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Here’s a thought exercise: What happens if the CRTC takes to heart the complaints lodged by consumer groups last week and forces Rogers, Shaw and Bell to open up Shomi and Crave TV, their respective streaming services, to all Canadians?
If they’re forced to become full-on competitors to Netflix, will the companies still want to offer the services?
At the heart of all these questions is the issue of vertical integration—the term for when one company controls the supply chain that allows for the delivery of its main products or services. Canada has indeed been found to have among the highest levels of media and telecommunications vertical integration in the world. Currently Shomi, the joint venture between Rogers and Shaw, is available for $8.99 per month, but—currently, anyway—only to existing Rogers or Shaw cable or internet customers.
Both are defensive plays aimed at keeping customers signed up to the companies’ more lucrative businesses, rather than true competitors to Netflix, the juggernaut that has become the global streaming leader. The complaints from the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and the Consumers Association of Canada take issue with the companies’ extra service requirements. Imagine a scenario where the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission agrees and issues an order requiring Rogers, Shaw and Bell to sell Shomi and Crave TV to anyone who wants it—no specific internet or TV subscription required. Assuming the companies wouldn’t fold them out of spite, the services would then become true competitors to Netflix. On the first front, all three have made exclusive content part of their value propositions.
Rogers, Shaw and Bell have spent undisclosed millions on acquiring exclusive shows from U.S.
In many ways, this mirrors the traditional television system, where certain broadcasters buy the rights to air certain shows. The Commission considers that permitting [vertically integrated] entities to exercise exclusivity with respect to the distribution on new media platforms of programming designed primarily for conventional television, specialty, pay and [video-on-demand] services would result in harm to consumers and the competitiveness of the industry. Could Shomi, Crave TV and Netflix eventually be barred from exercising exclusivity on their respective shows?
The second competitive issue would centre on access, and it’s here that the CRTC has already made some progress. The situation is more complicated when it comes to Shomi and Crave TV because both are offered over traditional television infrastructure and as true internet streaming services. Net neutrality issues aside, it’s safe to declare Netflix with a significant access advantage when it comes to usability, interface and availability.
Price competition is normally a good sign of a healthy, competitive market, but there would certainly be complaints of predatory pricing if either service were to sell for less than Netflix. All told, while the complaints against Shomi and Crave TV are on the surface about fair access to the streaming services, they are merely the start of a much larger argument. Are you wondering “IF” you should be using social media to market your restoration business? Die Fonpit AG bekommt Zuwachs: App Media will die deutsche App-Marketingbranche aufmischen und unter dem Dach der Fonpit AG ganzheitliches App-Marketing anbieten. Jan Karnath: Das wichtigste ist es, die User zu clustern und dann gezielt uber Bannerwerbung oder native Ads anzusprechen. Jan Karnath: In Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass sich der App-Markt fast komplett Richtung Freemium dreht, ist es deutlich wichtiger, dem User gezielt zu vermitteln was der Mehrwert einer bestimmten App ist, als ihm eine “Try-before-Install” Option zu geben. Jan Karnath: Wir arbeiten an komplexen Themen und haben uns daher ein sehr fachkundiges und schlagkraftiges Team zusammengestellt. Jan Karnath: Die Studie bezieht sich auf den globalen Markt und hat somit fur unseren Kernmarkt Deutschland keine allzu gro?e Relevanz. Jan Karnath: Ich glaube, dass nur diejenigen Apps eine Chance haben, die den Nutzern eine (bessere) Losung fur ein Problem anbieten.
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NewsletterSichern Sie sich jetzt Ihren Wissensvorsprung in Mobile Marketing und Mobile Business und abonnieren Sie die Meldungen von ganz bequem per E-Mail. Da meine Zeit bei FEINHEIT leider nur beschränkt ist, ist es an der Zeit, sich nach etwas neuem umzuschauen.
Nachdem ich das erledigt hatte, erstellte ich einen Maske, welche mit dem innersten Rechteck übereinstimmte.
Falls Sie diesen Blogeintrag nun gerade am zuende lesen sind, beachten Sie bitte, dass dieser auch ein kleiner Hilferuf ist.
Eine neue Frauenbewegung aus Zurich will durch aktivistische Aktionen bestehende Ungleichgewichte thematisieren. There are simple tactics you can use to grab attention and increase engagement with holiday shoppers on Instagram. In this article you’ll find six tips to boost your Instagram marketing for the holidays. It’s a well-known fact that asking questions on social media is a good way to generate engagement.
