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94% of respondents felt the voice of their customers was most effective in convincing prospects to buy. A truly effective promotion strategy looks beyond your brand’s existing audienceA and experiments with distributionA channels that will help your content reach new segments and build relationships with influencers. Although press releases are becoming a more common way for content marketers to drive traffic to their owned media channels, it’s easier said than done. The future of content marketing comes down to three words:A Contextual, Connected and Interactive. As your audience moves through the different stages of the buyer lifecycle, they are exposed to a mix of content, channels, and devices.A Because of this, it can be difficult to determine which channels have been the most pivotal in affecting sales. In a multi-channel, multi-touchpoint world, whata€™s the most efficient way to properly credit conversions to channels so that you know how to allocate budget, increase projected revenue and maximize long-term profitability? Learn how to accurately measure your content and channels with our guide to attribution modelling. At its heart, content marketing is about creating an experience for your audience that is emotional, entertaining or educational – not about selling a product. Earlier this year, Dove Men+Care launched a content campaign that nailed this tenet perfectly. If you arena€™t already planning 2016a€™s content calendar, you may be disappointed with your progress this time next year. In the research report Promoting Your Content Marketing, Content Marketing Institutea€™s Robert Rose shared that 95% of the most effective content marketers have a strategy vs. Our sample editorial calendarA and step-by-step guide to planning your 2016 content strategy will help you start the year off right.
Amanda Hicken is PR Newswirea€™s senior manager of strategic content and managing editor of Beyond PR. Hi Amanda, great points!I find building connections, equally important as marketing my content.Thanks for the share.
Marketers get by with a little help from their friends – well let us introduce you to 32 new friends! Note: The aim was to only list free content marketing tools, but there are a few paid ones in the mix as well (freebies only get you so far). Storify: Storify is a great content curating tool that lets you collect various social media elements on a chosen topic and present them all in one sleek format. Feedly: Feedly is a great RSS reader that lets you stay updated on the latest and greatest blog content. EverPost: EverPost is another great content curating tool, letting you find new stories based on your pre-selected favorite topics. Powtoon: Powtoon is an animated content creation tool to help you make custom animated videos - great for explainer videos.
SlideShare: View, upload, and share slide deck presentations with audiences across the web. PlaceIt: PlaceIt lets you upload images of your product or website and insert them into high-quality photos. Share As Image: Share As Image is a super cool free app that lets you turn any image you see into a custom content piece.
Share As Image makes it easy to create cover images for your blog posts or quotable images that tend populate much of Pinterest.
ThingLink – ThinkLink lets you create custom interactive images by adding clickable icons to links, video, text, music, other images, you name it! HootSuite: Manage all your social media accounts, track mentions, respond to fan interaction, and schedule posts with this social media management tool. Tweetdeck: Manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets, and track mentions and hashtags.
Mail Chimp: One of the most popular platforms for email marketing management, Mail Chimp lets you organize contacts, send emails, and track results.
DivvyHQ: An editorial calendar management system to help keep you stay organized and on task while collaborating with team members. TrackMaven: Track all your content pieces across organic, paid, and social mediums, and easily compare your results to competitors. Click to Tweet: Click to Tweet lets you easily create clickable, tweetable links with customized text. PR Newswire: Send out press releases to a global database of over 700,000 journalists and bloggers. Google Analytics: Track your website traffic, measure social media efforts, create customized reports, and much more. Ubbersuggest: A free keyword suggestion tool that gives you a very healthy assortment of keyword suggestions based on your input. Gravity: Keeps track of what topics are hot on the web, and makes it easy for you to see which articles and topics will resonate with your audience. If I can offer a suggestion of my own: Hemingway is an excellent tool for the composing side of content marketing.
Hey Artem - thanks, I definitely like the look and feel of over Ubersuggest, and it seems very comparable in terms of keyword results. These are such nice tools for content marketing, although Evernote is one of my favorite tools and with addition of Skitch it becomes more effective. Hey Megan,This is an absolutely awesome and comprehensive collection of tools that you've compiled here.As a relatively new player in the freelance SEO Copywriting market, I fully confess to having turnedlike a kid in a candy store with this list.
Segmento makes content marketing easy, it searches news on the web for you, it will rank them based on their social impact and allows you to share them easily on your social channels. Many marketers talk about content marketing but don’t exactly tell you what it is all about.
Todays consumers are not easily swayed to patronize products or services simply on a guarantee of value and quality. As Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahnehan theorized, consumers no longer rationalize their choices. When crafting content, let your audience know who you are as a way of introducing your business. In content marketing this could be done by sharing unique information that cannot be found anywhere else in the Internet.
