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E-Hammer helps users delete data permanently on a writable disc (CD-R and DVD-R), ensuring data security with no need to destroy the disc. Disc Encryption II doubles the security with password-controls and hidden-file functionariy, protecting important user data. The new Eee Slate B121 tablet combines innovation and design excellence with the WindowsA® platform, making it perfect for corporate, commercial and organizational users. The Eee Slate B121 ships with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security hardware on board, which holds computer-generated keys for encryption. The Eee Slate B121a€™s 12.1a€? screen uses advanced Fringe Field Switching (AFFS) technology to deliver superior brightness and color range compared to standard IPS (In-Plane Switching) displays, along with an ultra-wide 178A° viewing angle and 1280 x 800 resolution.
Asus has defended its response to Kyle Lovett's AiCloud vulnerability disclosure, claiming it does its utmost to protect customers.
Asus has responded to claims that its recent-model routers are insecure, following the release of updates to all affected models that closed vulnerabilities in its AiCloud service.
The company's routers were accused of running in an extremely insecure state by security researcher Kyle Lovett, who discovered flaws in the AiCloud service that allowed attackers to gain access to supposedly private files or even execute remote code directly on the router.
Lovett chose to go public with his findings following what he claimed was a lack of urgency on the part of Asus' security team. Days after Lovett released his finding to the BugTraq security mailing list, Asus responded with the release of patches for its most popular router models - a release cycle that has seen all AiCloud-enabled routers now updated with security fixes that solve the flaws highlighted by the researcher. The company also denies leaving its customers in the dark regarding the flaws in AiCloud, as claimed by Lovett.

Lovett has, however, pointed the finger at a larger problem - and one not just related to Asus routers. Lovett is particularly scathing of Universal Plug 'n Play (UPnP,) a feature of modern networking devices designed to make the sharing of media files simpler.
As for Lovett's criticisms - in which he claims a response from Asus only came after he had made the vulnerability public - Asus claims to be working on being a proactive protector of its users too. As for staying safe, Lama has some simple advice for Asus customers - and, for that matter, anyone with a home network, regardless of hardware vendor: 'Upgrade firmware regularly. If you use an Asus router, particularly one of the ones highlighted in Lovett's vulnerability disclosure, we'd recommend taking Lama's first piece of advice to heart right now and updating your firmware to receive the AiCloud bugfixes. That would be because ASUS work closely with DD-WRT & OpenWRT to create their firmware from what I hear.
Designed as the worlda€™s most powerful tablet PC, it features an IntelA® Corea„? i5 processor, full genuine WindowsA® 7 Professional or Ultimate, and can run the same software as any notebook or desktop PC.
It helps defend against attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys to sensitive data. Use the digital pen to express your creativity and write down your thoughts or paint on an electronic canvas. Tough CorningA® GorillaA® Glass construction means the screen can easily cope with the rigors of mobile use. When a router is the first - and, in many cases, last - line of defence for a home or small office network, that's a serious problem.

In routers, it is often used by client applications to allow a hole to be poked in the Network Address Translation (NAT) system in order for devices outside the network to communicate directly with an internal device. Tbh, I think these open source router firmwares are so good that others should just follow Asus's lead and build off them too. It also ships with the added security of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology, and all purchases come with 500GB of ASUS Web Storage for one year free of charge. TPM provides more security for all applications, making transactions and communication more trustworthy. Simply use your fingers to access controls, or choose the optional wireless keyboard* for standard typing. Sadly, many UPnP implementations are badly secured, Lovett claims, pointing to research he has published and that of other security researchers. Asus tend to be quite regular with firmware updates, and Merlin's customisations means that I have no need to switch to DD-WRT.

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