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This is especially true when it comes to social media and content marketing information, blogs and publications.
To help those B2B marketers out there, we’ve put together a list of some of the best B2B marketing blogs and sites you can find online. Social Media B2B is run by Kipp Bodnar, an inbound marketing strategist at HubSpot and Jeffrey L. Peter Jakob, a marketing professional at IBM, shares his ideas on improving ROI on B2B marketing campaigns. This entry was posted in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and tagged b2b content marketing, b2b marketing, b2b social media, best b2b blogs by Julie Blakley.Julie Blakley was the Digital Marketing Manager for Postano, where she was in charge of managing everything from content creation to social media to SEO.
A few years ago, I did a comprehensive study of the best company blogs in America and I thought it was time to re-consider this channel. Here are the best blogs at the Fortune 500 companies with an important note: The blogs at high-tech companies like IBM, Google, Dell, Intel, Cisco and Microsoft are so good, they are in a category by themselves.
Coke is one of my favorite companies because when it comes to marketing communications, you can count on them doing it right. Walmart is number one on the Fortune 500 list and it has a great blog to go with that title.
The posts seem to be written by real employees, even down to the floor level associates of their stores, which I think is wonderful. This is clearly one of the best blogs on the social media landscape and a reflection of a company culture that is open, responsive, and tuned to their customers.
The content is sparkling with helpfulness and the company even writes posts in response to customer questions. This is one of my favorite company blogs — it has rock-solid and relevant content written by real people.
The first thing you need to know is that Celanese is a chemical company, representing an industry not normally at the forefront of social media.
It is getting a fair amount of engagement but like ADP, it has the serious flaw of being disconnected from the main website.
I have long been a fan of the innovative community forums established by Caterpillar and if you are looking for a B2B company doing it right, look to CAT. Caterpillar has blogs and forums for different industry segments, real people writing about their passion and expertise and a very engaged and passionate community.
It’s the Happiest Blog on Earth featuring insights on Mary Poppins, Winnie The Pooh and Magic Kingdom trivia. GE has always been one of my favorite companies and I have followed their social media progress for years. I’m happy to report that this stylish news magazine is on top again with exceptional story-telling that makes me go down the rabbit hole every time I visit the site.
Home Depot is skilfully using its forum to teach people how to use their products better without being overly-salesy.
Like many companies, Home Depot is lacking a link between Big Data, social media strategy, and customer connections that could really propel their customer relationships and sales. Disclosures: Among companies mentioned in this article, Dell and IBM are current customers. To those who say that blogging isn’t worth it anymore, I would ask that they consider what THEY are missing by not blogging. While these are great, I still feel that big brands are holding back on going all-in on blogging.
The brands that will win this content battle will be the brands that treat themselves like publishers.
If you’re a big brand, you need to hire yourself some experienced magazine journalists and writers fast. Previously, we had a blog dedicated to sustainability but we wanted to go broader and we were hoping to more deeply engage with our customers as well as our critics. The blog has only been around for about 10 months so we’re still experimenting with content to truly understand our audiences.
Helpful post – I learned a lot from the info – Does anyone know if my assistant can access a blank a form version to fill out ?
The B2B Marketing BlogWebbiquity: 1) The unified management of SEO, search marketing, social media, brand management, content marketing and social PR supported by web presence optimization (WPO) metrics. The best B2B marketing blogs are once again creatively presented by marketing automation provider Eloqua and JESS3 in this year’s Blog Tree. Click here to send MH news, tips, links, documents, factsor factory-built housing related news story suggestions.
Five companies have been issued RFPs (request for proposals) with the expectation that the housing units will be ready for occupancy in late fall.
TweetMHProNews has learned that one of the United Kingdom’s largest construction companies will build a factory next to its existing manufacturing facility, Explore Industrial Park in Steetley, Worksop, Engalnd for the construction of modular homes. In addition, a consortium of modular builders, the Modular Allianz, most of which are in northern England, have banded together in the past year to turn out 150 modular homes initially, with a longer range goal of producing 500 units. Noting most of the infrastructure is still intact, she said this will offer an opportunity to right-size the city since the energy slump left it with many vacant houses and high unemployment, resulting in the likelihood of many who were burned out to seek housing and work elsewhere.

Workers were drawn to the region with their families several years ago when the oilfields were booming.
