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The goal of this page is to provide an overview of affiliate marketing and what I do to earn a significant yearly income from a single, tiny business. Emails #1 to Infinity (green): The emails you send to subscribers is how you make money with affiliate marketing. Guest Posting (yellow): One way to get noticed in a niche is to regularly guest post on other sites. In addition to my product, I’ve also written extensively on the subject of affiliate marketing. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Free affiliate marketing e-book to help you to learn more about affiliate marketing and how it can grow your business.
IntroductionAs a business owner in today’s tech driven world, you need to have a solid strategy and business plan ifyou want to get ahead.
Chapter 1Why You Need Affiliate Marketing When you are selling a product or service, visibility is everything. My preferred method is to build a top-notch email list and promote affiliate offers to subscribers.
This is where you demonstrate value in a specific niche and build a solid relationship with subscribers.

Again, it’s important to use this strategy to send traffic to both your email list and blog. No matter what product or service you offer, you will find that there is alwayscompetition. The more times a consumer sees your product or name, the more brand recognition you are creating. Your job is to convince a person (or a group of people) that a particular product is beneficial. Instead you’ll provide excellent content while subtly weaving in solid quality offers. The World Wide Web has made it easy for people to create and market businesses, andwhile this is extremely beneficial in terms of increasing your potential customer base, it also means thatyou have competition from all over the globe.As a web based business, you need a plan that will help you reach the most prospective customers orclients possible. When a web user sees your product or service everywhere, it creates a sense of trust in the brand.
When youmake use of websites such as Twitter and Facebook, you can reach thousands or even millions ofprospective clients. When you set up affiliate marketing software, youare giving regular computer users the chance to create their own businesses around your product orservice.
In this book, we will teach you the best strategies for making use of socialnetworking to ensure that your business sees the most benefit possible.We will also take a look at affiliate marketing and how it can be used to help you grow your business andincrease your profits.

Depending on your affiliate software program, you may even be able to provide your affiliateswith the tools they need to best promote your business, including banner and text links and even theirown version of your product website. Most importantly, we will offer a wide range of strategies that will help youcombine affiliate marketing and social media to get the biggest boost to your revenue. Each affiliate’s links, banners, and sites use a unique ID that helpsyou track their total sales, and you will distribute a portion of your sales or traffic profits to the affiliatethat generated them.Affiliate marketing is a win-win scenario for you and your affiliates. These strategiescan work for any type of business, and once you understand how to make the power of socialnetworking effective for you, the potential for a major profit increase will become crystal clear. You can end up with significantlygreater profits by having a variety of sites and ads that you do not have to directly maintain, while youraffiliates have the tools they need to effectively market your product and make an easy profit. Anadded benefit is that your affiliates are all unique, which means that while you may have a number ofideas for where to place ads or links, your affiliates will find markets of their own, greatly increasing youroverall visibility.If you are questioning whether affiliate marketing is right for you, consider this. No matter what yousell, there are numerous people out there that sell the same thing or something that meets the sameneed.
Gaining affiliates helps increase your presence in the market, making it much easier for you toensure that you are reaching as many prospective clients as possible.

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