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Despite sluggish macro trends, Cree (NASDAQ:CREE) managed to start its fiscal 2013 on a positive note.
We feel that Cree is well positioned to leverage the potential growth in LED market in the long-run.
Owing to depressed prices and higher operating expenses, Cree’s gross margin dropped down from 48% in 2010 to 37% in 2011, and the downward trends continued in the subsequent quarters as well. As the economy stabilizes, we feel that higher revenues for a similar cost base could lead to additional improvement in margins. With the demand from the backlight market nearing saturation and the general lighting market yet to take off, the growth in LED demand has been slow resulting in a huge demand-supply gap that has put downward pressure on the average LED selling price. However, Cree witnessed an increase in orders for both the lighting and LED segments last quarter which translated into higher revenues in Q1 2013. Cree remains focused on driving LED adoption & increasing sales of its indoor and outdoor products.
With the introduction of a number of innovative products, Cree’s LED adoption continued to gain momentum in Q1 2013.
We are in the process of updating our current price estimate of $26.20 for the latest earnings release. LG Innotek, a leading global materials and components manufacturer, today announced that the company start to produce Alternating Current (AC) direct LED lighting packages and modules that will accelerate market adoption of the world’s next generation lighting system. AC direct LEDs rely on alternating current which is the standard power format for lighting in offices, retail, hospitality and homes. LG Innotek developed the AC direct LED by embedding a micro-drive integrated chip in the LED which controls the current. LG Innotek is introducing a range of eight products; five types of AC direct LED packages, which is the basic component of LED lighting, and three types of lighting modules, which is an integrated LED package and printed circuit board. LG Innotek’s modules are not only made for outstanding performance, but also for maximizing customer convenience in the manufacturing of their finished lighting products. LG Innotek will further expand their line-up of AC direct LED components this year by adding a 3030W HV package that is optimized for omni-directional bulbs as well as bulb modules and surface modules. LG Innotek ranked fourth in the global LED industry last year with revenues of US $933 million and will strengthen its market position with more enhanced LED lighting line-up. You may not reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, display, perform, publish, distribute, disseminate, broadcast or circulate to any third party, any materials contained on the services without the express prior written consent of the website or its legal owner. A luminaire that seems to almost invisibly release light into the space is an aesthetic ideal.
Philips Lighting, a Royal Philips company and global leader in lighting, announced the launch of Philips CoralCare, its first dedicated LED luminaire to grow coral in aquariums. If you are interest in learning more about Internet Marketing and creative designing, simply enter your email to get our weekly newsletter on the most advanced Internet Marketing strategies and creative designing.
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Direct marketing is widely used as it aims to reach potential buyers through a variety of media such as television, email, direct mail, fliers, promotional ads and letters and on community vehicles such as buses and company trucks. There are a couple of characteristics that differentiate this type of advertising from other kinds of advertising. Today, some businesses send a variety of gifts to loyal customers who tend to be cutting down on orders, especially magazines, which often are offers for subscriptions at a lower than usual rate, or even a book. Direct marketing is said to have been recognized, given a name and described in 1967 by Lester Wunderman, who is noted as the father of direct marketing.
Aaron Montgomery Ward came up with his first catalogue for his mail-order business in 1872. Presently, there are many small mail-order businesses that use catalogues to reach consumers around the globe. One of the key features of direct marketing is that it’s often very trackable using various methods, such as by using many phone numbers, using coupon codes, color of paper, etc.
A drawback to direct marketing is when direct mail is called “junk mail” because the messages are irrelevant to the people who receive them.
Marketers have long recognized that a purchase is far more than a solitary event when the actual financial transaction between shopper and retailer takes place.
In the past, company efforts to sell more of their branded products by influencing the course of this journey have been both expensive and relatively ineffective. Outside of the retail store, consumer-brand interaction along the CDJ was once limited to a catalog and an 800 number. When examining the role of digital in the CDJ, no phase offers better illustration than the evaluation phase.
The trend toward multichannel CDJs is accelerating as additional enabling technologies mature.
The opportunities to grow revenue are quite real for companies in the context of a retail environment in which consumers increasingly expect a seamless, multichannel purchasing pathway.
But despite the growth in sales, the majority of market players have yet to boost their profitability based on the multichannel model.
While multichannel presents retailers with an opportunity to significantly increase revenues, its complexity also entails challenges. Central to successful execution is the digital channel and – more specifically – digital tools.
The growing influence of digital retail channels is changing both the ways companies sell their products and the expectations of the consumers who buy them.
A leading LED manufacturer, Cree posted its Q1 2013 earnings on October 16 with $316 million in revenue and a net income of $16 million. However, the company closed its Q1 2013 with a lower than targeted operating expense and a much needed improvement in gross margins. It remains committed to drive LED adoption by optimizing performance and lowering costs to close the gap with conventional lighting. After eight quarters of consecutive declines in gross margin, Q3 2011 offered some respite with a slight increase in margins.

