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While case study after case study continues to sing the virtues of social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook for business to consumer (B2C) marketing, business to business (B2B) social media marketing has, and continues to prove, a particularly difficult nut to crack. Organic search (41 percent of all traffic) and direct visits (40 percent of all traffic) were massively more influential sources of visitors for B2B brands.
We know that people use their smartphones and tablets to research products, read reviews and compare prices.
Usablenet says that mobile is a driving force in the B2B world and they made an entire infographic to prove it.
In addition to video, people also use their mobile device to read blog posts and catch up on social media and 57% do it after hours. 57% of of B2B vendors say they are shifting their B2B commerce transactions from offline to online and self-service.

The Lodha group is quickly declaring itself as the leader in the vast majority of recent projects being created by the country’s main designers. They also use them to get directions to a local store, access coupons and deals and even share those deals with others through social media.
By the end of the year, 75% of the companies in the survey said they’ll have some form of mobile ecommerce. Lodha Group is a famous engineer of housing property in Dombivali, Mumbai, which has cut its specialty in the alliance of premium property designers in Dombivali, Mumbai.
We’re not trying to replace your salesmen with a robotic app, but the world keeps spinning faster and in order to keep up, you need to expand your options.
The Lodha Group thrives in the advancement of residential and also business property ventures.

The VP of BusyCompany USA may not have the time (or in the inclination) to meet your sales team at the office but when he’s at home, sitting on the couch enjoying Shark Tank.
Managed by a group of meticulous experts, the Lodha Group has a noteworthy reputation in the real estate sector of Mumbai.
There’s a big difference between a 3 minute sales pitch for a new payroll app and a 3 minute video that shows how easy it is to add new employees using that payroll app.

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