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Here is a tutorial that will enable you to backup Windows 8 App Data with the simple little utility call Windows 8 Apps Data Backup.
There are quite a bit of options in Windows 8 that allows you to restore or refresh Windows 8 but in the process you will lose all your apps as well as the data associated with them.
Plus, this app can help to transfer app data from one computer to the other with great simplicity. This application only backs up Windows 8 app data so you will have to re-install the Windows application again on the system and then restore the data to it after you have done so you will have the app back has it was and all the user data and preferences will be restored. Now that you have the downloaded file in front you, just double click on it to run the application and then you will have the interface as shown in the first screenshot of the post. To use the application, make sure that you have selected the Backup button which is located on the top of the window (by default it will open up in the backup mode only). Now, copy this zip file in a safe place before you re-install or refresh the your computer. In this manner, you can backup Windows 8 app Data and restore it with this simple little utility. Create a factory recovery partition and one key backup system and restore system for Desktops and Laptops. For Windows 8 users, the question goes not as how can they schedule backup their computer, but as which backup method should they choose to use.
As you can see from the above screenshot, File History offers four main options, however, the last two (Exclude folders and Advanced setting) are most useful and most significant. Note: File History allows you make your local disk, external hard drive or a network, such as NAS as a destination folder to save image file. Although File History is a stable tool for schedule backup Windows 8, but due to it’s a file-level backup tool and unable to backup sector by sector, so a more professional third-party free backup software, such as, AOMEI Backupper is needed. AOMEI Backupper is a freeware that supports all the features provided by Windows 8 File History. To summarize, third-party program’s schedule backup function usually more flexible as well as more humanized than Windows schedule backup setting.

This application lets you backup Windows 8 app data and enables you to restore it after you have refreshed or re-installed Windows 8 on your device. To do so just click on this link which will re-direct you browse to the web page from where you can get a copy of the application.
For system backup, Windows 8 provides a wider range of choices for users than Windows 7 does.
More than that, it even allows Windows 8 or 8.1 users to do clone, restore and some other specific utilities. For example, AOMEI Bakcupper provides three major schedule modes for users, namely, Daily Backup, Weekly Backup, Monthly backup. Just put a check mark on the one’s that you would like to backup or just click on the select all button if you want to backup all the app’s data. To restore the data of an app just click on the restore button and you will have the Windows as shown in the screenshot below.
Since articles about the operational procedure could be easily found on Google, we will not repeat them in this essay. You can guard your privacy by adding encryption to your backup, you also can execute compression task if you detest the backup images because it is space consuming, otherwise, you are welcomed to send us your comment about our product and service as you like. Under each mode, more than one sub-option is available for user for further advanced setting. It will ask if the restore file is zipped or not, select the appropriate option, and then select the restore file. Most often, we suggest you to do Windows 8 system image backup with File History which is a unique built-in backup program for Windows 8 operating system.
With the help of this free backup software, you could really realize schedule backup in Windows 8 or 8.1. We do this not only because it is a popular tool, but also because it has a powerful advanced setting. But that technology is not presented in Windows 8 by default.2A special software for restoring.

Windows 8 as well as other operating systems can be saved directly while working (even system files) with a built-in Windows 8 backup software.
During the migration, you may experience the following difficulties:Your computer is not good enough for Windows 8. If your equipment is quite old, you might find no drivers.If you select migrating from Windows 7 to version 8 via upgrade, the system will automatically save all the settings, applications and data. We have a perfect solution here to do all required backups.Windows 8 Backup Features in Handy Backup There are many Windows 8 backup programs.
We are sure here at Novosoft, that Handy Backup is one of the Windows 8 best backup software. The amazing fact is almost every Windows 8 backup feature worked perfectly right from the start and no error correction was required so far. Windows 8 disk imaging is one of the most preferable and efficient methods of data protection.
Running as a Windows 8 service, the software do regular backups instead of you!Any type of backup. The best Windows 8 backup solution for keeping your data safe is putting the backup to the external drive or cloud storage.
If you are looking for the best Windows 8 backup software, don’t concentrate on backup only and always remember about restoring. Download Handy Backup and get the simple and efficient first-hand best Windows 8 backup software experience!See after Windows 8 Backup:Windows 7 Backup NEW!

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