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The new platform about trends, digital marketing tools and future possibilities for marketing in the automotive industry.
Although this event is oriented purely around digital marketing, automotive was a reoccurring item in several speeches in this years’ edition. The workshop of professor Riender Happee of the Technical University Delft was more of the practical sort. 2) The second tier in technology, according to Happee, are systems that will execute the complete operation of a vehicle, but still require the passenger of the car to stay alert or monitor the vehicle.
Happee categorizes the highly applauded Google car as a tier 2 vehicle in the above categorization. Experimental self-driving vehicles, are already out there on public roads and have driven millions of miles.
This entry was posted in Autonomous Driving and tagged automotive marketing, autonomous driving, BMW, Electric Vehicles, Fiat, Hyundai, innovation, Mercedes-Bnez, new technology, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Subaru, trends, Volkswagen by Huib Stad. Si consiglia di utilizzare la funzione "Salva con nome" del browser e di salvare il file zip localmente prima di tentare di aprirlo. I pulsanti "Lite" blu visualizzati in alcuni campi indicano una versione piu piccola dell'immagine specifica. Per il funzionamento di questo sito e per ottimizzare la sua usabilita, vengono utilizzati cookies. In the automotive industry, the success of the business depends on how well the marketing is being done.
In every business, defining and understanding the effectiveness of your marketing goals are very significant. Although the whole world is encountering an economic downturn, the emergence of online or internet marketing strategies can fruitfully contribute to the profitability of any business lines.
Advertising plays a vital role in every business success along with effective action plans. Every entrepreneur needs to build a proper marketing strategy and not all are capable to find another path once it fails. There is no wonder why Chris Collins is the most sought-after service manager coach in the industry because of their line of professional consultants. WATCH THIS TIME MANAGEMENT FREEDOM FORMULA VIDEOEnter your name and email address below and I will hit you up with tips and tools on how to help you. CHRIS COLLINS INCAs General Manager of the number one selling BMW dealership in the Western Hemisphere, Chris Collins grew Crevier BMW to the eighth largest dealership in the United States in less than three years, from the previous position of 123rd, a growth of over 300 percent.
Keep an eye on this page in the coming days for the latest news and pics with a twist for marketers and clean tech lovers. Google started the development of self-driving cars in 2010 and released a string of videos about it in 2012 on its own YouTube channel. For decades the shape of cars and bikes was influenced by the requirements set by fossil fuel engine technology. New engine technology, whether it is electric with batteries, fuel cell or electric with a range extender offers new possibilities in design. Last week’s TED2014 event featured Google CEO Larry Page, who was sharing his and the company’s vision on a list of subjects including the direction of Google, the NSA, curing disease and the future of transportation. Autonomous driving, for some people this subject still might be something very futuristic. Ok it might take a couple of years, it might take a couple of decades, but few people at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 would disagree that one day science fantasy will become fact. Google’s car project and numerous efforts by car manufacturers show unmistakably that the technological components for automated driving have reached a level of maturity that will allow rollout in the near future. But  are we on the verge of handing over our car keys and let a car drive us automatically from A to B? In Heerlen, a city in the south of The Netherlands, students are using tabletop 3D printers and PLA plastics to make a car that will compete in the Shell Eco-marathon 2014. In June last year we reported on the Car-2-X communication project, in which vehicles and infrastructure are electronically linked to each other. Thanks to progressing technology and connectivity of cars, artificial intelligence and better sensors, cars are nowadays able to make self-driving manoeuvres. Marketing and technology have become more and more connected to and dependent on each other. Therefore, and to take these developments a step further, Hyundai’s next generation of products will allow owners to connect with their vehicle using wearable devices. The new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) of Volvo Cars brings them, and hopefully us, closer to a crash-free future. After the Dutch autonomous driving news, there is some British news regarding this topic as well. In the Netherlands, autonomous driving gained a lot of attention because the minister of infrastructure Melanie Schultz van Haegen enjoyed an autonomous ride last week. The Dutch Automative Vehicle Initiative (DAVI) is an autonomous driving project to investigate and demonstrate automated driving on public roads.
Optimizing the marketing infrastructure can save up to 20% of the total marketing budget and achieve an additional 15% sales increase, according to a survey conducted by MRMLOGIQ among 99 marketing professionals in 22 countries. Marketing in Automotive is a news platform about trends, digital marketing tools and future possibilities for marketing in the automotive industry.
