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Apple has also sent out the email above to App Store developers to inform them of pricing changes, that will soon be applied across large parts of the world, something that it left out of their press release.
KitGuru Says: The Apple App store shows no signs of slowing down but until we get some number from Google to compare these to we really lack any kind of context. Jolly Phonics is an integral part of teaching and learning phonics in many schools’ around the world. There are a number of key features in this app which is aimed at giving young people the best possible help in beginning to read and reading through phonics. If the user so wishes, especially if the app is being in a learning context, they can select whether the app uses print or precursive lettering.
On opening the app the user is welcomed to the homescreen where they can set up their profile. Once a profile has been selected the user works their way through the main 42 letter sounds of the English language. There are a number of ways in which the user is able to learn the letters and sounds as they work their way through the app. As you would expect from a company so proficient in helping young people read through the phonics there is a lot of knowledge about how to do this successfully shining through in the app. This beautifully animated app enables your child to learn the letter sounds (including digraphs), letter formation, blending the sounds for reading and identifying letter sounds in words for spelling and writing. Ideal for children aged 3+, the Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds app provides hours of educational enjoyment.
The app now detects if your device sound setting is on mute and displays a speaker button giving an option to override this.
Please note that this app is only available in English but can be set to either American or British English. Educational App Store is an independent app marketplace and its services are not affiliated with Google Inc, Apple Inc or Microsoft Corporation.
Piqued by Visa's latest efforts at contactless payment goodness with an iPhone case, MasterCard really wants in on the same game. Apple annoucned today, that the first week of 2015 has set new records in the App Store, with customers around the world spending nearly half a billion dollars on apps and in-app purchases.

Apple also disclosed that with the help of it’s customers, it has now donated $20 million this quarter, and over $100 million in total to the (RED) Global Fund to fight AIDS.
The price rises in the EU are expected, with the new VAT laws that have already come into effect from the 1st of January, all providers of electronic services (software downloads, cloud business, online gaming, certain e-learning, online payment services, etc.) must charge VAT based on the customer country of residence, rather than a flat rate across the whole of the EU. This app aims to bring that knowledge and value to the digital world in a highly successful manner. Excellently for English users, there is the opportunity to choose between an English or American audio. This is cleverly done is it doesn’t just change the lettering all the way through the app but also in the section where the user can practice the writing of the individual letters and the instructions given for helping do this. This is through a plant pot where the letters grow out of the flowers and the user can work their way through the learning the letters via different activities. These are done through small chunks of letters of similar difficulty, progressing as the user becomes capable.
It is set in a garden, hence the flower pots as profiles, and uses different garden animals and insects to help the user through the app.
These are all interactive and include copying the letter in the correct manner whilst also being given the sound and a picture related to the letter, further compounding the user’s knowledge of this.
Having already moved through the recognition and formation stage and passed successfully through the sound stage the next game is the blending of the sounds that have been given into words. It is a clear, concise and expertly put together app that understands what educators and parents need to help young people to learn to read through phonics.
Join Bee and her friends as they explore the enchanting letter-sounds garden and discover the main 42 letter sounds of English through a series of captivating games. Together these skills give your child the best possible start as they learn to read and write. It is the most effective way to teach reading and writing, enabling children to achieve outstanding results at school and at home. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
A number of phonics apps fail to take the difference dialects make in the teaching of phonics however the audio is extremely clear and just one example of the app being clearly thought-out and aimed towards the right users.

A number of profiles can be set up allowing multiple users to play the app and each profile, or plant pot can also be personalised with photos etc. You can attempt the write the letter as many times as you wish, with the option to rub out and start again if you need more practice.
Again, the user is given plenty of help on this page, if they need it and are encouraged to sound out each letter individually before blending them all together. Headphones can be used at any time to hear sound in the app regardless of whether the device is muted or not. The plan pots also save the progress of the user so they can easily pick up where the left off once they have exited the app.
This guide works in a highly successful way, more so than a written guide as it hovers over where the user needs to click etc whilst also explaining this. There is also the option to get further words to blend helping the user to further embed their knowledge of the sounds. The new system is designed to entice developers in, to build secure MasterCard payment systems into their apps, for in-app purchases, or even in-ad purchases. Once the user has been given this initial instruction in letter formation and recognition they are then taken to a different screen to help them show this recognition in both sound and sight. To further compound this understanding the next game asks the user to listen to a word, whilst also being given a pictorial aid, and then spell it correctly by knowing which order the sounds go in. Throughout the app there is plenty of praise given and the user has the ability to try again if they are incorrect. By clicking on each letter the sound is given so the user is able to successful listen and match the correct sounds and letters to the right order thus spelling the word.

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