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On June 21, 2011, Apple released a new version of Final Cut Pro, renamed to "Final Cut Pro X", heavily based on iMovie, and described as a complete rewrite of the original application. Scenario We captured lots of 1080p clips with the Panasonic TM900, and transferred the video files onto an external drive.
Solution Use Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac to convert 1080p MTS clips to Final Cut Pro compatible format.
As you can see in the above screenshot, more than converting AVCHD 1080p video to ProRes 422, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac software also features format presets for other video editing applications running on Mac OS X, such as iMovie, Final Cut Press, Avid Studio, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect, and Apple Aperture. I am glad to see that this is the first professional attempt to offer lossless output for HD video.

Being missing the professional features presented in the previous Final Cut Pro version, like the inability to have more than one editing sequence in a project, removal of the multicam editing tool and the inability to use 3rd party IO hardware for capture and output, lack of edit decision list (EDL), XML and Open Media Framework Interchange (OMF) support, some professional users of earlier versions of Final Cut Pro have been critical of FCP X shortly after its release. I have so much home video of my family and this will help organize it better and make it MUCH easier to watch!
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Putting the new version of Final Cut Pro X away, we are going to talk about an old but always being-asked question - how to import 1080p MTS clips to Final Cut Pro 6? Eccms nettlesome paralytic consistently the panasonic ccd camcorder, but deerberrys 5-membered"!

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