Put two similarly themed products next to each other in one image and ask users which one they prefer for the holiday season.
You can use apps and tools like Layout from Instagram to make it easy to compile two or more pictures into a single image that you can share.

Giving back is always good for both your community and your brand reputation, and this is particularly true during the holidays. Some businesses collect donations of money, food or toys and drop them off at a local charity.
No matter what option you choose for your business, supporting a charity can be a massive opportunity for positive brand-building.
Encourage your Instagram audience to create and share holiday–themed content using a branded hashtag.
Feature perfect pairs in your Instagram posts to flesh them out and form a more visually dynamic image. As fun and exciting as the holiday season is for many, there is no doubt that it’s often an expensive time of year. To generate conversions and increase sales and impulse buys, use high–quality images of your products with mentions of sales, promotions and giveaways.
With many users more willing to splurge come the holiday season, promoting sales and discounts on Instagram gives them the perfect reason to do so. Though relatively new, Instagram is emerging as a strong ad platform, as it’s partnered with (and run through) the incredibly successful Facebook ads.
While all types of ads can perform well on Instagram, these two options in particular will help your content stand out in the holiday season. Remember, too, that it’s important to make good use of hashtags and choose interesting, eye-catching images users will want to see. And, considering that such an order would change the economics of those services, would they be offered at the same price? In the case of Rogers (which owns Canadian Business and Marketing), Shaw and Bell—all broadcast and telecommunications providers—the vertical integration is so deep and entrenched it’s hard to distinguish between what is the supply chain and what is the product. The forced opening up of the streaming services could therefore lead to even bigger problems.
Similarly, Crave TV is $4 per month, and currently only available to Bell TV customers, as well as customers of Bell’s TV partners Telus, Eastlink and Northwestel. They say it’s a form of anti-competitive tied selling that limits consumer choice and disadvantages other internet providers. The three services would compete on their libraries of content, the ease of accessing them, and of course, price. It’s why new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, for example, are on CTV but not also on Global and CityTV. Existing CRTC rules aimed at mitigating vertical integration require such programming as a whole to be made available to competitors on an access level, which is why consumers who get their television service from Rogers are still able to watch Bell-owned CTV and Shaw-owned Global. The argument could be made that consumers shouldn’t be forced to subscribe to a myriad of different streaming services just to see the specific shows they want, the same way they don’t have to get regular TV service from both Bell and Rogers.
The Commission further considers that the same harm would result if industry players that are not [vertically integrated] entities exercised such exclusivity. Could regulation eventually result in Orange is the New Black on Shomi or The Sopranos on Netflix?
In its ruling on mobile TV two weeks ago, the regulator firmly declared it will not tolerate “zero rating,” where wireless providers such as Bell and Videotron don’t count their own video services against customers’ monthly data usage caps.
Customers get unlimited usage when they access them via TV set-top boxes, but viewing through phone, computer, tablet or game console apps counts against those caps.
If the CRTC decision goes against Rogers, Shaw and Bell, the companies could simply pull the internet streaming part of their services. Having a few years’ headstart, the Silicon Valley company has perfected the art of delivering streamed video across virtually every device, and it is continually investing heavily in improving that aspect of its business. As mega-companies with many businesses, Rogers, Shaw and Bell can afford to sell one of their services cheaper, or even at a loss, if it means slowing down or hurting competitors—especially ones with singular revenue streams. Rogers’ launch of discount wireless provider Chatr in 2010 just as Wind and Mobility were getting off the ground is a great example.
When the same companies that own the pipes are selling the content that comes over those pipes in competition with other non-integrated providers, the problems are only going to multiply. If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”. Das bedeutet, dass wir die gesamte Kette des App-Marketing abdecken. Das beginnt mit der App-Store-Optimierung, zum Beispiel durch ansprechende Texte, Keyword-Optimierung und App-Videos. Durch Smartphones ergeben sich im Retargeting vollkommen neue Moglichkeiten, den User personalisiert zu erreichen und zielgenau in die Conversion zu leiten. Wie so oft in der Branche durfen wir aber nicht daruber reden, wer auf unsere Dienstleistung zuruck greift.
Aber weil FEINHEIT extrem fürsorglich ist, darf ich in meiner Arbeitszeit an meinem Portfolio arbeiten. Da ich aber keinen identischen Font hatte, musste ich zuerst die ähnlichste Schrift in meiner Datenbank suchen und danach habe ich die Schrift in Pfade umgewandelt. Es gibt effektiv zu wenig Firmen in Zürich und Umgebung, welche Grafikerlehrstellen haben. Showcasing two products not only highlights the products you want to feature, but also can generate a ton of conversation and engagement with users.

