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I regularly receive emails asking me to recommend some of the tools I am using to start, grow, and manage new projects. I think these resources will be useful to everyone, so instead of replying individually, I’m putting together a list here.
Honesty being one of the core pillars of my business, you need to know that some of the links below are affiliate links.
If you want to start your first blog right now, you should check my guide How to start a money-making blog in less than 5 minutes. WordPress (100% Free for Life): WordPress is the CMS (Content Management System) that I use for all of my websites. Long Tail Pro (Free Full 14 Day Trial): Long Tail Pro is the easiest tool you can use to find great keywords with high potential and very low competition. After you create your account, I would advise you to read my complete List Building guide here. Kontent Machine (Full 7 Day Trial): Kontent Machine is the best fully-automated content generator available at this time. A lot of people want to have their own blog, but they don’t really know where to start.
The very first step when you want to start a new project online, is to find a good domain name.
There are plenty of webhosting companies on the web, but the services they provide are inconsistant (to say the least). When you have a website, you want it to stand out from the crowd, and premium WordPress themes allow you to do just that with a few clicks. WordPress is an amazing tool out-of-the-box, but what makes it even better is the way you can customize it and add functionality with Themes and Plugins. The WordPress community is extremely active and chances are that when you face an issue, another WordPress user will already have a solution for you.
Akismet: Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to see if they look like spam or not. Broken Link Checker: This plugin will check your posts, comments and other content for broken links and missing images, and notify you if any are found.
SEOPressor: SEOPressor is all-in-one SEO tool that let you optimize your blog to get as much traffic from search engines as possible.
SEO Smart Links: SEO Smart Links enhances your search engine rankings by automatically inter-linking your posts either in automatic or in user-set mode. WordPress Popular Posts: WordPress Popular Posts is a highly customizable widget that displays the most popular posts on your blog.
Having all this analytics data will allow you to take strategic decision by know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to growing your website. Google Analytics (Free): Google Analytics is the most commonly used website analytics solution. Clicky Analytics (Free For 1 Website): Clicky Analytics is an excelent alternative to Google Analytics. Google PageSpeed: This tool developped my the Mountain View giant will give you additional information regarding your page loading speed.
WP Smush: Reduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your SEO using the free WPMU DEV WordPress Smush API. In order to get your slice of the internet pie, you can’t simply put together a website and wait for visitors to come.
Market Samurai (Free Full 14 Day Trial): Market Samurai allows you to do keyword research and SEO competition research through one of the most complete set of tools available online.
SEM Rush (Free Version): SEM Rush is another one of these tools that I find myself using on a daily basis. Keyword Researcher (Free Trial): Keyword Researcher is an excellent tool to find keyword ideas.
These days, you can’t do any efficient SEO campaign without generating tons of content.
The problem is that, with all you have to do as a website owner, you need to find ways to build links faster and possibly in an automated way… The following tools will help you save a lot of time in your link building efforts. GSA Search Engine Ranker (Full 5 Day Trial): GSA Search Engine Ranker allows you to create backlinks on auto-pilot.
SliQ Submitter (100 Submission Limit): SliQ Submitter lets you submit your website to an impressive number of directories. You might lack some technical knowledge to do some programming, or you don’t have enough time to produce all the content that you need, or you simply want to start building a team. Elance (Fixed or Hourly): Elance is a marketplace where you can hire freelance workers to complete tasks.
Freelancer (Fixed or Hourly): Freelancer is another website that I use to hire people to work on my websites.
There is only one way to track your results in SEO: tracking your rankings in search engines for all the keywords you are targeting. The following tools take different approaches to help you with rank tracking, and all of them work perfectly. Internet Business Promoter (Free Version): Internet Business Promoter helps you with keyword suggestion, link building and search engine rank tracking. With SEO, you can’t control every single factor simply because a lot of them are happening on web properties owned by other people.
WordPress SEO (Get Insane Traffic From Google): If you want to take your SEO game to the next level, you should read my complete guide about WordPress SEO.
Google Search Console (Free): Google Search Console will give you access to a Goldmine of information regarding how Google sees your website. Microsoft SEO Toolkit (Free): Microsoft SEO Toolkit gives you a detailed analysis of your website, and search engine friendly suggestions to help improve the relevance of your website in search results.
Buzz Bundle (Free Version): Buzz Bundle is developed by the same company as the SEO Powersuite. Hootsuite (Full 30 Day Trial): Hootsuite is by far the best tool to manage your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ profiles. SYNND (Free Version): SYNND leverages your content via automated distribution and social buzz building on the most important social networks and video sites. Discover the secret techniques I use to generate thousands of dollars every month from the internet.
I will send you 3 ebooks for FREE as a bonus: "How to Make Money Online", "SEO for Blogs" and "Pinterest Traffic Generation". To date I recommend only 3 programs and specifically endorse only one as the best online marketing training, guaranteed scam free. Feel tired of your job,  feels like you live to work instead of working to live and life seems to be a lesson in survival, well that was me before online marketing. I  had my main job and always had a business on the side to give my family that extra perks now and again, but what this meant was that I worked all the time and for the most part that extra money disappeared in household cost. Anyone that tells you it takes very little effort to make money online is a liar, they are just looking to Scam you out of your money, I can’t put it any clearer than that! I started with a GETTING STARTED course to get my feet wet and see what the whole online marketing thing was all about.