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said officials have to complete their assessments of the damage, set up transportation, and secure food and supplies before people can return.
Troy Ferguson, CEO of modular work camp builder Redrock Group, said he has been contacted about the kind of housing he can supply and the timeline for installation. Marc Roy, who was chief of staff for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) following Hurricane Katrina, said officials need to allocate resources carefully long term because some residents will likely not return.
If a resident decides not to repair or rebuild, they will receive cash value for the home at the time of the loss, which could be less than homeowners expect since the oil downturn decreased values. TweetSan Jose, California led 119 of the 340 metro housing markets nationwide in returning to or exceeding their last normal levels of economic and housing activity in Q1 2016.
The years 2000-2003 were used as the last normal period for single-family permits and home prices, and 2007 as the base for the employment figures. TweetEmploying 2,142 team members from 10 supply operations and seven home building facilities in Alabama, as well as having built 5,734 homes in the state, manufactured home builder Clayton Homes will host its very first Birmingham Home Show May 17-19, 2016, at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex.
Showcasing 27 homes, Keith Holdbrooks, president of the Clayton Home Building Group, said, “We are thrilled to celebrate our retailers and display Clayton’s latest innovations in home building in the great state of Alabama. The private event, drawing over 300 people, is limited to Clayton-approved and prospective partners, and will highlight Clayton’s newest technologies, which include a 360 degree virtual tour and a 3D home tour, MHProNews has learned.
Additionally, Clayton will present a check for over $100,000 to Hope For The Warriors®, a non-profit organization that provides services for wounded war veterans and their families. TweetFollowing a story MHProNews last posted May 7, 2016 regarding the purported bankruptcy of Innovative Building Systems (IBS) and the subsequent closing of subsidiary Keiser Homes in Oxford, Maine, richmond reports from Rocky Mount, Virginia that IBS-owned Mod-U-Kraf and Excel Homes has also closed here, idling up to 219 workers, according to a filing with the state. While the parent company intends to file Chapter 7, which usually means liquidation, Dan Hobbs, the general manager of operations for Excel Homes of VA said, “This facility here in Virginia has been profitable for the last five quarters — for each quarter in 2015, as well as the first quarter of 2016.
He said modular builder Champion Homes has expressed interest in buying the operation, posting upcoming job openings on its website for Rocky Mount as well as other IBS locations. Meanwhile, local officials are meeting with state work force personnel to determine ways they might help the newly unemployed.
Meanwhile, the Yahoo Manufactured Housing Composite Value (MHCV) gained +2.58 percent to finish at 1375. TweetWith a focus on people who cannot qualify for a mortgage, especially low-income families who have been denied bank lending, a revival in seller-financed home sales has attracted the attention of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) because of concern some of the dealings may violate federal truth-in-lending laws. One type of seller-financing called a contract for deed or a land contract, is a long-term, high-interest installment financing deal. The financial crisis resulted in many foreclosed homes, often inexpensive and dilapidated, that investors have purchased and then sold under contracts for deeds, often in “as is” condition, requiring the buyer to spend disposable income on repairs and renovations. While sellers claim it is a way for people with damaged credit to return to the home ownership market, municipal officials across the U.
Because not every state requires contracts to be recorded with the county, statistics on the number of homes sold through contracts for deeds are in the shadows, often only coming to light if there are cases against the sellers, who often do not show up for a court hearing, causing the code violations to accumulate. The CFPB has allegedly assigned two enforcement officers to investigate seller-financed home transactions.
NorthStar Realty invested $1.8 billion in 136 manufactured home communities (MHC), among other investments, and is a stock MHProNews follows in our daily stock report. Additionally, following the end of Q1, NorthStar reached an agreement to unload it manufactured housing communities portfolio for $2.04 billion, which will bring net proceeds of $620 million.
Seen as a consumer focused marketing channel, many marketers working in the B2B space have been left scratching their heads and looking for more resources on how to optimize and best use social media and content marketing strategies.
With B2B customers increasingly turning towards online channels like websites, blogs and social media to support all stages of their buying process, B2B marketing needs to change its game and Jakob provides some valuable insights. A University of Oregon Journalism graduate, Julie found herself working in the world of digital marketing and media after college and hasn't looked back since. The site features a breathtaking variety of content featuring products, shopping tips, company history, seasonal features, and news but the human interest stories — that is where they really shine.