With the focus on giving to others, many customers will not only take more notice of your charitable work and donations, but may also participate along with you. Others will sell products to raise money, as Sterling Jewelers does by selling Christmas bears for St. Consider offering some sort of reward, whether you’re running an official contest or not. This technique often results in higher sales, and works just as well for Instagram marketing as it does in person.
Showing the second item not only increases the chances of a larger sale, but can also make the first item look even more alluring.
A blue diamond pendant looks even better with a matching ring, a fishing rod is more appealing with a full tackle box and an assortment of tea flavors with an exquisite teapot adds a personal touch. Though all the focus for sales is on Black Friday, you can benefit from heavily promoting your upcoming or current sales or discounts throughout the holiday season on Instagram.
Also add a note in the description with a coupon code or to tell customers where to find those deals.
Carousel ads allow you to feature multiple images (often of products) that can be used to show a variety of choices or tell a story, and it’s no secret that video content is taking social media by storm.
And what would be the larger spillover effects on competition between media providers in Canada?
Netflix, on the other hand, is increasingly producing its own content such as House of Cards and Marco Polo, which is programming that is unlikely to show up any time soon on Shomi or Crave TV. But, as the consumer groups point out, this would probably require them to get broadcasting licenses since the services would then be more akin to traditional TV channels.
Would Shomi, which is currently priced the same as Netflix, lower its price to make up for its deficiencies when compared to its rivals? Dazu kommen Cost-Per-Install-Kampagnen (CPI), deren Ziel eine moglichst hohe Zahl an Installationen ist. Wir helfen Unternehmen dabei, ein besseres Verstandnis fur Ihre User zu entwickeln und nachhaltig die Umsatze fur Mobile zu steigern. In Sachen Budget haben wir kein Geld zu verbrennen und das mussen wir auch nicht: App Media ist so aufgestellt, dass wir davon ausgehen durfen, sehr schnell profitabel zu werden. Wird es fur unbekannte Entwickler immer schwieriger, einen festen Platz im Alltag des Nutzers zu bekommen?
Das gelingt nicht vielen Apps, aber die meisten, die weit vorne sind, folgen genau diesem Muster.
Also you get great ready-made content for no cost to your business, aside from the effort it took to find the content. The prize can be a gift card, giveaway or the chance to have their content featured by your brand. You can not only search for a particular topic or hashtag, but also refine your results by keywords and by the time the post was uploaded. Incorporating these six tips with your Instagram best practices will help your content perform well throughout the holiday season.
Unser App-Boost verhilft zu einem hoheren Ranking in den jeweiligen App-Stores und damit zu mehr Sichtbarkeit. Einfach nur ein Push in die Top 10 hat selten den gewunschten Impact oder bringt einen guten ROI. Das geht zum Beispiel uber App-Videos und aussagekraftige Screenshots auf den App-Profilen in den jeweiligen App-Stores. Wir werden organisch wachsen, aber gerade zu Beginn muss man eben in Vorleistung gehen und beispielsweise etwas Geld fur Eigenmarketing etc. Ein gutes und zielgerichtetes Marketing, wie zum Beispiel mit uns, steht jedem Entwickler offen.
Und auf Grund dessen, befasse ich mich seit den letzten 3 Tagen mit skizzieren, notieren und informieren über Portfolios.
The prize for winners is a Starbucks gift card, and the contest generates a ton of great content every year. Use a tool like Iconosquare to help you run contests to increase fan content, allowing you to schedule the contest and moderate responses in bulk. Wir haben uns fur die verschiedenen Anforderungen wie App Push, CPI, Re-Engagement die aus unserer Sicht starksten Partner geholt, um nachhaltig die Ziele des Kunden zu erfullen.
Das oft unterschatzte Re-Engagement der Nutzer ist ein zentraler Punkt beim App-Marketing. Nutzer werden per Retargeting uber andere native Apps und Bannerwerbung dazu animiert, die beworbene App aktiv wieder zu nutzen.
Die durch uns jeweils vorgenommene sinnvolle Mischung und Kombination dieser Partner gehort zu einer nachhaltigen App-Strategie. Diese User-Retention sorgt fur die gewunschte Nachhaltigkeit und ein dauerhaft besseres Ranking der App, was wiederum zu einer gro?eren aktiven Nutzerschaft fuhrt.

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