The modules that are listed above contain step by step, in depth,  easy to follow,  information packed instructions that will have you up and running in no time.

Each one of these certification courses are full of information and once again step by step instructions on how to implement what you are learning. As you can see by this last screenshot the program that changed my life and my families is Wealthy Affiliate! I just went back to WA after leaving it because every day I was pushed to upgrade to the $17 a month. I went back today after reading your relentless affiliate sounding ad and gave it a look and it has not changed one bit. Hi John I am not sure who was offering $17 a month they only have 3 offers that I know of and that is a FREE starter membership which you can stay on as long as you like at and many do and the next is premium membership where if you go premium in the first 7 days you get the first month at a discounted price of $19 and after that it’s $49 a month for everything that WA offers, no upsells. I know you could read my response to your comment and go this guy is just pro Wealthy Affiliate but if you look at all my articles I am just spelling out what I see, thanks for the opportunity to respond John, cheers Mike.
LensCrafters competed in a market dominated by low price retailers and fashion eyewear boutiques.
Analysis of Lena€™sCraftersa€™ 35 million customer base revealed that their core customer segment spent less, but were highly loyal to the brand.
The best time to sell security services is when people are buying new homes and feel an increased need for security.
To maximize credibility, ADT let the consumers do the talking, in a TV campaign called a€?Real Stories, Real Resultsa€?. ADT also held a presence in high traffic venues, public relations events and sponsorships which generated consumer buzz and even more credibility through second party exposure. Bulk SMS Resellers required from all across India, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Agra, Jaipur etc., We offer the cheapest bulk sms services to our Bulk SMS Resellers in India. We are providing user friendly SMS API , so user can integrate his account with any desktop application to work.
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They offer quality themes, but they won’t be as flexible as some more expensive alternatives.
At all times, you want to know where your visitors are coming from, and where they are going on your website. The good thing is that it’s a lot easier to use and it focuses on the essential information that you need to grow your website. In other words, the faster your website is loading, the better your chances are to get high rankings in Google and to get more traffic.
It gives you general information to help you take action on specific aspects of your website. It’s a little less accurate than WebPageTest but it will still help you get more ideas to improve your site. It works by allowing you to load all the static files used by your website (images, CSS, JavaScript, etc) from their network which has servers all over the world. You want to find keywords that will be researched by your potential customers… And this is exactly what the following free SEO tools are made for. You can easily analyze the competition for a given keyword, and track your SEO results with their comprehensive rank tracker. The interface is very user-friendly and you can uncover the keyword strategy of your competitors in a breathe. It doesn’t display search volumes, but it will nonetheless help you generate lists of very good related keywords by tapping into the auto-suggest tools of major search engines. We are left with only one solution: automatic content generation with high-quality automatic or semi-automated content generation tools. It is definitely not as good as The Best Spinner, but since there is a completely free version, who’s going to complain?
It uses artificial intelligence to understand text and is able to automatically rewrite your article with the same readability as a human writer. These links will also let people travel smoothly between niche-related websites and your own website. It will allow you to build links from blogs, article directories, forums, comments, Web 2.0 properties. It currently supports over 120 platforms to submit your site and that number keeps growing every single month.
This tool is extremely easy to use and will allow you to have a good understanding of your backlink profile.
This tool allows you to prospect link partners in order to grow your link profile and get more authority in search engines. This tool allows you to uncover your competitors’ backlinks profiles as well as your own one. Like SENuke XCr, users can easily build scripts to increase the number of possible backlinks. You can use this tool to check the search engine rankings of your own website, as well as your competitors, for as many keywords as you want. From incoming links, to website structure, and even the search queries on Google for which your site is appearing in the search results.
It’s a good thing to know that, but how exactly do you start, grow, and monetize an email list? I would rather advise you to use Aweber, but if for any reason you want to try something else, GetResponse will be your best shot.
In order to grow your traffic, you have no choice but to be present on every possible Social Media channel. You can spend a few hours planning all your posts for an entire month, then leave it on complete autopilot, and simply pile up the Likes and the Shares.
This tool allows you to schedule and partially automate your Social Media efforts to grow your audience faster. It is a lot less powerful than Hootsuite since it allows you to manage only 1 account, but you might still want to give it a try.

I am going to give you some of the reasoning behind my choice for the best online marketing program, this ISN’T A SALES PITCH, this is just what I deem to be the your best chance to learn online marketing in a sea of scammy products.
You get two FREE websites and step by step instructions on how to start a profitable online business.
Working on this course took me about a week, I was a true newbie when I landed in this course, new absolutely zero about Internet marketing. You learn the necessities of building an online business that creates a long term income stream. Over the years I have been scammed numerous times by products and services that have claimed to help me build something real online. By identifying a market segment of women who desired more fashionable frames but still wanted the convenience of a national retailer, we presented LensCrafters with an area for growth. These customers were not motivated by fashion, so any brand repositioning to expand customers beyond the core had to be done without alienating the traditional franchise.
