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We did a brewing company branding post a while back – not everyone is into alchohol – but everyone loves a nice cup of coffee! Coffee is a brewed beverage with a bitter, acidic flavor prepared from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant. Ok now start crushing up your beans – and get the drip going (ok that sounded bad – you know what I mean, get your coffee cup ready!) and get inspired by these java giants of Branding Design Inspiration!
This is great if you need to mock up branding for a non-existent company – obviously it can be done!
The ESPRESSO™ COFFEE PRESS is Less messy than the French press and dishwasher-safe, EsPresso™ harnesses a simple vacuum-pressure plunger mechanism to brew single cups of coffee. I love how creative the designs (and copy on the cups lol) is – hilarious artwork too.
I love the look and feel of this coffee brand – nice organic texture to match up with its organic iced coffee product! Another non-profit coffee company – these guys are helping the villages of Fiji to produce and package their coffee for sale. This is another coffee machine – but they should just shut up and take my money because this thing is sleek and beautiful. Save this one for last because it is my favorite – this is an epic coffee concept that If it became a reality, would probably kill us all haha.
Im a professional Freelancer specializing in Web Developer, Design, Programming web applications. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional, embarking on a personal branding journey is the best way to propel your career. You may be wondering, though, what are some of the core tactics you need for personal branding success. A good photographer will make you look great (trust me!), and you’ll have a set of photos you can use with confidence on your website and social media accounts. Most entrepreneurs have business cards, but what if you’re a professional working for someone else? These six must-haves will help you get started on (or reignite) your personal branding journey.
Enter your email address here, and I’ll email the report right over to you (be sure to check your Spam folder if it doesn’t land in your inbox in a few minutes). This entry was posted in Personal Branding and tagged blog, business cards, domain name, personal branding, professional photo, social media, strategy, website on August 22, 2013 by Jill Celeste.
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Today we have put together some of the best coffee company branding & package design we have seen lately. The beans are found in coffee cherries, which grow on trees cultivated in over 70 countries, primarily in equatorial Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa.

The energizing effect of the coffee bean plant is thought to have been discovered in the northeast region of Ethiopia, and the cultivation of coffee first expanded in the Arab world. I hope it inspires you on your latest creative endeavors, a brochure printing project, for branding or package design, or any type of design! This clever rendition of Crew Brew Coffee Company is a fictional coffee brand for prima dona actors and actresses. Not only is this thing simple and elegant, its just a nice design – and looks like a really functional coffee maker!
It is an extension of the farm roasted concept, the hand crafted artwork created a new visual look for coffee packaging. Really nice colors (I like the browns and light textures mixed with pastel blue and pink colors) and package design concept – unique bottles that make it stand out – epic win! Three Avocados is an existing non-profit coffee company that sells Ugandan coffee in the US to improve access to clean water in Uganda.
Blue Rock Coffee Bar is an in process coffee company start-up located in Seattle, Washington.
By seizing control of your personal brand, you are showing the world your expertise, passion and knowledge.
Purchasing your domain name with your first and last names in it is a crucial step in your personal branding strategy.
The important thing is to get your website up and running, and to make sure you can blog there. I am very frugal when it comes to marketing my business, and for a long time, I didn’t want to hire a professional photographer.
Depending on the amount of time you have, you need to be active on at least one social media site. Be sure to get my free report, 76 Types of Original Content That Will Skyrocket Your Brand. You’ll never be short on content marketing ideas again! The earliest credible evidence of coffee drinking appears in the middle of the 15th century, in the Sufi shrines of Yemen in southern Arabia. I love minimal logos like that, it really makes me love whatever brand it is a little more for being clever (or for hiring a competent logo designer haha). Also its a dollar more than starbucks fraps in the store apparently – AMBITIOUS haha. I love how it has a minimal hummingbird logo (FOR TEH NECTARRRR – GET DAT HUMMINGBIRD SOME NECTAR, BITCHES LOVE NECTAR lol).
The packaging has a nice palette of colors that reflect the texture of the coffee beans that it is made with – also sporting a unique typeface (gotta love dat typography).
This branding really resonates with young urban professionals in any downtown area looking for the next hip coffee brand alternative. This coffee company is in greece – so it has a really awesome cultural feel to it – Love the typography!!! Really like the fresh colors used on this one – also kept it simple while keeping it modern with some nice typography!

This makes your personal brand legitimate and looks impressive on resumes, LinkedIn profiles and business stationery. It’s okay to start with one social media platform, mastering it before moving on to another one.
To ensure you always know what steps to take to boost your personal brand, spend time writing out a personal branding strategy. There is also a super epic coffee concept at the end of this post I think you will enjoy :). From the Muslim world, coffee spread to India, Italy, then to the rest of Europe, to Indonesia, and to the Americas.
I like the color scheme on this one as well – enjoy this clean little Identity package! I also love how they only use 2 colors at once, and use a stamp for their cups – so simple, effective, and efficient! Even if you invest in a small order of 50-100 cards, you are stepping out with a professional look for your personal brand.
If you are a legitimate coffee company though, take a look, you might learn some new branding techniques!
The Mo’Joe coffee maker, a sleek gently arcing spout that makes single, varying cups of coffee according to each individual drinker. Include your personal information on your business card (don’t forget to include the URL to your website), and use your business cards when you are meeting someone that can help you with your career. Brainstorm ideas, and remember it is okay to make amendments to your strategy along the way. As a result, the Ethiopian Church banned its secular consumption, a ban in effect until the reign of Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia. In other words, if you are representing your company at a Chamber meeting, use your employer’s business card. By having a strategy, you keep personal branding top of mind, helping to ensure your success and profitability. It was banned in Ottoman Turkey during the 17th century for political reasons, and was associated with rebellious political activities in Europe.
The idea is to have your first and last names in the domain name – they do not have to be the only words in your domain, though. However, if you are at a birthday party and meeting someone who works for a company you’re interested in, give out your personal branding business card.

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