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You may purchase phone plans with more than enough data to cover things like casual web surfing and streaming the occasional song. It means that if you spend an hour a day on social media over a cellular network, you could be using 2.7 GB of data a month. A lot of that usage is likely due to the auto-play video Facebook recently added to its app. You can disable the auto-play option for newsfeed videos when you’re on a cellular network by going in to the Facebook app and tapping the options button (the three horizontal lines on top of each other) found on the bottom right for the iOS version, and towards the top right for the Android version. Streaming music at the normal, average stream quality for an hour will use up 43 megabytes of your data plan per hour. If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?
But you may not realize that browsing Facebook could be a big hit against your data plan too. The post How a tweet turned Uber’s first hire into a millionaire appeared first on DreamStateDigital. The post How E-Commerce Is Finally Disrupting The $600 Billion-A-Year Grocery Industry appeared first on DreamStateDigital. While some healthcare professionals are effectively leveraging the Web to connect with time-strapped patients, many providers still have significant work to do on mobile if they are to meet consumers‘ needs, according to a report from Kentico.
The post Healthcare marketers miss the mark on mobile, leading to frustration appeared first on DreamStateDigital. Kentico’s digital experience research showed that consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of mobile options when it comes to communicating with healthcare experts or navigating wellness sites on smartphones. The post Important Alert: Payments scam targeting web designers and other small business owners appeared first on DreamStateDigital.
The scam: An inquiry asking if you accept credit cards before discussing any project details. The customer often suggests a large deposit on the project, but insists on a rushed timeline. The prospective customer will claim they are ready to make payment with a credit card so that work can begin immediately.
The prospective client will provide a reason why the third party can’t accept the payment directly. Once you process the credit card payment and receive the funds, the fraudsters will be asking you to quickly deliver the funds to the third party and get to work on the project. The post This CEO is taking on the biggest banks on Wall Street — and winning appeared first on DreamStateDigital. The post Google employee dies in an accident at the Cannes Lions advertising festival appeared first on DreamStateDigital.
The post How a tweet turned Uber's first hire into a billionaire appeared first on DreamStateDigital.
The post How To Rock Brand Journalism Like a Celebrity appeared first on DreamStateDigital. Goop ’s pages that are labeled “Go,” “Be,” “Do,” “See,” “Make,” “Get” and “Shop” represent the site’s wide variety of content.
With light and fun articles on topics such as fashion, beauty and fitness, Conrad’s site appeals to every need of her high-maintenance audience.
Hollywood A-listers are now adopting this tactic to promote their personal brands and offer insights into their interests and passions.
As you plan for a new year, quarter, or month, it’s time to determine your SMART marketing goals. The post A Visual Guide to Creating the Perfect Linkedin Company Page appeared first on DreamStateDigital. A LinkedIn Company Page gives a business a tremendous opportunity to advertise its products and services, recruit top talent, & share important, interesting, and useful updates. Anyone with a company name and company email address can create a LinkedIn Company Page within minutes. Crafting a clear, relevant, and click-worthy title is the most important thing you can do to ensure that the article you spent hours and hours researching and writing performs well. A great headline ensures that your post is found in search results and shared on social media, meaning more people will read and benefit from your article. There are handy formulas for writing headlines, but it can also be helpful to know what words and topics perform well. Uprise.io, a content marketing tool that allows you to research and analyze top performing content in different industries, gathered data on nearly 500,000 articles published from January 1 to April 30, 2015.
To help marketers and consultants through the process of quickly creating a campaign we have created a email sequence planning template.
The post How to plan event-triggered automated email campaigns appeared first on DreamStateDigital. I think that the reason event-triggered emails are underused is that maybe many companies are still in a campaign mindset.
The great benefits of event-triggered e-mails is that once set up and tested for effectiveness, they are a low cost method of boosting response. Research shows that behavioural email marketing is a powerful technique to automatically follow-up online customer actions to help increase conversion to sale at a low cost.
The post A Guide to Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Tools appeared first on DreamStateDigital. Companies have long used email marketing to reach out to people to keep them informed and to remain connected with them.
