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Best Photo Editing App Android & iPhone 2016 Home Networking Best Wireless Router Best Comcast Cable Modem Router Change Wireless Channel Extend Wireless Range Featured Articles Build A Computer Best Photo App Nerd Rap! Smart HDR cutting-edge tone mapping engine revolutionizes digital photo enhancement, giving them an amazing and unique style. Friendly interface, a variety of supported formats and multifunctional features makes Movie Converter the ideal low in price, top in performance program available at the time. The magically and easiest video Editing software on the market today, CyberLink PowerDirector 4's powerful technologies and new magic tools make Editing and producing videos fast and easy.
Use any video devce that has a DirectShow driver to make time-lapse, motion-detect, meteor trail, planetary or animation Movies.
VideoPad is easy Movie making software for Windows allowing you to create and edit videos of many format types including avi, wmv, 3gp, wmv, divx and more. As professional Movie making software, Panda Movie Maker lets you easily make Movie, import collections and edit your videos. 4Videosoft DVD to Palm Suite packs DVD Palm Converter and Movie to Palm converter functions. Wondershare Netbook Converter suite is the ideal solution for those netbook, mini laptop, mini notebooks users to convert video and DVD.
Plato PSP Package include plato dvd to psp converter and video to psp converter,20% discount.
Wondershare Wii Video Converter is a value-added tool to make your Nintendo Wii a Movie player.
Video Edit Magic Express makes video Editing as-simple-as possible for the average user at a new low breakthrough price. It is very easy to use with an intuitive interface that they actually do still update and make better from time to time. If you want to make the sky a deeper blue without changing the rest of the picture, you can with Snapseed and that makes it a very powerful tool.
It does not allow you to add text though which forces you to get at least one other photo editing app. You don’t want to run out of memory and go through the image deletion game to free up space.

Note this will only work for an Android Phone because iPhones have forced internal storage only.
However I did buy a Pro version for maybe 99 cents so I can not recall if the free version is annoying or does both text and collages. But you can add several instances of text and choose from many many layouts for the collage. I think it is the best camera photo editing app for Android phone and it is available for the Apple iPhone as well. If you have a better application to suggest please leave a comment below for all of our readers. Worst Camera Apps Camera Zoom FX Too complicated, too many small buttons and random options you simply don’t need and it crashed on me many times.
It just crashes almost every single time and I end up having to take my battery out and reinsert it in order to get my Cell Camera Phone to work again. If it works for you, great it looks like it could be a good camera app but as for me it is frustrating garbage. It’s got some cool effects and ideas but if it’s going to freeze my cell phone every time then what is it worth? So it takes the normal, under and over exposure and merges them together getting all the details from shadows to highlights making up an single HDR Photo on your iPhone or Android phone. The app itself lets you adjust the amount of exposure, color vividness, contrast and micro contrast on each photo before saving it so you can play around. I think this may only be for Android Phones since it is in the Droid Marketplace under HDR Camera but I can’t seem to find this app on iPhone. They were also taken before I discovered Snapseed and there was no Instagram for Android yet.
However I am leaving that part of the article in tact for people who want to see the alternative cell phone camera apps. Again, repeat, this is old information below this fold and I even removed a lot of photos as they were just not worthy of the load time.
I used the Samsung Galaxy Indulge with a 3 Megapixel Digital Camera for these but now have a Galaxy SIII and use Snapseed as mentioned above.

I really like how this one came out and maybe looks most like an Instagram pic from an Android Samsung. One thing to note about Photoshop Express it is has a huge lack of borders if you want to add a border. But Photoshop Mobile or Express is great for editing the saturation and contrast which I am a fan of as you can see. PS Express is a great app and I may use it the most but the lack of borders is a bit disappointing. But I guess in all reality you should try all 3 of the free versions and see what you like the most.
The best combo is taking the photo with HDR Camera then using Photoshop Express for editing and one of the other 2 for final touches and borders. Updated: As you know the bottom half of the article contains legacy information that is no longer the top app. I recommend Google Snapseed and Instagram as show at the top of the article, do remember the rest of the article was from before those apps existed. Also note that most of these apps are not only available for the Android but also available from Apple on the iPhone. The top set of photos were all taken with a Samsung Galaxy SIII and the bottom half with a Samsung Galaxy Indulge.
I use it for a while and it offers sharp images, great editing and effects (also with videos!). After I tested a lot of apps it finally has become my favorite camera app and replaced my stock one. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * you MUST enable javascript to be able to comment Get replies to your comment.Check to get emails for free giveaways and new articles.

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