Cree remains focused to improve factory utilization leading to increased factory cost reduction.
The increase in LED supply led by Chinese manufacturers has resulted in the LED surplus rising from a relatively low 7% in 2010 to 45% in 2011.
Witnessing improvement from both the agent and direct sale channel, Cree’s lighting sales grew by 7% q-o-q and the LED sales increased by $2 million from the previous quarter. We feel that its acquisition of Ruud Lighting, a leader in outdoor lighting, in mid-2011, allows Cree to extend its leadership in indoor as well as outdoor lighting. Cree plans to increase its sales and marketing efforts to expand its customer base and also leverage new products to deliver revenue growth and margin improvement in the coming quarters.
Conventional LED lighting uses Direct Current (DC) which requires Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) units to be installed in these environments, adding cost and complexity to the system. This allows the LED solution to occupy a smaller space since it does not require a SMPS unit and can reduce costs by up to 30 percent compared to conventional DC LED solutions.
The company is planning to add two more AC LED packages and three more AC LED modules this year. AC direct modules for down lighting have a light source placed in the center of the module to avoid dark spots and ensure uniform light distribution.
It is ideal for lighting applications requiring size optimization, since it has a flexible design and reduces costs since it does not require auxiliary circuits. The company’s revenue in LED lighting now accounts for more than 30 percent of its overall LED business. It will tell you how efficient your web pages are and whether the page design and content are perfect.
This strategy probably works best with the magazine subscriptions but can be applied to many other industries.
An example of this action might be a marketer who sends out 1,000 ad-type notices by mail and 200 people respond, he can confidently say it brought 20 percent direct acknowledgements. Because of this track-ability, direct marketing is enticing to many marketers instead of other marketing types that give negative results directly measurable. Also, e-mail messages that are unwanted are taken as ‘spam.’ Marketers have begun to try and target their direct advertising for great efficiency and lowering the cost of budget waste and delivering a message with improved geodemography information.
The consideration set evolves and preferences emerge as the shopper gathers information from a variety of online and offline sources. After owning the product, consumers decide whether or not to select the same product or brand again. Operators lacked the granular information they needed to closely follow consumer activities, and they had few effective ways of interacting with customers. Consumers rely heavily on digital channels as they research products on their way to making a decision.
With her smartphone, she takes a picture of the bag and searches for the brand, then links to the brand’s Web site, where she accesses videos of the celebrities who have this bag and sees how the bag is manufactured. In 2008, for example, nearly 80 percent of online usage time among US consumers took place via personal computers. In the UK, for example, McKinsey research shows that multichannel customers spend nearly twice as much on average as customers who only visit the store.
As companies contend with the most diverse set of channels ever – mobile- and computer-based online research, social networks, word of mouth, etc. Make sure not to leave marketing money “on the table.” Companies must align marketing resources with consumer behaviors and time spent. Conversion rates along the CDJ can vary greatly from one stage to another and across competitors (Exhibit 2). Creating lasting, positive relationships with consumers is brand critical, and opt-in channels facilitate this. One way for retailers to leverage the role that mobile plays along the CDJ is to develop mobile apps. Managing and profiting from this new multichannel reality requires companies to gain a detailed understanding of today’s changing consumer decision journey and develop the insights, strategies, and execution capabilities to surprise and delight their customers.
Though revenue marked a mere 3% sequential increase, the net income was up by close to 60% compared to Q4 2012. We believe that a focus on investing in new product development and initiatives to drive product sales which help Cree regain its growth momentum. While margins remained flat in Q4 2012, they rebounded to 37.5% in Q1 2013 on account of higher factory utilization and low cost new products. However, with the shift in product mix toward lower margin fixtures and a potential increase in competition as LEDs gain ground with the traditional incandescent light bulbs and CFL technology users, we expect the margins to remain more or less around the same level. Lighting is estimated to be the fastest growing segment in the LED industry and we feel that Cree is well positioned to leverage the growth here. We estimate Cree to register a continuous increase in its market share for the rest of our forecast period. The 5250 HV package optimizes costs in lighting systems, and the 3030 HV package is optimized for micro bulbs like G4 and G9. The other one is the main idea of getting the buyers to consider a purchase and take action in the near future. The customers who discontinue ordering will usually receive a new catalogue with a friendly greeting attached.
Each stage of the journey might be experienced in a matter of moments or could take years to complete.
Using France as an example, over 30 percent of customers buy items online and pick them up in retail stores.
A mobile app lets her try out the bag in the brand’s virtual showroom, which matches it with photos of her.
By 2012, PCs registered just over 55 percent of usage time, with the rest taking place via smartphones or tablets. Depending on the circumstances, the monthly spend per customer varies between +84 and +119 percent. Potential cannibalization of the offer – additional incremental costs associated with a multichannel CDJ, which include investments in new IT systems and training, higher delivery costs, and the like – can offset much of the extra value being generated by cross-selling, customer loyalty, and increased reach.