The resulting segmentation, which yielded nine unique segments, allowed us to develop more relevant messaging based on distinct motivations and opportunity. At the same time, incremental ROI over a 12 month period increased by over 300% and costs were reduced 20% through the elimination of unproductive deciles from direct communications.
But in the fall of 2007, homes sales were down nearly 13% and property crime rates were down almost 14%. And to highlight ADTa€™s superior technology, every touch point contained a technologically sophisticated code graphic that underscored ADTa€™s flagship message, a€?Always Therea€?. ADT Security was one of the nationa€™s few companies that enjoyed an increase in revenue in 2007 of 3.5%.
What makes it even more amazing is that it’s 100% free to install and use on your own web hosting. Moreover, they offer a free 14 days trial so you can give it a try and see if that tool is made for you.
Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. It reduces the load on your hosting, and improves greatly your website speed by loading files from the closest geographic location. The free 14 days trial offers the same functionality as paid plans, which makes it completely worth it. Create a free account, and simply input the domains of your competitors to quickly uncover their whole strategy and discover which keywords they are targeting. But generating a lot of content either takes a lot of time or costs a lot of money, unless you have access to good tools. A nice feature is that you can track your take a peek at your worker’s screen to make sure they are really working (and not getting paid to go on Facebook). Even though I don’t currently use it, I tried it in the past and was very satisfied with it.
I Review and write about online marketing training and institutions always in search of Guaranteed scam free programs but they are extremely hard to find. I have been down the road of looking and trying various online marketing products and I am here to tell you it cost me a boatload of cash before I found the program that actually taught me what I needed to know about making money online!
I was interested in the Internet and how much potential there seemed to be in making some money online, I guess that was my first mistake, I was so focused on making money I didn’t see online marketing as a career, this opened me up to every scam artist on the Internet.
I had to take action and get to it, you can’t just plug away and look at online marketing as a hobby, you need to look at this new endeavor as a job. There’s no secret money system, Full money system, Pushbutton Millionaire system, Fast Money System, Cash Machine System that is going to make anything for you except poorer than when you started on your adventure to make money online.
Here’s your first glimpse of what you see followed by a getting started basic course outline. When I completed this course I not only had a very good understanding on how to make money online I also saw the potential for a long term career in the Internet Marketing field. Sophisticated new direct mail and print-focused communications were developed for the fashion-oriented expansion segment and emphasized designer frames, reality-based fashion models and highly designed creative concepts.
Media emphasis concentrated on broadcast TV, print, DM and additional support through the online channel. Concerted marketing efforts propelled ADT to #1 in the 65 billion dollar industry, helping ADT become the worlda€™s largest electronic security provider with over 7 million customers and over $8 billion in worldwide revenue. Keep in mind that I recommend these tools to you because I am using them on a regular basis and they prove to be useful for my online business.
You can then add functionality or a unique style by purchasing addons, called Themes and Plugins.
It’s just that I tried it at the same time as Aweber, and decided to use only one of them to avoid redundancy. When I evaluate an online marketing program I always start with basic requirements that a online marketing program must possess and move on from there.
I got burnt over and over again until I stumbled upon the what I realize now, to be the best online marketing training platform available on the Internet. I actually failed at my first attempt with the online marketing program that eventually changed my life. These are all scams specifically built to appeal to people who think they can make it online with no effort. You will see how simple making money online is if you apply some self motivation and follow through to step by step instructions. What you are going to see next is what I had access to which was clearly becoming to me the undisputable best online marketing training platform.
The online marketing program that came through for me has many other features such as regular live webinars, here’s a quick snapshot of a few out of many that I took part in!
You have private access to Kyle and Carson the owners, and get this, you don’t have to pay extra for their help. Communications to core customer segments were designed to reinforce value, doctor loyal, convenience and service. This program gave me the avenue to learn online marketing SCAM FREE and provide a lifestyle for my family and I that at one time was only a dream.
I started out with enthusiasm and vigor, the problem was I  always found a way to put my online marketing training on the back burners, my studies always took backstage to any other tasks that I felt were more important, everything seemed to be more important!
You can interact as the webinar is in full stream, ask questions that are fresh in your mind, get instant answers, everything from building sales funnels, email marketing, setting up websites, social plugins, webmaster tools, pay per click, I mean the list goes on and on, everything you need to know about Internet marketing is and will be covered by live webinars, what other program has the ability to offer this? There’s a FREE membership and a competitively priced premium membership, absolutely no other levels of membership are needed, no private members areas or any other upselling tricks, what you see inside wealthy affiliate is what you get, which I might add is the best online marketing training available! The segmentation also provided the basis for aggressive testing to eliminate unproductive communications, focus on moving medium value segments to higher revenue tiers, and readjust frequency loyalty mailings to optimize results.
Secondary channels micro-targeted specific audiences for which the various benefits would be most relevant a€” always emphasizing the value of total security solutions.
The end result being a lack of interest and my bid to be a online marketing wiz faded away, all of which I realize had nothing to do with the program that I was enrolled in!

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