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Drag the Start Time slider to set the start point of the clip, and drag the End Time slider to set the finish point of the clip.
PowerDirector 7 is also the first open video editor that allows users to share and download custom designed PiP effects, animated objects and DVD templates from Directorzone, the community website for video editors. Edit videos and slideshows automatically with stunning titles, effects, and transitions Quickly fix and improve videos with magic enhancement tools Achieve the results you want with advanced editing features including key frame PiPs and menu editor Import from high-def camcorders to create high-def movies Publish directly to the web on Streamload or YouTube. Overall, Cyberlinka€™s PowerDirector 7 is an affordable video-editing suite for families and beginners that can grow with them as they become increasingly more experienced. Throw yourself completely into the creative process with PowerDirector 7 advanced features and time line tools. PowerDirector 7 create impressive animations, chroma-key effects, and masks, with up to 6 tracks of picture-in-picture objects. PowerDirector 7 design's unique animations by setting the key frames for effects and object animations.
PowerDirector 7 creates dramatic shots to highlight people, objects and moments in your videos.
Turn your time code and date stamp into a subtitle on your video (requires DV or HDV camera to support this feature).
Native support for high-definition content ensures exceptional results from beginning to end. PowerDirector supports all kinds of content sources, including HDV camcorders, TV tuner cards, Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, webcams, CDs, and more. Authoring discs is one of the best ways to preserve your home movies; now you can store high-definition AVCHD content too. Camcorders don't just record, they are an extremely convenient way to connect to a TV, PC monitor, or projector, so you can show your movie to others.
PowerDirector's Magic Editing tools are a great way to edit and enhance your video projects. 12 popular themes let you automatically edit your movie, add effects, and insert a title and credits. Create complete movies in minutes using PowerDirector's step-by-step approach to movie production. PowerDirector 7 Stabilizes shaky videos with even greater precision and check results with the convenient split screen preview. Animate photos with PowerDirector's 21 pre-set motion templates, or customize by setting your own motion path.
PowerDirector 7 ensures all your precious moments are able to be seen by eliminating the effects of bad lighting.
PowerDirector 7 creates a quality soundtrack that automatically syncs with the duration of your video. HD video editing software PowerDirector now ensures your photos can look like movies too, with easy-to-apply animation effects. 3D, highlight, motion, cell, collage, scrapbook and normal offer cool ways to turn photos into a movie. At $59.99 as of January 2011, Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 is one of the most price friendly video AVCHD video editing software packages available on the market. While Adobe Premiere CS5 offers capabilities for great AVCHD video editing, Adobe Premiere Elements 9 is available for a fraction of the cost.
AVCHD converter is a utility designed to convert AVCHD videos to multiple popular formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MPG, MOV, FLV, RMVB, etc. With this AVCHD converter, you can satisfy your various needs, such as trimming video length, crop video size and aspect ratio, add watermark as video logo or personal signature and adjust video effects like video brightness, contrast, audio volume, etc.

