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Additional features include image masking, arrow objects, image effects, and enhanced captions. Gadwin PrintScreen can capture the entire Windows screen, the active window, or a specified area, when the hot key is pressed. DuckLink Screen Capture is a feature-rich and easy to use freeware screen capture tool which comes with four capture modes that make screen capture easy!
Greenshot is an open-source screen capture software for Windows operating system, optimized for productivity. Screenshot Captor makes it easy to manage several screen-shots at once and allows users to save an image of an active window, full screen or any rectangular area as a graphics file. Screenpreso lets you capture, edit and save  screenshots, scrolling windows, video and share it directly to social networking sites. LiveCapture lets you capture Full screen screenshots, Active window screenshots, Window control screenshots, Selected area screenshots, Fixed area screenshots. PicPick Tools features a powerful capture tool, image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and etc.
Bug Shooting is also integrated with multiple output types to take action for captured screenshots. To use this screen capture software for personal use, you have to get a free license by registering on its homepage. CaptureIt Plus also lets you add watermark to your screenshot which is also a good feature.
As all these screen capture software come with valuable features, it is a bit difficult to choose the best one.
Other features include one-click upload to YouTube and other video sharing sites, cursor highlighting and support for Vista Aero effects. The program offers a variety of editing options that allow you to add shapes, arrows, highlighted areas and text annotations to your snapshots. With the fact that windows 8 is a touch screen enabled operating system, using a screen capturing software that works great for windows 7 or Xp might not be an option because there are little chances they will work at all. This is what makes it universal for the windows 7 and windows 8 OS, It supports touch-screens and also has keyboard shortcuts. The windows screen capture allows you to automatically insert watermarks on images captured.
Another great thing i found about this software is that you can make screenshots with or without the cursor. But one negative thing about this software s that it doesn’t have a time-lapse feature. Olayinka Bolaji is a Professional Content Writer, SEO Expert, Web Designer, Online Marketer & Visionary Entrepreneur, Specializing on Content Writing, Web Development, Online Marketing ,PPC , SEO , Social Media, You can follow my updates on Google+, Twitter or add me on Facebook!
Ahmsta is an award winning Nigeria technology site that offers Tech News, Advice, blogging insight, How Tos & guides on technologies around the world. The hot key defaults to the PrintScreen key, but users may also define other keys to initiate a capture.
Capture the full screen, a window on your screen, region of your screen, or the contents of a tall web page that scrolls. And with help of pre-built social features you can also share your screen across your social networks and you can make it visible to your friends or people in your network.
It can help you capture screen, capture webcam images, pick colors on the screen, control brightness, and more.
It also includes a All-in-one capture tool, Magnifier, Color Picker Color Palette, Editor, Ruler and more!
If you are a power-user looking for a screenshot capture too + image editor, you may want to check it out. I liked this software because of its unique freehand shape screenshot capture feature and screenshot enhancing feature.
That means, you can save screenshot (as png, gif, jpeg, or gif image) either to PC, can upload it to your FTP server, open it with MS Word, MS Excel, etc. It lets you capture a fixed region, full screen, rectangular area, active window, freeform (freehand capture), Repeat LastCaputure mode, circle, window capture, and scheduled mode to capture screenshot with a time delay. You can add a custom text as watermark, can select font size, color for that text, and position to appear on your screenshot. It can help you to capture screenshot with webcam, capture full screen, a specific part of screen, and take screenshot in ellipse shape. Or else, you can even right-click on its tray icon to use a tool or capture screenshot with any possible mode. It also includes tools like screen protractor, screen ruler, screen magnifier, which will help you make capturing screenshots more accurate. It is now shareware, but you can download it last freeware version from the link mentioned.
SnapIt utility is a screenshot taking utility for Windows, which operates with just 2 keys viz SHIFT and TILDA. Whether you have to capture a specific region of desktop screen, or the full desktop screen, you can use any of these software. My favorite features of this software are desktop screen recording and free cloud storage space.
Clicking on that icon will open up all the options it provides to capture screenshot and record desktop. First of all, it helps you to capture a whole series of screenshots with different screenshot modes.