Se recomienda utilizar la funcion "Guardar como" del explorador y guardar el archivo zip en una ubicacion local antes de intentar abrirlo. Los botones azules de "Lite" que vera en algunos campos indican que se trata de una version mas pequena de la imagen. A study by the Social Media Statistics provider, Socials Bakers, reveals how car brands rank on Facebook. Coming Saturday, October 4th, the Paris expo Porte de Versailles will open its doors for the bi-annual motorshow.

The differences in design of the new car triplets Peugeot 108, Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo were studied in a scientific manner for the first time. If there would be a spring in the automotive industry, now would be that time of the year again.
Last night (CET) the 2014 Super Bowl was played. Even if you are in Europe and you are not a fan, you know by now that the Seattle Seahawks are the champions of Super Bowl XLVIII. Popular Science projects editor Dave Mosher offers some consumer insights into what his generation wants from a car…. When you discuss the marketing of cars the comparison with the marketing of smartphones keeps popping up. Cars and electronics have become an inseparable twofoldness these days and in the future their might even come a time when we categorize cars as a special breed of electronics such TVs, audio-equipment and phones. The marketing profession has changed more in the past two years than over the past four decades.  And it is digital marketing technology that is responsible for it.
An issue that marketers and media specialists at car brands face every day, is the question if they can improve the return on investment (ROI) of their campaigns by allocating budget differently? The average time spent using digital media per day will surpass TV viewing time for the first time this year, according to an estimate of media consumption among US adults by eMarketer. It is a series of events, which lures in over 2000 marketers, e-commerce specialists and media connoisseurs to the capital of the Netherlands.
Autonomous intelligent vehicles will become a common part of daily experience over the next decade. Cars with this level of being autonomous will typically still have a steering wheel.  This stage of the technology can be compared to auto pilot mode of modern commercial jet airliners.
He also applies this level to experimental cars of for instance Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.  The systems involved might seem to make these cars a 100% autonomous. In one of his research studies Happee found evidence that consumers will experience the breaking by an autonomous car as much more radical and drastic then when they operate a car in the same style and under the same conditions by themselves. Manufacturers are even at a stage that the cost price of the sensors, the CPU unit and the cost of production is at a level that would make offering it in a premium vehicle already within in current reach.
Car manufacturers need to adapt the automation to consumer needs and capabilities, prove safety on public roads and create awareness, trust and acceptance.
However to claim the first mover advantage and be the car brand that in retrospect will be the one that brought us 100% autonomous driving, will prove to be a hard and tactically utterly complex fight between the chief marketing officers of the various car brands.
Even if you are new or old in this line of dealership, you need to have expert advices from a highly-skilled automotive marketing consultant.
You must not ignore the essence of ethics and social responsibility for a healthier management. In the automotive industry, Chris Collins absolutely assures that companies will never have any doubts and hesitations hiring their best consultants. An automotive marketing consultant is knowledgeable about monitoring your business performance closely. You can improve your revenue, gain the trust of your customers, and equip your company with the most effective marketing plans for your long-term survival.
The Toyota i-road, Renault Twizy or the Nissan Blade Glider are just examples of revolutionary designs with electric propulsion.
In many press conferences you could hear CEOs and presidents exclaim that sales had risen for consecutive months or that their expectation for 2014 is that consumers will buy new vehicles. The confidence is starting to return and order intake exceeds expectations. The service allows consumers to have their shopping delivered straight to their car, no matter where they are. They are all car manufacturers that have announced that they will launch self-driving cars in some form in the coming 2-6 years. We already see this change in the (possible) interaction with electric vehicles and the development towards self-driving cars. The driver and his or her safety are the main focus of this new product architecture that tends towards autonomous driving. In two years, self-driving vehicles are planned to drive on the roads of the city of Milton Keynes. Key steps to improving marketing efficiency are consolidating and standardizing marketing materials and automating campaign management and marketing production processes. Here are four questions that hopefully won't stump you or whomever is in charge of your email marketing efforts.It starts with a subject line - what can you say to 'get the open'?Is your design mobile friendly? The show will feature over a hundred new cars, which makes it one of the most important events in the automotive industry.
Normally we leave product news and speculation on new car introductions to others, but when we came across this Photoshop image of a BMW i8 with 4 doors, it caught our imagination.
