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Hey guys check out this new birthday reminder app eGift , it?s a great birthday reminder and it has HD photos with gifts witch you can send to your friends , and also you can import you contacts from facebook . Both Apple and Google have come under scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the use of in-app purchases in their respective app stores.
How on earth are they hidden?When I install a free fame, and it tells me I have to pay ?1 to unlock a certain item or feature, how again is that a hidden fee?This is not like a contract where you are locked into an unknown additional expense, if you dont want to pay, you dont. I assume by "hidden fee" what he really means s the expectations prior to downloading and installing the app.A user can browse the store and see a "free" game, but only after installing and running it do I find out that 95% of the game is crippled unless I "pay to win" do they realize that there was actually a "hidden cost" to really playing the game. Easy solution: UNINSTALL APPA handy, dandy button, used to delete apps from your devices.Or maybe Apple just realized, finally with their app store, that Apple users are more willing to throw their money away, without consideration?
The disclaimer "in-app purchases" doesn't tell a user how much they can play before hitting the pay wall. Ugh Plague Inc pissed me off so much after I beat everything and then switched phones as well.
I'd call it what it is on a PC ---Crippleware.Of course that label is very un-PC these days, which is kinda ironic. The difference between IMVU and worlds such as Linden Labs’ Second Life is that there is no world in IMVU.
Members of the world create their own 3-D animated characters and equip their rooms with virtual goods. The world is still in its public beta and only emerged from stealth mode last Friday during a panel that I moderated on user-generated games at the Social Gaming Summit in San Francisco. In the next week or two, the company will launch prepaid cards to enable members to buy credits that they can use to buy virtual goods in IMVU.
Affectionately coined MMi, we're a community over 900,000 strong who love modifying our iPhones. Apple settled a lawsuit earlier this year stemming from children racking up large iTunes bills by going crazy with in-app purchases on games.
If you find offense with the request for some money, you uninstall the app.Hidden fee, lol.
You can opt not to purchase the service, just like your suggestion about not buying the app.

I would suspect most people simply uninstall these apps seconds later, meaning it was just a waste of time.
Some are more obnoxious than others.What Apple and Google really need to fix are apps that go free to play and screw early adopters. The EC disagreed with labeling "freemium" apps as "Free" and threatened to take action against Apple if they didn't change the labeling. When reloading all my apps, I saw "GET" for several free apps including one their free app of the week ("Tasks," I think it is called). For the movie buffs like me, here is the list of some top best websites where you can watch movies online for free.1.
But the company is announcing today that it has more than 20 million members in its online community where people can use 3-D avatars, or virtual characters, to meet in rooms and trade virtual goods. Chief executive Cary Rosenzweig (pictured below) says the company has built the equivalent of the eBay of virtual goods. Rozensweig says Harvey’s new effort is succeeding because it focuses on the creation of a great avatar and then builds an experience around that avatar. The animations are stylistic, not realistic, but they look much better than rival 2-D experiences such as Sulake’s Habbo. The company’s investors include Menlo Ventures, Allegis Capital, and Bridgescale Partners.
The cards will be available in major retailers such as Target, 7-Eleven, Blockbuster and Speedway. About 500,000 of those are 2-D stickers that people can use to customize their personal home pages.
They make it freely available knowing you'll be more inclined to buy it after you've put time and effort into whatever this thing is.On the other hand, if it was said to be a demo up front you would be less inclined to try it, let alone buy it.
Now by labeling such games and apps as "get" instead of calling them "free" it saves everyone a bunch of time of installing the app in order to figure out if the game is going to cost money to really play.And you can talk about "oh it's not required to buy anything" - but I've seen a large number of games that are otherwise worthless and crippled unless you pay for content. Repeat 39 times.?An easy solution would be knowing upfront what the app gives you for free, and what you have to pay for.
Crackle: Crackle is one of the best site where you can watch full length, uncut, movies and TV shows for free.

People can chat instantaneously, shop through a virtual goods catalog, play games, talk on forums, and use developer tools. That will help younger people who don’t have credit cards to participate in the world more easily. The only thing "free" about them is literally that you were able to install it without paying at the store front, and instead just wait till they have you in the game, in hopes that once you're already there that you'll stick around. Wasting time and bandwidth downloading free apps and then deleting them doesn't solve the problem.
Likely, with this action by Apple, the EC will push for this kind of thing in all the app stores out there.I believe Apple screwed up here. And members interact by visiting the rooms, but there is no virtual world that is physically represented in 3-D graphics. They should have kept the button as "Free" (as in "Free to get the app") and then in very clear type (maybe even highlighted in bold and red) right below that "Free" button is a warning that the says in app purchases are required for full functionality for those apps that require it."Get" is just too nebulous to tell me anything other than I'm asking the system to get that app for me and download it to my device. Users can add a video to watch list, share videos and movies which you are watching on Facebook to your friends. It tells me nothing about the price or even freemium nature (or lack thereof) of the app itself.
Roughly half of the users are female, compared to typical online games that are mostly male. Hulu: Sign up instantly to Hulu using your Facebook Account and watch movies, TV shows, documentaries and more. You will also be provided recommendations of movies and TV shows from which you can choose.
The site also runs a forum where you can interact with other members about movies, shows etc.5. They may not have a huge collection, but you will for sure find something worth to watch.6.

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