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LeadSift, a provider of #social media intelligence solutions, announced that OMERS Ventures and Salesforce Ventures have invested in the company. LeadSift also officially launched its Consumer Insights API to allow for easy integration of real-time social insights directly into other business applications to enrich contact and profile data. The Apple Watch is here to stay, and depending on how you feel about smartwatches, that may be a good or bad thing. The second annual EContent Sourcebook: A Guide to Content and the Digital Experience brings together everything digital content professionals need to know in 2015. Fur Web Analytics und b2b Marketing ist Harald Weber einer der unterhaltsamsten Speaker und Experten. Das Tatigkeitsfeld als Referent und Speaker fur Web Analytics und b2b Marketing hat sich in den letzten Monaten stark verandert. Zusatzlich kommt gerade in diesem Themenumfeld die Dynamik der Weiterentwicklung von b2b Marketing als besondere Herausforderung zu tragen. Seit mehreren Jahren hat sich Harald Weber einen hervorragenden Ruf als Moderator und Referent fur b2b Marketing und Web Analytics aufgebaut. Neben seiner Tatigkeit als Speaker ist Harald Weber regelma?ig als Moderator von Konferenzen und Fachkongressen tatig. Wie kriege ich die Kurve, um selber mit Themen wie SEO oder SEM in meinem Unternehmen anzufangen? Welcher Dienstleister ist fur mich der Richtige, damit ich mein Marketingbudget nicht so einfach verpulvere und hinterher kommt dann doch wieder nichts dabei raus.
In der Regel sind die Vortrage so aufgebaut, dass sie den Zuhorern gezielt zum Themea praktische Beispiele und Anregungen geben. Gerne berat Sie unser Team im Anschluss, wie Sie erfolgreich Onlinemarketing-Werkzeuge fur Ihr Unternehmen praktisch nutzen.
The B2B Marketing BlogWebbiquity: 1) The unified management of SEO, search marketing, social media, brand management, content marketing and social PR supported by web presence optimization (WPO) metrics. Enter your postcode so we can keep you up-to-date with the latest local news and exciting deals.

Verification link has expired, please sign in and click on resend verification email from your profile page. Verification link has expired, please click on resend verification email from your profile page. But, there are some differences in approach, and ita€™s important to understand the difference between business to business (B2B) marketing versus business to consumer (B2C) marketing.
The way social media is used to interact with B2B entities is by forming associations and groups for them to interact with each other and the product creator.
Typically the group is created by a business that sells something to the business people who join. Britaina€™s rarest birds of prey are back in the East of England, but where are they nesting? Professional Web Services, Internet Marketing Services, Online Advertising Strategies, B2C B2B - SEO Search Engine Optimization, And Web Branding Solutions.
Learn how Web 2.0 technologies, sales, marketing and advertising strategies, email campaigns, and online concepts can help your company on the Internet. In This Weeks' Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Advertising Articles: Is Big Brother Listening In on Your Keyboard?
Feel free to forward our new interactive online newsletter subscription on to an Internet friend. Professional Web Services specializes in Internet marketing services for companies in both the B2B, Business to business and B2C, Business to consumer companies.
Ethical SEO - Search Engine Optimization of websites will be key to having a good relationship with the Search Engines themselves now and especially in the future. What sets this software apart is its approach as much as its functionality; the people behind gShift understand that SEO, online PR, social media, PPC advertising and other tactics are each pieces of the larger web presence puzzle. For your competitors, the software identifies their target terms (anchor text in backlinks), top backlinks and ranking.
For any given keyword, gShift will show the top ranking page on your site by search engine (though it won’t identify the page with the highest internal gShift score for that keyword, which would be another nice feature). In addition to the keywords you are tracking, gShift will display recommended keywords from GA as well as all keywords that have produced at least one goal conversion. Again, most of these social media metrics are freely available, but gShift saves the time and effort of tracking them all down from their native sources. The power of gShift lies in its efficiency for reporting (GA-type site data, social media metrics, and ranking plus performance of external assets like guest posts or news releases all in one tool), its SEO improvement functionality, and its actionable on-site and off-site metrics. The internal keyword tool shows monthly volume, but doesn’t indicate ranking difficultya€”a key oversight. In my opinion, gShift’s pricing is a tad high (for the SMB market) and the model is unnecessarily convoluted. While gShift Labs doesn’t necessarily provide the single best tool specifically for SEO management, or backlink checking, or keyword research, or social media monitoringa€”it is the only software currently available that combines pretty darn good functionality in all of these areas in a single platform. I look forward to providing you with more updates as we aggressively roll-out more features – that I believe will be game changing this fall.