The crucial thing to remember is that content must be relevant and aligned with your message. When creating content don’t just limit yourself with the same line-up of resource people.
To scale blogging to a new level, you can use tools like BuzzSumo to identify what content is making waves in your industry. Remember that one of the golden rules of content creation is to address a concern of your audience.

Communication is vital in content marketing and its not just about the messaging; articulating the idea to an extent that it does not discriminate against anyone in your audience is very important. A better way to put it would be to suggest a buying position because retained earnings from the current year is projected to be significantly higher than the previous year as expansion plans have been profitable. In addition to being an innovator and the Worlds Richest Man”, Microsoft founder proved to be a visionary when he coined the phrase Content is King back in 1996. In essence that is the purpose of content marketing; to set up the conditions that make your message resonate and ring loud and clear. Examination of the hands down best pieces of content marketing in 2013 reveals 5 key elements each piece of content needs.
Canada’s WestJet airlines killed it with their “Christmas Miracle” video this past December. My favorite piece of content from 2013 was a video made by a high school student named Zach Sobiech, with terminal cancer who knew that he was going to die. By itself, I might have missed the moving experience that’s larger than Zach who with the support of his parents, siblings and friends has the power to face his mortality at age 17. The lesson for content marketers is to think beyond the core of your story because packaging in the form of the optimal headline and distribution matter.
Key takeaway: Creating value for your audience through content sometimes means not talking about what you sell at all! I also think Airbnb did some really innovative, interesting stuff in 2013, with its AirBnB and Hollywood & Vines . One of the best pieces of content marketing I have seen this year is Neil Patel’s Advanced Guide to Content Marketing. My favorite piece of content this year was Volvo’s Epic Split featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme.
They mastered the art of storytelling with a few words of poetic prose and a jaw dropping performance between man and machines. Whole Foods’ company blog, “Whole Story,” It cover recipes, health news, social responsibility and sustainability.
The best piece of b2b content marketing I saw in 2013 has to be Traackr’s Engagers project. Late in 2013, Jeremiah Owyang announced the launch of Crowd Companies, his new firm to lead early adopters toward the next big thing — to meet the crowd. As these top pieces of 2013 content marketing reveal, it’s not necessarily a matter of creating one massive piece of content but rather providing value to your audience with useful and entertaining information void of promotion. Based on Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley. Subscribe to receive the full text of each new actionable marketing post delivered free, five days a week to your inbox. Tags 2013, Andy Crestodina, Ann Handley, Connie Benson, David Berkowitz, Dayna Rothman, Ian Cleary, Jayme Soulati, Kelly Hungerford, Lindsay Bell, Lisa Buyer, Nick kellet, Ric Dragon, Rob Peterson. Couldn't make it to Social Media Marketing World 2016?Get all the sessions with the SMMW16 Virtual Pass. The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. As the yearA comes to a close, we’re compiling the best practices you need to know for 2016. HowA consumers make their buyingA decisions and how marketers market are dramatically changing. This article features insights from PR Newswire’s SVP of Marketing Ken Wincko and strategic advisor, analyst and author Rebecca LiebA about how to leverage those three attributes and create revolutionary content.
Creating a good promotional strategy for your site to get more people to look at your content seems like a very good point. These free and nearly free content marketing tool should help make your job a little easier. Unless marked as a paid tool, all content tools listed here have at least some kind of free offering. The paid version offers more images to use, HD quality, and the ability to create animations longer than 5 minutes. A host of easy-to-use features makes GoToMeeting one of the most popular webinar platforms around.
Easily add shapes, highlights, and call outs to your photos to create super sharable content. Download the app (or use the Chrome plugin), find an image you like, click "share as image," and customize the image with beautiful text fonts or Instagram-esque filters. Once you've created your image content, you can save the pic or share it on various social media networks, all from within the app.
Content marketers can use it to discover what kind of questions their audiences are asking. Those articles are then shared across your social media accounts at various times spread throughout the day. Lets you prioritize content you want employees to focus on sharing, and see which of your employees is having the biggest impact on customers. It checks your grammar as you type and highlights things like passive voice, run-on sentences, etc.
I wish I had found it sooner - so so handy, I can think of many times when I could have used it earlier. At first glance it seems pretty similar to, but maybe there is something more there.
While blogging is certainly an important and effective component of content marketing, it is not the only one. Digital technology and social media have given consumers the avenues to connect and communicate directly with proponents. The decision to patronize is influenced by the ability to connect with you at an emotional level. Perhaps you can produce a short video on the experiences which inspired you to venture into this type of business.
