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This free B2B marketing plan template is an easy to use tool  designed to help you plan your marketing activities by objective. Get StartedBrainrider can help you get better results with a B2B Website update, best practice marketing planning & execution, or a Pardot marketing automation implementation. About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video. Video is now the sixth most popular content marketing tactic, as 70% of B2B marketers use some form of online video with their overall strategies.
On average, mobile viewers watch videos that are three times longer those on PCs and laptops. Videos capture attention of your prospects, and if produced right, hold their attention, which can lead to increased engagement and conversion. Many times it’s best to plan a video strategy to target all levels of buyers within the funnel. Cisco is a leader in video marketing for their products; below is a sample content plan for their videos. Planning: The steps involved with planning a video that will contribute to eliciting a positive response from your prospects. Determine video elements: music, voiceover, subtitles, length (for advertising- stay within 30 seconds, for longer form, 3-5 minutes is best, but depends on the format and goals)  60 seconds is best for mobile. Your primary keywords should be near the beginning as only 25-30 characters are visible in YouTube search results. Put the URL at the beginning of your description so that the user will see the link at all times. For driving leads with video,  a video landing page that features your video,  landing page copy that has strong benefit and CTA language,  offer and lead capture form should be the primary hub for your campaign. NuSpark has been extremely valuable with helping us develop a comprehensive demand generation plan in the United States and Europe.
Luciana ShortalCarolyn (NuSpark’s Executive Director Content Strategy and Creation) and I worked together to develop a content marketing strategy for the division I lead at Gartner. But, when I think of cross-channel and multichannel marketing, I often think of the words of another 60s icon – Jimi Hendrix. Cross-channel marketing is difficult because it often involves lots of coordination to keep the messaging consistent. You must get buy-in on budget, launch dates, incentives, brand use, legal regulatory compliance and real estate on the homepage or in-store. So to help you herd cats … I mean, to help you with multichannel campaign planning, here are tips to help you overcome some key challenges. It’s even better if you’re able to segment this starting point into several types of buyers.

To put a face behind those customer segments, you can include fun little doodles, real pictures or stock photos, but most importantly, try to put yourself in the customers’ varied shoes. A mistake I often make is to think about how I would react to a certain message or piece of content that I’m working on. But, unless your target market is people who attend the same marketing conference as you, by following this advice, you are not considering the customer. The purpose of a multichannel marketing campaign isn’t to get your message out to as many channels as you can. To help build that relationship, once you know what you want to say, you must ensure everyone is saying the same thing across all channels – with a seamless customer experience to boot. If the email department sees the campaign focused around luxury, and the agency copywriters creating prints ads think the message is about value, there can be a serious disconnect to the consumer. Political parties are essentially one big brand, with hundreds of owner-operator franchisees. It’s also a world where a single slip-up by any one of those owner-operators will be broadcast across the 24-hour news networks and blogosphere with a maddening speed threatening to torpedo the brand.
Likewise, when you are launching a complex campaign across many entities, you need to ensure the messaging, and central thesis behind the entire campaign, is understood and embodied by all involved. Beyond messaging, there is also the functional aspect of ensuring a consistent experience from one channel to the next. Lori provided this example, “If you advertise a URL in offline media, make sure the website provides a good experience on mobile devices.
However, it can be difficult to granularly measure exactly which messages in exactly which platforms resulted in an ultimate conversion. There are, of course, a few things you can do to achieve better data, but as the saying goes, they will likely not be fast, cheap and easy. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect in any way the views of MarketingSherpa, its affiliates, or its employees. The workbook includes: prioritizing your marketing objectives, identifying program gaps and opportunities, new programs pick-list and an marketing budget planning worksheet.
Like any content development plan, you first need to define what your customer’s pain points are before scripting your video. The traffic driver sources (social, email, display, PPC, etc.) should direct all campaign traffic to the video landing page. Utilizing their full scope of inbound marketing and content development services, our lead generation goals were far exceeded. Paul surveyed potential outlets, helped us select the sites with the best demographics, established pricing, and organized the advertising copy. Carolyn is extremely insightful and about the content marketing space and developing engaging content that educates potential customers and helps move them along the buying journey.

These are meant to give you a heads up on potential land mines you might hit and challenges you might run into, before you hit them, so you’re able to coordinate with all parties in a smooth, efficient manner. But, unless my audience is comprised only of devilishly handsome directors of editorial content living in Jacksonville, Fla., I’m missing the boat. Then, they’ll say, “See, everybody has smartphones!” and then proceed to harangue the audience for not engaging in mobile marketing. If, for example, your audience is poor or old, mobile marketing may not be a priority for your company’s marketing budget. If you’re trying to reach a senior B2B buyer, that might not be your best channel,” Tami said. Tami presented a Campaign Message Map at Lead Gen Summit that her team uses, and she was kind enough to allow you to download it for free and use it for your own campaigns. It starts with key pain points of our customers, then drops to the business value and finally to our capabilities,” Tami explained. Or was it the blog posts and print ads that built the interest, and the PPC ad simply passed in front of his face at a moment he had time to click? Paul and his team have provided exceptional service and are always coming up with new marketing ideas for us to implement.
Additionally, his attention-to-detail with our pay-per-click campaigns has contributed to our conversion growth and increased ROI. She would be a valuable partner to any organization looking to introduce the right content to generate demand for their business. But, the varied channel costs, much like a fantasy football draft, force us to make those trade-offs. After all, people do not necessarily consume background information at the same time they make purchasing decisions. So, what if you only attribute this conversion to the PPC ad, and strip blog posts and print ads away from future campaigns?
Offering prospects a white paper or case study in exchange for an email address is best practice to generate leads with content.  Videos that persuade free trials and demos are equally essential. Would the prospect still convert on the PPC ad without the helpful information the blog posts provided and the authority and credibility garnered from the print ads?

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