I have worked with this for one project, although it has all the SEO stuffs integrated at single place. I have also used gShift for managing one of my client project and I find it a bit complex to operate initially. The videos appear at different rates for each user based on a variety of factors in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. Although several marketers, such as Web MD, have made a strong push for applications centering on healthcare, doctors and providers must roll out a greater presence on mobile and SMS to connect with consumers. That’s why we wanted to let you know about a new scam targeting web designers and other online merchants. They do this because they’ll be paying you with a stolen credit card, and want to complete the scam before the card is reported as stolen or the true owner of the credit card detects the unauthorized transaction. This could range from them not being set up to accept credit cards to them being tied up with a family emergency. Unfortunately you will now likely be looking at a loss as the true holder of the credit card will dispute the charge and you will receive a chargeback. The site—featuring her handpicked team of experts—provides a goldmine for guidance on food, fashion and mindfulness, among other topics. Articles feature multiple graphics and rich visuals produced with a feminine flair that resonates with readers. It’s the leading social networking site for professionals, it is a truly unique space on the web, one that blurs the lines between knowledge- sharing platform and relationship-building tool. The guide also includes several inspirational visual examples garnered from top-performing company pages to assist you in crafting your own perfect linkedin company page. This way, you not only know how to optimize your headline but also can come up with article ideas that will attract and intrigue your target audience. To setup event-triggered email does need investment in a project to work through the relevant creative treatment and targeting for different customer actions and position in the lifecycle.
You can let the technology take the strain since there are too many triggers and layers of segmentation to manage manually. One barrier to setting up these event-triggered email sequences is the time it takes to specify the sequences if it’s a new approach to the company or agency.
In fact, there is a high probability your company is already using some form of it, even though you might not be aware of it. Traditionally, you would buy an email database and have an email server with the capability of high-volume email blasts to send out mailers to people in that database. He says in a press release, ““Companies need to move beyond collecting likes and retweets with meaningless content. The company says the investment will further product development efforts and fuel sales and #marketing. As we learn more about how people are actually using their smartwatches, manufacturers have the opportunity to create devices and operating systems that better address the needs and wants of users.
Sein Kennzeichen sind motivierende Vortrage in leicht verstandlicher Sprache mit einer gro?en Portion Humor.
Ursprunglich lag der Schwerpunkt auf live Veranstaltungen wie Kick-Off-Meetings, Vertriebstagungen, Messen und Handlertreffen. Harald Weber ist als fachkundiger Speaker in der Lage, fachlich komplexe Inhalte humorvoll und einfach aufzubereiten – und im Bedarfsfall laienhaft darzustellen. Es geht also nicht darum, die letzten Tricks und Kniffe  zu vermitteln sondern insbesondere Geschaftsfuhrern, Vertriebs- und Marketingspezialisten zu zeigen, was heute im Internet alles moglich ist.
The internal search functions of social networks LinkedIn and Twitter also have higher volume than most second-tier search engines.
Prospective customers may first find you on a social network, in a blog post written by a key influencer in your market space, on a content network like YouTube or SlideShare, in an online business directory, in an online news release, or in any number of other web venues. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can on SEOs and the social media for a business marketing strategy. Let us know what news and updates you want to hear about and we'll send them straight to your inbox. It can take the form of professional collaboration, shop talk, and also as a way to disseminate information.
No business would ever want to get their site banned from the entire search engine database. Any person that has known me long enough will find out that I usually get straight to the sales and marketing point.
Given that WPO is the fusion of SEO, social media, interactive PR, and online reputation management, that’s a tall order. From a pure competitive research standpoint, gShift isn’t quite as robust as a tool like SEMRush (which provides AdWords keywords and click costs in addition to complete target organic keywords), but it does offer significant integrated functionality nonetheless. Reporting is flexible; gShift enables administrators to add explanatory or analytical text comments to virtually any metric within a report.

In the early 2000s, they developed the Hot Banana web CMS product, which was acquired by email service provider Lyris in 2006. For internal site pages, that’s generally more than sufficient, but home pages on even moderately popular websites can have far more than 500 backlinks.
It does little good to know how popular a keyword phrase is without also knowing if it’s feasible to try to rank for that phrase. Though price is definitely bit high but as it provides a single interface to manage all activities I felt it time saver for me. Be sure to keep an eye out and look for these telltale signs that you may be dealing with a fraudster. Originally started as a weekly email newsletter, Goop quickly transformed into a repository for consumers who crave lifestyle content.
Paltrow follows the principles of brand journalism by providing the type of lifestyle content that focuses squarely on her target audience. Mark Brownlow has more on the whys and wherefores of event triggered campaigns in this post on Email Marketing Reports.
With that in mind, Battery Ventures decided to find out exactly how smartwatches are being used.
Auf rund einem Dutzend Events und Veranstaltungen ist er jahrlich in der Funktion Moderator, Keynote Speaker und fachkundiger Marketing-Referent aktiv. Nicht umsonst hat Harald Weber an der Hochschule Hannover seit mehreren Jahren Lehrauftrage als Dozent fur Onlinemarketing, Web Analytics und b2b Marketing. Logisch, das Harald Weber dabei die Tools und Werkzeuge vorstellt und zeigt, mit denen jeder in der Lage ist, die eigene Internetseite zu optimieren.