This AVCHD video converter is capable of converting AVCHD videos to all popular formats, such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MPG, MOV, FLV, RMVB, etc.
This converter can convert AVCHD videos to many output profiles, so you can play the converted videos on iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune and other more media devices. With this AVCHD video converter, you can make advanced settings in bit rate, frame rate, audio bit rate, channel, etc and covert AVCHD videos for your specification. With this AVCHD video converter, you can cut the video to a precise length so as to get a desired conversion. You can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image during the AVCHD video conversion so as to get a better screen display. This AVCHD video converter helps you add text or image during the video conversion for a specific output.
Supporting multiple CPU technology and hardware acceleration, this program handles fast and smooth AVCHD video conversion. Various output profiles are available with this HD video converter, so you can playback the converted HD videos on iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Apple TV, Xbox, mobile phones and more smoothly. You can trim the HD video to a precise length for conversion, getting your desired video parts. This HD video converter has built-in player, letting you preview the HD videos and take screenshots and then save them to JPG, BMP or PNG files. This HD video converter gives you a fast HD video conversion with its multicore CPU system, so you can convert a batch of HD videos at a high speed.
VoltaicHD® is a video converter that allows you to edit footage from an AVCHD camera in Microsoft® Movie Maker or other video editing suite on the PC (such as Adobe® Premiere Pro CS3 or Sony Vegas Pro). VoltaicHD® converts your highly compressed AVCHD files into either WMV or AVI format which Windows® Media Player and Microsoft® Movie Maker can handle. Since VoltaicHD decompresses your HD clips before you use them in Movie Maker, your PC has a much easier time handling the full HD clips. For 10+ educational licenses and seat packs, please contact us with the details and we'll get back to you with a great price. You may not satisfy with your AVCHD videos and want to edit avchd, AVCHD Video Editing software can help you customize a very wonderful AVCHD video.
With the help of AVCHD Editing software, it is believed that you can create wonderful AVCHD videos. Select from our library of PiP graphics, or import a photo to create your own animated overlays. Include menu navigation that gives the option to play all scenes or make a scene selection.
You can imprint subtitles directly on your video to appear like captions, or set them as a selectable feature on your output DVDs. Different from time codes saved during the capturing process, PowerDirector allows you to disable (hide) your time code subtitle at any time before final production. Drag on your media libraries, the timeline, and preview window to give you more space to create. You'll find importing photos and videos, and accessing effects libraries and DVD menu templates, is now quicker than ever.
With easy steps you can name and tag your video so you are easily found by millions of viewers online. Particle effects, alpha-blended PiPs, and slick transitions are inserted according to the style of your selected theme. Select your content source, your music, a theme, and duration, then the wizard does the rest.

Movie editing software PowerDirector analyzes your video to decide which sections of your project need most improvement. You can apply multiple enhancements at once to fix these common problems: low lighting, extreme backlighting, poor white balance, inaccurate colors. While the Elements software loses some of the more professional aspects of the pricier software package, it has all the needs of the basic consumer.
This AVCHD video converter can convert AVCHD videos to popular formats, such as AVI, MPG, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLV, etc. Drag the triangle limiters on the player bar or input the precise time value to split video. Check “Enable Watermark”, and click “Image Watermark” or “Text Watermark” to add watermark to the video, then adjust the Transparency, Margin, and Watermark Size. If you like, you can also make more advanced video conversion settings such as audio channel, video bit rate, frame rate, etc. You can also crop the video size for different screens of diverse resolutions and aspect ratios during the AVCHD conversion. With this HD converter, you can trim HD video length, crop HD video size, add watermarks and adjust video effects. This HD converter also supports conversion from HD video to rich formats, such as AVI, WMV, MP4, and 3GP, MOV, MP3, WMA, etc. This high definition video converter (HD converter) also provides professional conversion settings for flexible output like video bit rate, frame rate, audio bit rate, channel, etc. Or you can just directly enter the time values in the Set Start Time field and the Set End Time field, and then click OK to apply the trim. Under the Effect drop-down list there are four available special effects: Gray, Emboss, Negative and Old Film.
You can move buttons, include animated chapter thumbnails, even import images as backgrounds. PowerDirector adds the final pro touch to your discs with its built-in authoring tools for Blu-ray Discs and DVDs. Even high quality software, like Premiere and Avid did not support the software when it was first released. The software has a clean interface that makes everything easy to navigate, simplifying the workflow area. The new software not only includes integration for the new AVCHD format but also includes the welcome addition of Mac compatibility absent in previous versions. Now let’s take avchd to avi for example to demonstrate how to convert AVCHD to formats like AVI. Download the free AVCHD converter now and experience the enjoyment of AVCHD conversion now. This HD converter also helps you add watermark as video logo and adjust video effects in a very handy way. Another advantage to Corel is that the software uses non-destructive editing, saving the footage in case of accidental cuts or a change of mind.
The software also offers the opportunity to allow Corel to automatically detect problems and trim manually. Power director 7 uses features such as mega magical tools, 6-track PiP affects, Dolby Digital 5 in this software to help make a truly unique home movie.

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