It is a site filled with useful, relevant content to help safeguard families, homes, and businesses. It lacks real people and real stories which is one of the reasons it gets so little active engagement. It is well-organized and the variety of the content is fueled by a large number diverse writers.
If you have customers (or potential customers) taking time to connect with you, what message does it send when you don’t connect back? It’s probably time to freshen up the look of the site but it is a truly great corporate social media effort. Around 2009-2010 I would have put them at the very top of the field when it comes to blogging and social media but then something mysterious happened and GE Reports became all about me, me, me.
GE is trying to tell the world it has moved beyond appliances and if you love in-depth tech and science reporting, this is a great place to geek out and get lost.
They get a moderate level of engagement both expressed through comments and social sharing.
Tons of potential here to connect data-content-customers and here’s hoping they keep moving their blog and content strategy forward.

The best resource is Born to Blog the one-stop resource for starting, building and optimizing your company blog. It is an R&D lab of sorts for concepts that might end up in speeches, classes and books.
The good news is that between 2011 and today, there has been a step-change improvement in the quality and sophistication of the content being produced by these big companies! If there is a way to gain business advantage I know my friends in Spain will figure it out! It’s always great to see big brands take the lead (and maintain it) in content marketing. 25, 2016, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada will soon be witnessing the arrival of modular housing units, each 250 square feet, for homeless singles and families. The firm was awarded a ?22m ($31.68M USD) grant by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills last year to develop advanced manufacturing for the modular homes. If energy companies cannot house workers and their families quickly, the workers will not stay.
Chief Executive Officer Steve Williams said the energy companies will support efforts in rebuilding the hospital, pipelines and the electrical distribution center, according to reuters. The markets are gauged by measuring the averages of housing permits, price and employment levels for the past 12 months, and divide each by their annual average over the last period of normal growth. The last five are Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, Nashville, Charleston, SC and Salt Lake City. In 2015 Clayton agreed to contribute to Hope for each Clayton Patriot Home sold, which is now numbering 964 homes built.
Noting the parent company had been struggling since Nov., 2015, Hobbs said despite the evident closing of the facility, there is hope the factory will open once again building homes. Title to the property does not become the buyers until the final payment is made; some contracts run for up to 40 years. Similarly, borrowers do not often contest an eviction proceeding, preferring to walk away from the home.
Way, a law professor at the University of Texas, noting that unlike bank-financed deals where there is an outside third-party involved in the transaction, said, “This segment of the homeownership market cries out for greater federal oversight. However, NorthStar trimmed its assets during the first quarter of 2016, selling a $900 million portfolio of senior housing assets to repurchase its common stock and reduce debt.
The blog’s goal is to become the foremost place for information, news and discussion about social media’s impact on B2B companies.
Five years later, she's applied her innate curiosity (and inner geek) that led her into journalism to the world of tech, web writing, social media and marketing businesses online. One of Wal-Mart’s goals is to be seen not only as a low-cost leader but as a company that sincerely cares about people and its communities and this blog is an effective extension of that message.
The site is good-looking, well-organized and blog posts seem to get an enormous amount of social shares.
Why, why, why would you create all this great content to direct people AWAY from your website? It doesn’t feature its writers, which is a shame because there is such good work here. It helps me sort out my own thoughts, organize strategies, and creates a written record that I can refer back to. As Joe Chernov explains in his blog tree post,A  “All gene pools benefit from healthy DNA, and if the blogosphere is going to continue to evolve, ita€™s important that new voices are heard. Vanderbilt Mortgage Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Dow Jones Industrial Average Killam Properties Inc. Basic services, gas, water, waste disposal, healthcare and much more needs to be re-established,” she said.
This arrangement is most prevalent in the Midwest and South where there is a plethora of homes priced under $100,000 as MHProNews has learned from nytimes. It was nothing more than a self-serving PR puff piece and frankly I used it in my classes to spur discussion on what makes a terrible company blog!
It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. Nobility Homes Inc., Manufactured Housing Composite Value, manufactured housing industry, northstar realty Finance, NRF, Skyline Corp. Colony intends to merge the two entities back together, saying the combination would generate “substantial revenue and expense synergies,” according to costar.
My advice to them would be to bring out some real people and add a little soul to the site.
I’m curious as to why you would decide that anonymous content is better than content connected to a real person.

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