It is a structured approach to getting your name, company, product or service found online when people are searching for what it is you have to offer. Shared it elsewhere, though; I love this concept, Tom, and have not heard anyone put that kind of definition on it. Another example of a very active Facebook Group is Suffolk Business Stars, now with more than 4,750 members. It doesna€™t really matter if ita€™s B2B or B2C; the idea is the same, only the content differs in terms of the audience. Additionally there are other important legal and regulatory issues on a B2C or B2B website to consider. But based on a good look at the product, gShift has a great headstart on meeting the challenges of this discipline. For your website, gShift will display your top backlinks by authority and referral visits, along with changes in backlinks over time.
However, what gShift may lack in depth in this area, it makes up for in ease of use and overall user experience.
This should be high on gShift’s list of features to add, but for now, users will have to utilize a separate tool or technique for this function. Starting with gSift takes some time to understand but once I get it right, it makes things easier and faster.
They’ll offer to place a large deposit and then ask if they can transfer funds to you that are destined for a third party. Paltrow and her team provide such compelling information that it wasn’t hard to get sucked into a few articles while researching this story. Goop features many industry experts, which enhance the credibility of the site even beyond Paltrow’s celebrity status.
Though the site may tout Conrad’s celebrity name, the information is laser focused on her target audience, the typical girly girl who views primping as a necessity. To help you align your marketing efforts with SMART goals, our Partner HubSpot built this marketing planning template that you can download for free. Aktuelle offentliche Termine seiner Einsatze als Speaker und Moderator finden Sie im unteren Teil dieser Seite.
Webinare, Webseminare oder Onlinekonferenzen sind  stark im kommen und stellen an den Referenten ganz andere, neue Anforderungen.
Im Anschluss zu einer Onlinemarketing Veranstaltung kann jeder Teilnehmer beurteilen, wie Attraktiv die eigene Internetseite um Vergleich zu Wettewerb dasteht. The brand might also form communities based on a particular lifestyle and not be directly marketing to the group. Business owners may understand the jargon, while the individual may need to be educated more about the brand and products.The purpose of each is very different.
Yes, you could do this from Google Analytics (GA) as well (in fact, gShift pulls a fair amount of its reporting data from GA) but gShift presents it all in one spot, attractively graphed out. Put another way, gShift is arguably a better tool for marketers looking for reporting on site and external asset performance, and optimizing those assets for improvement. And each keyword rank is automatically checked on a weekly basis, so a single keyword consumes four KRs in a month (or five in some months, one would suppose). Check 20 of those keywords against three top competitors and that’s another (20 x 3 x 4 =) 240 KRs. Once you agree to the project, this new customer will want to pay you with a credit card very quickly. In the case of B2C, the purpose of using social media is to either help the business disseminate information to the customer, expand brand awareness to the consumer, or to provide a platform for customers to interact with each other and representatives of your brand. The software displays traffic, conversions, bounce rate, social shares and search rank on assigned keywords for all of these pages. In order to really make inroads into the SMB market where this product fits best, the pricing should ideally be somewhat lower and a whole lot simpler.
Once you transfer funds to the third party the original credit card payment will be charged back to you and all contact will be lost with the scammer. In the case of B2B, the purpose is usually to build the companya€™s database so that it can develop long-term working relationships and also to establish the businessa€™ expertise. Maybe your sphere of influence is one person, maybe it is your family, business, neighborhood, or a larger group of people. Again, most of this data (other than search rank) could be pulled from GA, but gShift makes it much easier and faster to track these metrics. In both cases the idea is to produce content that informs, educates and increases engagement.
But, no matter how large or small a group of people that you come in contact with, a person can effect change for the good in life. Because, when you think about it, even in the case of a B2B situation social media users are still also consumers - they just happen to be slightly more knowledgeable consumers, so the content is going to be a little different. We can start today with a simple business investment, with a professional word of encouragement, a "thank you", or just a kind look that really shows that you understand and appreciate another person. Is this a new technology that will help target ads to users or will it be used for Spy activities by the National Security Agency? If you have no idea what your goals are and what you want to accomplish, you wona€™t be successful - and even if you were, you wona€™t know necessarily know why. Find out how you can substantially reduce your annual costs by transferring your domain name to a new Registrar that offers reasonable fees for registration. Utilizing sound marketing and advertising concepts once a lead source visits your business or consumer website is the other. Learn more about what goes on inside Google and what new technology services are available.

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