One US apparel retailer, for example, discovered that its store channel was most effective during the consideration, purchase, and experience stages of the CDJ while its Web site did well in the evaluation and purchase stages.
Determine the relative value of each channel as it relates to retailer and product to drive profits.
This means shifting investments from channels owned by other companies – such as print or online newspapers (paid channels) – to those that the brand controls, such as its own Web sites (owned channels), and customer-created channels, such as communities of brand enthusiasts (earned channels).
Multiple messages and offers are directed to a single customer via multiple channels in an attempt to cross-sell. Some 20 percent of Facebook users now use the site to follow retailers in Europe (compared with 34 percent in the United States), and 23 percent of Twitter users rely on the service to follow brands or retailers or both.
Sephora to Go, for example, makes mobile shopping almost as fun as the in-store experience with an app that delivers special offers. The Direct Mail Advertising Association forerunner of the current day Direct Marketing Association, was founded in 1917. The products sold by these businesses are generally priced lower than in a typical store – again, the middleman is out. Nearly 25 percent have posted reviews or comments on retailer Facebook pages and exhibit high levels of loyalty to some online retailers (Exhibit 1). When shopping for consumer electronics in one brand’s store, for example, 27 percent of European consumers visited competitor Web sites – that’s something only 11 percent of health and beauty shoppers did. What’s more, a number of still-maturing technologies should enhance both the in-store and online shopping experience in the future.
Likewise in France, a leading digital retailer’s latest figures demonstrate that multichannel customers had shopping carts six times larger than those of its Web-channel-only customers. Moreover, a variety of studies have linked the multichannel approach with a higher risk of customer dissatisfaction. Internally, they will also successfully coordinate messages across the spectrum of channels to ensure that they reinforce and do not contradict one another. One US clothing retailer, for instance, focused its stores on showcasing available clothing choices and providing sizing and fit opportunities (the consideration and evaluation CDJ stages), relying on its Web site to handle the purchase itself (purchase stage).
Customers have an appetite for brand offers tailored to their interests and a seamless experience across channels. These attempts, however, are often undermined because the messages and offers are not coordinated, leading to inconsistent, if not contradictory, communications and less-than-seamless interactions across the CDJ. Analytics tools give companies the information they need to identify sources of leakage and tailor their operations and multichannel approaches accordingly.
In particular, followers value the opportunity to keep up on promotions and receive coupons. Floor personnel actually encourage shoppers to download the mobile app and then explain its best features. These companies also offer a greater array of unusual products not found in a typical general store.
Second, the diverse set of channels has given retailers new and effective ways of interacting with and influencing their customers – close to real time – as they embark on their decision journeys. In contrast, over 40 percent of health and beauty purchasers visited the brand’s own Web site while shopping, compared with 32 percent of people looking for electronics. After this, she uses her smartphone to visit the brand’s Web site to customize the bag with her initials and add other special touches, then decides whether to buy it online for same-day delivery or to pick it up at a store.
Near-field communication, for example, enables consumers to pay for their purchases using their mobile devices or to scan products in the store for additional information (see text box above). For example, only 32 percent of customers said that shopping on a mobile device is “easy or very easy.” Nearly 50 percent believe that enabling stores with online and mobile access is the most important way for retailers to improve the shopping experience. In another case, a British wine retailer used its stores to sell a limited selection of wine (purchase stage), but offered its full catalog and an enhanced customer experience on its Web site (evaluation, purchase, and experience stages). Retailers are beginning to leverage the power of their Web sites as a central repository to ensure that each customer interaction through each channel is informed by every other customer interaction. Moreover, this enables retailers to go from macrosegmentation of their customer base to microsegments with much more tailored journeys and messaging. Companies should reinforce their presence on these channels, create fan pages or groups, and promote their products accordingly. Choosing the store, she uses her phone to find the closest one and schedules an appointment with a sales associate.
Augmented reality can go further to allow online shoppers to test products virtually by remotely “wearing” a wristwatch. Likewise, 70 percent of shoppers have stopped buying goods or services from at least one company due to poor customer service. A furniture retailer offered special software that enabled customers to design their rooms (evaluation stage) and then use the list of furniture in their virtual rooms to shop in the store (purchase stage). Brand-owned digital channels along with those that feature customer-generated content, on the other hand, are highly interactive and enable a deeper understanding of the customer and are a better fit for the multichannel CDJ. Walmart, for example, is building loyalty at the local level by managing Facebook pages for each of its 3,500 stores. Upon arrival, her smartphone – using near-field communication technology – automatically signals the salesperson, chosen because he has served her before.
And radio frequency identification technologies can provide a seamless in-store shopping experience, offering short videos on products as consumers walk by. She posts her experience on a social network and two weeks later receives a personal invitation from the clerk to try a new scarf that accents her bag, thus repeating the cycle.

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