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So, as I was saying, the market was strong, AMZN was strong, and there was more money to be made.  I regained my focus and looked for another entry.
DisclaimerNothing on this site should be considered financial advice, nor is anything here a solicitation to buy or sell any type of securities. Zappos has been selling through Amazon for some time now, and many of the brands that Zappos sold could also be bought through Amazon.
By committing this acquisition, Amazon combines the customers of the two websites, the sale and profit of the entire apparel field, not only handbags, will be largely promoted.

Launched in Germany in 2005 the international edition is brought to you by Jochen Krisch and Jason Soo. And what can you learn from the strengths of the respective companies, applied to your own? In addition, Amazon will provide Zappos employees with $40 million in cash and restricted stock units.
For one thing, the condition Amazon offer is quite satisfactory and what’s more important, Zappos itself is facing problems, one of them is that the sale of the website is valid and it’s hard for them to expand any more.

He has often challenged me to continually think of what's next throughout his various columns and articles.

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