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Adobe Bridge - An easy-to-use, visual media manager that makes it easy to organize, search, and view all of your creative assets. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 is not alone in the video editing market, but it has one big advantage with the release of CS4 - the tight integration with other class-leading Adobe applications like Photoshop and After Effects. Adobe Encore CS4 software allows sequences to be moved and linked into Encore CS4 without any intermediate rendering needed - and any changes made in Premiere Pro are automatically updated in Encore. I am trying my best not to make this review a tutorial, at least not the text portion of the review. When I first started using and learning the software I must admit that I was pretty much lost. Adobe includes video tutorials on the CD to get you started and those seem to link up with the video clips from their website. The first question that many potential buyers of PP CS4 will ask is whether or not they need to spend this much money to do video editing.
Saying that you need to use Premiere Pro CS4 to edit video is like saying you need to buy a race car in order to drive to work. Today's high-definition camcorders, especially those that record video to a tapeless medium (hard disks or flash media), typically record in a format called AVCHD. Adobe designed Premiere Pro CS4 to work with AVCHD files in their native format without needing to wait for the software to render or convert to an in between format.
I never lost any work and I was able to re-open the file and start right back where I left off.
Obviously, even this is not an ideal workflow for editing 5D Mark II video, but it does work..

The problem with the EOS 5D Mark II video files is not with the 1080p resolution, it's the high bitrate of approx. One other issue I had was with loading full resolution still images shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. As a free and relatively easy to use software program, Panasonic HD Writer AE 2.1 help inexperienced users to the world of simple cuts and online sharing of movies on YouTube, though its interface seems a little dull and un-engaging.
More answers and tutorials come with rich photos, detailed steps related to AVCHD Import and Conversion Software Review-HD Writer AE 2.1 & Aunsoft Final Mate Comparison. You are reading AVCHD Import and Conversion Software Review-HD Writer AE 2.1 & Aunsoft Final Mate Comparison. If you have a HD camera or camcorder device, you have great chance to deal with AVCHD .mts Video. After seeing the above comparison, it is worth to take a try of Blender, HyperEngine AV and Pavtube. Not to mention other features this software offer, the two highlights alone have won the hearts who always pursue original high definition AVCHD quality.
It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. HyperEngine-AV lets you retain different edited files and processing settings for the same piece of audio and is a complete video editing package that allows you to produce work of a high standard.
It’s a useful and easy tool helping you make better use of either camcorder videos, but also common videos. Also it provides some editing functions and help you joins videos without breaks (lag) besides converting.

But here Pavtube can be taken as a smart editor which supports many powerful editing functions as well as works as a video uploader too.
Unfortunately, every time we tried performing this action the software crashed after about 15 minutes into the conversion process. And presently, a powerful AVCHD Converter for Mac is needed to to make Sony NX5P AVCHD editable on Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. Again, the compatibility is perfect for Pavtube, and both windows and mac version are available. No matter which one you choose, hope you enjoy mts editing workflow. Thus, Aunsoft MTS Converter for Mac is the ideal one to convert and edit Sony NX5P AVCHD files to Adobe Premiere MOV. Someone with no experience with Video Editing tool can have a hard time mastering it though. Really an useful Mac camcorder software that helps you save a lot of money on purchasing storage memories!
If you get some interlacing 1080i MTS footage, just hit button "Editor", click "Effect" and tick the checkbox of "Deinterlacing" at the bottom of editor interface. Hit the button "Convert" and this Sony AVCHD to Adobe Premiere Converter will convert your MTS files rapidly.

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