Perhaps give them access to a few chapters to an upcoming e-book or create a community for your most loyal readers. It allows your audience to listen to people who could be working behind the scenes and presents a unique venue for introducing new aspects of your business. An effective technique would be to craft content based on FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. Even if the traders decision to buy is based on technical factors, fundamental news is much easier to understand for most people.
The first is the popular advice that the more often you publish content the better for your content marketing strategy.

For years the popular belief is that people prefer shorter content because most only scan material. Gates alluded to his view that content comes in many forms including as a software program. You need to think beyond the next sale and get your target audience to associate with your overall objectives. You need to consider how your content represents the various attributes of your 360° brand. It gave the entire online retail industry a useful perspective on how consumers were shopping based on real data (not surveys). They provide a support ticket management system focused on startup and SaaS companies and they definitely are in a very crowded market place.
I’m not in the market for an 18 wheeler (or a new car) but Volvo is forefront and center of my brand consideration list when I do go car shopping. I watched an online video with Jeremiah Owyang and Bryan Kramer of Pure Matter and promptly sent it to a wide berth of clients and peers while posting it multiple times.
I've just returned from San Diego where I presented a workshop session on Blogging at Social Media Marketing World 2016. These examples provide #RockHot insight for others seeking creative juice in content marketing to push the needle in 2014.
Your site can have a lot of useful and insightful content, but a promotional strategy is important to bring more visitors to your site.
Recording webinars allows users to create and share video resources that can be used as valuable content pieces. Download the pro version and get a huge collection of stock photos, patterns, and the option to replace the Save As Image watermark with your own.
Use Quora for blogging inspiration - answer Quora questions through a high-quality blog post and you’ve got yourself some content gold. The key in content marketing is delivering your message to your audience regardless of the medium.
Your market wants to know who you are; how you represent the brand, what you can do for them in order to justify why they should patronize you. Or write a mini e-book or a series of articles or blogs that depict your journey up to this point. Thus, as actors show their appreciation to those who patronize their movies through special promotions, you should also give your audience a token of appreciation. If you are a consultancy firm and author of a series of productivity modules, you can give them limited time access to the first two volumes.
The best way to generate engagement is to open up the content to a variety of ideas and perceptions. To step up the resources even further, you can spy your competitors online presence by analyzing their progress with tools like Monitor Backlinks. This way, your content is effectively addressing issues that frequently concern your audience. If you host webinars, collate questions asked by callers or audience members and address them in your content. If your material is none of the above, it would be best to scale down the frequency of publication and focus on the quality of your content.
Little did they know, a few short hours later – upon arrival in Calgary – instead of their luggage on the carousel, they would find the exact presents they asked for earlier, wrapped and everything!
I also really like the AirBnB city guides; again this is extremely helpful to the community. This created conversations among retailers, the data used to support strategic plans among online retailers, and mapped back to Monetate’s capability. Instead of blogging about support best practices and customer relationships, which is what you would expect from a company like them, they started blogging very transparently about their own journey as a startup. Volvo was able to demonstrate the benefits of their performance steering in a most mind-blowing way: with Jean-Claude van Damme performing the splits between two eighteen wheelers as they rolled in reverse. Of course the posts were widely shared and discussed, since the individuals they selected to interview were influential to begin with. He has the gifts and talent to lead great and competitive companies in collaboration to create innovatively merged businesses aligning directly and seamlessly with the customer and prospect.
Thanks for this and most especially, thanks for the invite to participate alongside this esteemed group. Another idea would be to feature the people in your company in a behind-the-scenes or Day in the Life Of … format. Bring in a variety of people who view your content from a different filter or at the very least can articulate it differently. It will build engagement and present you as an accessible and reliable source of information.
Unfortunately, the content reads technical for those who are not to their level of expertise.
Incorporate traditional storylines so your audience can quickly understand your information.
Sure, there was the guy who asked for socks (maybe he *really* needed socks!) but the folks about to have a new baby actually got a gigantic flat screen TV!! Joy abounded (we all low how horrible travelling during the holidays is!), it warmed the cockles of my cold, black heart, and it went viral so fast Santa’s head spun. As their target audience is made of startup owners, no doubt that this content has been very appealing to them! It nailed so many human touch points – it brought everyone together on common ground, it was huge on emotion, surprise and delight, and created a shared experience, most importantly, it changed what was usually a crappy, highly stressful ‘shared experience’ into something joyous and memorable.
There’s no way Dove can turn back from this anytime soon, even if some suits thought size 0 models could actually sell more soap after all.
This is why 77% of Internet users read blogs and 61% had their decision to purchase influenced by a blog. And it treats the real beauty endeavor like a saga, a gradually unfolding story that could theoretically last decades. This is so hard for brands to do well, especially when focusing on content meant to spread.

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