practical perspective (if you choose the right topics). They're visually accessible, which makes them easy to digest and share, increasing overall visibility. Plus, you have the freedom and flexibility to get as creative as you want in the design, showing off what makes your brand unique. As a perfect example, Podio's Daily Routines of Famous Creative People went viral last year, earning thousands of links for the brand.2.
Videographics.Videographics are so much like infographics that they almost don't warrant a separate entry on this list. However, the tremendous rise in video popularity, along with new consumer-centric features like auto-playing videos in Facebook news feeds, makes it important to distinguish this type of content. Essentially infographics in motion, videographics have all the advantages of infographics with an even more modern spin.3.
Interviews.Interviews are a fantastic mutual opportunity to earn links, whether you're the interviewer or the interviewee. This will double your audience instantly--maybe even multiplying it further, depending on the other party's level of influence. List posts.List posts, like habits that will make you rich or top superhero movies, tend to attract tons of links simply because they're easy to digest.
People rarely have time to wade through thousands of words of content, but they can blaze through a list post quickly, often just skimming the subheaders to see if there's any new or particularly interesting information. This makes list posts fast-paced, sharable, and most importantly, appealing to almost any online audience.
Strong opinion posts.Opinion posts can be really good or really bad--and if they're really good, they'll have the power to earn you tons of links. The power of a good opinion post is presenting ideas that nobody's heard alongside compelling information that reinforces your position. Accordingly, your piece needs to be extremely well-researched, well-argued, and focused on a point. Your post also needs to be debatable, to attract more discussion and attention when you start syndicating your piece.6.
In-depth reviews.Take the Verge's thousands-of-words, video-embedded review of Oculus Rift as an example.
People love to gather and share information when they're trying to make a purchasing decision, or when something new enters the market. Your brand may not always be well-poised to take advantage of this, but whenever you have the opportunity to post an in-depth review of a product, service, or even a piece of news (like new technology that's shaping your industry), do so.7. Stories.Don't underestimate the power a simple story can have, especially if it has an emotional root.
People fundamentally love stories, whether they're case studies, metaphorical illustrations, or just simple anecdotes. Frame your story correctly, make it meaningful, and people will share your material all over the web, earning you tons of links in the process.Final CaveatsThese types of content all carry some natural potential, making them inherently better than some of their counterparts for attracting inbound links. You still have to pay close attention to best practices for a successful content strategy in general:Unique ideas only.
Share, syndicate, and publicize your material.If you can accomplish these simplified best practices with the types of content we listed above, you'll have a top-notch link earning strategy that can greatly increase your domain authority, traffic, rankings, and visibility in no time. Reply Link Richard Petrillo December 6, 2012, 6:14 pmHey PhillipGlad you enjoyed the post.
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