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Apparently, Google didn’t find the personal touch of a massive customer relations campaign that personally contacts each merchant, followed by a private email blast to all GAN Affiliates (at a minimum) necessary. Apparently, there was no need to tell employees before the announcement was made via the blog post, either.
Many Merchants, Affiliates and OPM’s that relied upon GAN are now finding themselves in a precarious situation that needs to be addressed. She has her finger on the pulse of Affiliate Marketing and works extensively with all the major networks. Already, some Affiliate Marketers are publishing help and commentary on the closure of Google Affiliate Network. Those merchants who pay attention to blog posts as their primary method of learning about the closure of important vendors’ services, now know that the GAN platform will no longer be available to provide affiliate tracking solutions. Luckily for some merchants, GAN was simply one of the networks they ran on, and they can simply tell their existing affiliates to swap their GAN links for their other affiliate tracking solution. I remember way back in the good ol’ days, when I ran a company I founded called “Kowabunga! A few years ago when I made my first list of the top Affiliate Networks, I had given Google Affiliate Network my most controversial review. After last years HUGE Success for our Traffic & Conversion Summit meet up cocktail hour with Charles and A4D are going to do it again.
This is not the A4D Meet Up… That will be held on June 4th, 2016, more info on that shortly. Just like last year, me and my good friend Charles Ngo from Affcelerator will be putting the event together for San Diego’s huge affiliate hub. The event will be held at the Field Irish Bar, the same venue and setup as last year’s meetup.
It’s going to be an open bar and take place immediately after Day 2 of Traffic & Conversions Summit. Hey everyone, as promised here’s a quick video on how to use that A4D Media Buying worksheet out there.
I hope this gives you some good ideas on how to make your next Facebook Ad Campaigns successful. I often times see people come in to this space and say I have $500 to spend to start making money.
The most resilient creative business people I’ve ever met are successful affiliate marketers. The premise of the post was why I don’t believe that Ryan Eagle from EWA intentionally went Bankrupt and stole everyones money. Advertiser is on monthly net 30 terms which means you run traffic to them for 30 days and then invoice. Volume being run is 100 leads a day at where we’re getting $40 from the merchant and paying out $36 to the publisher.
Ryan would have to run for 11 months = 10 months of running plus 1 month for the net 30 terms to get paid out. I don’t know the exact story but let me illustrate how easy it is to blow through a few million carrying the wrong people. Another thing that can often take hold in this space in all positions is the big ugly green headed monster called GREED. If you’re not from the affiliate world you may be asking yourself why would you pay people out faster then you’re getting paid?

They’re also past the stage of I just want to run whatever will make me the most money.
This article is for people that are ready to think future forward and are ready to build a real business with a long term vision!
I recently optimized for efficiency and service a lot of the internal systems and structure for A4D. But, stop and imagine you can build a large company in any of these verticals, it all just starts with the first step. Is there a logical road map to becoming a larger player in one of these industries in the long term? There’s a handful of charts by industry and how they stack up as far as profit margins.
Affiliate Marketing Network Marketing – different ways of marketing and its important to learn the difference between the two.
They may be beginners to the world of marketing or never really understood how both Affiliate Marketing Network Marketing really work. Rather than write any more, watch the video below and learn the difference between both types of Marketing.
The main thing to remember is that when we are recruiting  and meeting other people we should not assume they know what we are talking about. Its important to get back to basics and remember how it was when we first began and try to have a bit more empathy for those just starting out. If you got some value from today post Affiliate Marketing Network Marketing – Learn The Difference, please feel free to leave me a comment. PS  Discover How To Easily Explode Your Home Based Business By Helping Your Team Get A Lot More Quality Prospects (For FREE), Sell A Lot More Product & Enroll A Lot More Reps! What a great and simplistic explanation of what these to types of business models are…. Marketing”, where we provided Affiliate Marketing Tracking and Management Solutions (for In-House Affiliate Programs), a little company out of Chicago called Performics. They already have their foot way too deep in our waters with them controlling how we perform SEO.
Basically I need to understand from a top level outline of what I’m trying to learn as the first step.
One of the most difficult things to deal with in online advertising is dealing with ads on the major traffic sources. Then you think you read them, or maybe you don’t, and follow them but BAM your account gets suspended. Cash Flow, how much float capital is required to pay affiliates weekly and carry the terms with the merchant. This is 30 days for the traffic run and then 30 days of waiting for the invoice to get paid.
As a network owner things like non-payments actually happen a lot if you’re not super careful. Now I know some of you like your very simple life with just yourself running traffic and not having any responsibilities. Any time I change anything for any of my companies I build financial models, which I did again this time as well.
Good margins, usage of other peoples money, can start as an affiliate and generate leads to understand the consumer.

As an amazing media buyer and affiliate you can buy media in any vertical and typically make it work.
The more people I know are reading my blog and want my content the more I'll be inspired to write. The Google Panda and Penguin updates blew up in the faces of affiliate marketers all around the world.
It isn’t obvious now but if Google decided to put their foot in here it would be bad for most affiliate marketers.
Then when I journey down the learning path I have sections to stick things in to make sense of them. He even borrowed 2 million for receivables from a friend of mine (who got screwed over) to try and keep it alive. This is only sort of true because being on weekly net 4 terms means that the affiliate gets only weekly.
Every turn of money reduces the risk of initial capital loss by what ever % of margin that they’re running at. If you made a bad decision running traffic to a network that went out of business how could you do things differently in the future? So many people in our space and in life just listlessly wander through things without definiteness of purpose. Could easily transition to starting a small brokerage with someone else fulfilling the insurance on the backend.
But it’s a useful thing to know how you learn so you can use effective strategies to learn faster.
This has no effect on Risk because we have to pay the affiliate regardless of everything else.
Know how much cash they keep in reserves or what access they have to credit lines if for some reason they take a hit.
This speeds up the learning process 100% + makes you feel like you’re making progress. How does this model stack up with other industries and is there any examples out there and is our department overhead costs where they should be? Then once you have enough customers you could transition to fulfilling the insurance yourself.
Risk meaning if the merchant decides to not pay for WHATEVER reason we stand to be out top line revenue of $240k. Which gives us a grand total for float of $216 – $39,600 = $176,400 in float capital needed to carry this business.
Then breaking it down into achievable smaller goals along the way so you feel a sense of accomplishment. Networks have to keep good cash reserves built around good risk models and profiles or you can end up insolvent in the blink of a eye.

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