In the beginning of March some 10.000 media representatives and automotive executives gather in Europe for the Geneva International Motor Show.
On the side there is completely different competition going on: Which brand is producing the most valued TV commercial? If that will be the case, it is not a surprise, that a growing number of car manufacturers is booking floor space at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas. In whatever marketing discipline you are, the pace of change in technology and marketing will continue to increase. Pinnacle of the week is the eDay event, where approximately 70 internationally renowned marketing  lecturers, creative free thinkers and cutting edge speakers give it their utmost to inspire the audience with the newest ideas and best insights for the future.
Shanks is the Omar and Althea Dwyer Hoskins Professor of Classical Archaeology and director of the Revs Program within CARS (the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford).
In one big rush he tried to carry the Dutch audience into the future and what it all means for mobility, connection, association, reach, autonomy, sharing and belonging.

However the passengers in these cars, or better test vehicles on public roads, are in general engineers monitoring the technology and being able to interfere with the computer driving. How much time do they need to make car buyers that so enthusiastic, that they will be  daring enough to let go of the steering wheel? It is indeed a great help to leap forward on your financial goals while achieving your reputation in the industry as a whole.
Some of the training and coaching services that they offer include auto dealership financials, time management, dealer strategies and techniques, and of course, marketing.
An automotive marketing consultant also delivers the critical parts of running an automotive company while focusing on quality control at the same time.
An automotive marketing consultant would not forget about how big the chances are when you do internet marketing. Never before was a company outside the business able to create a collective awareness in the industry that we are on verge of a new technological era. It triggered designers to create air intakes in the front of cars which became a vital tangible of the image of most brands. The impact of electric power systems on designs of means of transportation is not limited to cars.
With the price of electricity already being low and coming down in the future the result is huge savings. It is generally assumed that self-driving cars are safer and make collisions something of the past. The automated cars should bring passengers from the station to shopping centres and offices. Marketing technology often is a big help in making marketing more efficient, but as implementing software requires investments, it is important to first identify what to improve in marketing and how. That is the part were it gets really interesting with comments of millenials that disagree with Dave. The eDay event was organized for the ninth time and this year’s theme was, What’s next in media, marketing and e-business.
In his speech he connected the history of automotive experience with the future of car design. The fuel tank between the steering bar and the seat of a motor bike is what creates the ‘gestalt’ of a bike. Above is an example from the bike industry of a new type of vehicle which is a bicycle or a motor bike. We are climbing from a two-decade low and with sales drops of -40% in Southern European countries such as Spain.
However, is this a reliable technology in a big city where car burglary isn’t an exception? Electric cars give off no emissions, which reduces the greenhouse effect and keeps the air clean in dense populated areas. To realize advanced self-driving features on cars it seems a prerequisite that cars can share information about their position, speed and heading. If everything is going according to plan, these cars will be on the road in 2015 and will be one of the first self-driving cars in public space. No wonder all major car manufacturers make an effort to present their best with the latest design and also with the newest and greenest technology. There is no better place to find out what kind of new developments the motor industry has in stock for the coming years than by visiting one of the Top 5 international automobile exhibitions in the world.
Daily TV time will be down slightly this year, while digital media consumption will be up 15,8%.
In a vibrant speech he goaded the audience along his line of thinking and made them believe that the prototype of a new compact electric car by iconic ex-F1 designer and legend Gordon Murray is the future of the automobile. It can be dealt accordingly by expert webmasters, but there are consultants who were also professionally-trained to do it. But, with the help of an experienced automotive marketing consultant, dynamic results are not way far to be achieved. Almost all big car manufacturers immediately stepped on the bandwagon initiated by Google and announced some sort of autonomous car technology for the coming years. The power and performance of a sports car is endorsed by the number, shape and size of its exhausts. When it comes to driving an electric car the immense torque of the engine and the silence adds up the a whole new experience with a lot of driving pleasure. Amongst the brands involved were Fiat, BMW, Hyundai, Renault, Volkswagen, Renault, Subaru, Peugeot and Volkswagen. Let us take a look at how far an automotive marketing consultant can lead you to your dealership success. The discussion was about the marketing efforts autonomous or self-driving cars will require once they become reality. This technology will drill down from premium cars to the basic models in rapid pace in the coming years.

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