Moreover, you can also enable output option to attach screenshot with Microsoft Outlook, Skype, Thunderbird, Upload screenshot on ImageShack, and more.

Its beautiful interface and features to capture screenshot, record desktop screen, online cloud storage space has made it best screen capture software for me. Screen recorder video is a screen capture tool that offers some unique features in addition to the standard screenshot options. The program offers a unique interface with retracting toolbars and full-screen editing of your captures. The program lets you to visually bring out the best in your application by presenting it in a unique way.
All of these have their own unique features as well, such as: record desktop screen, capture freehand shot, capture a series of screenshots, and more. Moreover, for screen recording, it also gives annotation tools to highlight or focus on a particular area. Apart from this, it lets you capture desktop screen, an active window, and a particular region of desktop screen. That means, you can capture full desktop screen, an object, capture screenshot using webcam, a particular region, an active window one by one, and it will keep storing those screenshots. Like all the above software, it also provide its own built-in editor to use annotation tools. Print screen video is a simple screen capture utility that enables you to quickly share screen captures online. It is quite handy software that lets you capture screenshots (full screen or a specific region) and save them to PC. Once recording is completed, you can save it to PC as MP4 file, and can also upload it to your Monosnap account. As soon as you finish screenshot capture process, it will open screenshots in different tabs in its built-in editor.
Moreover, it is also able to create a simple animated gif using supported images present on your PC.
It can automatically enhance the capture with a smooth drop shadow effect, add a watermark, change the coloring and optionally save as a new file or copy it to the clipboard. The resulting movie can be exported to AVI video, SWF format for web publishing or as standalone (exe) player. Another interesting thing about this software is that you can send captured screenshot either to default image editor, clipboard, OneDrive, can post it your Facebook account, FTP Server, Imgur, Twitter, etc. It provides a color picker tool and a ruler to measure the length of objects on desktop screen. Print screen video is not as sophisticated as the competition, but it costs a good deal less and produces very good results.
It supports capture of dialog elements such as pull-down menus and tool bars, as well as delayed captures and batch conversion to JPEG. It provides multiple tools, such as: text tool, color tool, line tool, circle tool, rectangle tool, etc.
However, this feature didn’t work for me, and result to upload video to YouTube came with an error. But you can set output format as png, tiff, or bmp format as well. It also comes with a built-in editor which is another handy feature.
Each tool comes with many different styles which is quite rare to find in any other screenshot capture software. Apart from this, screen magnifier tool is also available using which you can zoom in any text or object visible on your desktop screen. The program is easy to use, and requires little or no technical expertise - just click record and stop when you are done. Moreover, screenshot editor also helps to view recently captured screenshots as well as view full history of screenshots. An interesting feature that comes with this software is a whiteboard that covers whole desktop screen for drawing. Other features include image resizing, cropping, filters, color adjustment, definable hotkeys, automated captures, printing, animation production (avi, mpeg, fli, flc). The screenshot editor of this software provides various annotation tools, like: pencil tool, text tool, font selection tool (to set font style, size, and font), arrow tool, line tool, color tool, rectangle tool, ellipse tool, gauge tool to choose line width, etc. Apart from enhancing captured screenshots, it also lets you open saved screenshots or images with its editor to edit them.
You can capture cursor movements, menus selections, windows popping up and everything else you see on the screen. It can even automatically rename and resize the screenshot and save it to a folder of your choice. Furthermore, the program also allows you to specify keywords or phrases that will exclude certain windows from capture, which is useful to avoid private information being captured. This is another handy feature as most of the screenshots only lets you edit captured screenshots. It captures screens from standard desktop programs as well as those hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct3D, 3dfx Glide mode games. It allows you to draw directly on your desktop, use highlighters to mark text, add text, arrows and other shapes. In addition, Best screen capture also includes a feature that allows you to e-mail the captured images automatically. The captured text can be copied to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) or used to search for details via Google or Live with the provided shortcut buttons.
