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While Android has historically lacked many of the flagship apps that were available on iOS, that largely isn’t the case anymore. One facet of the Adobe Premiere Clip app that may deter some users is that you need an Adobe ID to use it. Once in, you select which photos and videos you wish to add to a new project, and then you have two options. But we’re going to look at the Freeform element of Adobe Premiere Clip to see how much bang you get for your (free) buck.
When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to open an existing project or create a new one. Ideally, there would be a way of filtering out all the noise, so that you only see your camera roll. At any rate, with all your files selected, you can then drag and drop them into whatever order you wish on your canvas, slice and dice, add Instagram-esque effects, and more.
Adobe Premiere Clip for Android is a mostly easy-to-use app for making quick edits and stitches. The app is also useful for existing Premiere Pro users, who can start working on their phones, then continue with more heavyweight editing on their desktops — all edits, markers, and effects are easily synced across. However, as a standalone video editing app, there are better ones out there for the more serious creators. Adobe Premiere Clip is a nice little free app, with some useful tools on board, but I suspect it’s best suited for those already plugged into the Adobe ecosystem, or for those looking for a simple manual video-editing tool.

Whether it's a smartphone or tablet app, a game, a video, a digital magazine, a website, or an online experience, chances are that it was touched by Adobe technology. First introduced for iOS last October, Adobe Premiere Clip is free to use, and is essentially a stripped-down version of Adobe’s full-bodied video-editing software. To create a new project, you have a bunch of options — for example, you can choose videos and photos from your device, you can shoot fresh content on the spot in-app, or you can even choose from your existing assets on Adobe Creative Cloud. Moreover, you should also have the option of hiding photos, so that only videos are visible. These work great, but there appears to be no option to set how long such transitions should last. You can publish directly to the Adobe community for others to view, send to Premiere Pro to pick up where you left off in the mobile app, save to your local gallery or Creative Cloud, or even publish directly to YouTube. The Automatic video mode is really simple and should prove popular for those with tons of content on their phone but no time (or inclination) to make a home movie out of it. For example, KineMaster offers more granular control over things like transition durations, and it doesn’t set arbitrary file-size limitations.
There are a bunch of neat little social-focused apps such as Magisto that can automatically stitch together photos and videos and throw in some music, but what I’m talking about is full-featured editing tools that can produce something akin to Adobe Premiere on the desktop. Adobe goes beyond the basic credentials, too, so you’ll have to provide date of birth, which seems somewhat extraneous to me.
This works really great, actually — you get a mini montage of your chosen content set against a musical soundtrack.

Then above this is another menu which serves up more options, such as adding music (includes a royalty-free stock library) and visual filters. Sometimes you may wish a quick cross-fade between scenes, other times you’d want a more gradual one. Unlike Adobe Premiere Clip, KineMaster also lets you separate videos from photos, which is handy if you have too much content on your camera.
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