The program includes several editing functions, allowing you to modify the captured image (or any other image), resize, rotate, crop, flip and adjust contrast, brightness etc.
Other features include hotkey support, image filters, automatic saving to file, delayed captures and image adjustments.

You can adjust the video quality settings to reduce file size, use custom cursors and more. In addition, you can apply capture masks, including circular, rectangle and other shapes, manage your recent captures from the explorer-style capture list and more.record on screen Express requires no-cost registration after 30 days to remove a trial watermark. Print screen video can capture the entire desktop, an active window or a selected region and also offers additional annotation and cropping options.record screen movie Pilot supports JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and EMF formats, but does not offer GIF support. Additional features include a thumbnail browser, audio-recording option, MS Office integration and more. The program also makes it easy to email or print your screenshot(s) and includes some basic image modification tools to rotate, adjust brightness and more. The product works by capturing screenshots of your desktop (or an area) and then allows you to add comments and sound. Images and video can also be printed on one or more pages, copied, e-mailed or published directly to the Internet. The screen capture features only offer full screen and active window capture and it lacks support for GIF images.
Once the file is uploaded, it automatically copies the HTTP link to the clipboard, from where you can paste it in an email message or chat window, allowing the recipient to view the capture in their web browser. It records all screen activities, from the movement of the mouse, the processes of applications, keyboard input to the execution of any programs. Screen recorder video is a screen recorder that enables you to create Flash video tutorials and presentations by capturing the activity on your desktop and adding optional audio and text annotations. The captures can be saved as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF files and also copied to the clipboard, send by email or uploaded to an FTP server. Additional features include enhanced mouse click effect, hotkey support, text overlay and more.
The captured images can be saved in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG or TIFF formats as well as copied to the clipboard or printed. Print screen video is a multimedia enhanced screen capture tool that allows you to easily capture any information from your desktop or any software, annotate this information with graphic highlights, text notes and even add voice messages. The captured image can be loaded into the internal image editor for further editing, saved as image file (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP) or automatically uploaded to your FTP server (upload the image and copy the URL to the clipboard). Best screen capture is able to record all these movements allowing you to save them and play them back later on. It also includes a zooming tool, a screen ruler and a color picker as well as system wide hotkeys and preset selection sizes.
Print screen video supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA. You can create screen shots from active windows, window objects, selected areas or the entire desktop and save them as bmp, png, gif or jpg files. The program can also integrate with Internet Explorer, adding several capture options to the right click menu. You can further edit the screenshots by adding text, shapes, arrows, highlights, and also freely rotate the image or apply several other effects. You can choose to copy the captured image to the clipboard or to auto-save it into a default directory of your choice (with auto-naming option). It can automatically scroll your browser to capture entire web pages and capture images from DirectX surfaces, including those found in games and media player applications. You can also edit the movie, add annotations which allows users to create and edit movies of their own desktop activity. You can optionally include the current date and username, a note and choose to include or exclude the mouse pointer. The program can automatically email images as attachment or embedded and also capture web pages with auto-scrolling. You can capture the entire screen, a window, or any specified selection, and the save it in 23 file formats, print it or send it by email. Screen recorder video enables you to capture screenshots of any website by simply entering the URL and selecting some options. Best screen capture supports all common capture modes, including selected regions, active windows, scrolling web pages and more.
In addition, frame-by-frame editing tools will help to make your movie look clean and give it a professional looking cut. Best screen capture supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA. The program uses Internet Explorer to load and capture the website in a hidden window and saves it to png, jpg, tiff, bmp or gif format.
Your marked-up information will appear directly embedded (optional as attachment) in a new message. Best screen capture is a screen capture program that enables you to capture any part of your PC screen, even tricky items like tool tips, drop-down lists, screen savers, video displays and more. You can adjust the captured picture's brightness, contrast, color balance, size, color invert, or convert to grayscale or black and white. It allows you to capture the entire desktop, active windows, selected areas or window controls with the click of a button or via keyboard shortcut.
If you do not have access to an FTP server, you can create a free web account on their site and use it for sharing your screenshots.

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