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Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and contacts, and automate email campaigns. It’s that time of the year again - the time we look back on all of the success that our clients have had with our tools. So I scoured through the top landing pages of the year with the highest number of conversions and selected the most noteworthy.
I definitely learned a thing or two looking back on these campaigns and I think you will as well. In this article, I’ve detailed seven of the most successful landing pages of the year, the results they got and why they have such high conversions. So far, this landing page has generated over 40,000 emails at a conversion rate of over 45%. This landing page is asking visitors to sign up for their rewards club in order to receive their updates and a 50 cent coupon for their berries.
Driscoll’s Rewards Club landing page has generated almost 8,000 emails at a conversion rate of approximately 40%. You order food through the SkipTheDishes website or app, and the service gets you in touch with a courier that will pick up and deliver your food to your door. SkipTheDishes’ landing page has generated over 7,000 emails at a conversion rate of almost 7%. I wasn’t going to include it but, as it has a completely different layout, I thought I’d point out how you don’t need a specific format to achieve great results. Kevin Curry, author of Fit Men Cook created a landing page for his newsletter that gives away free recipes, daily inspirational messages, weekly health challenges, and more. Kevin Curry’s landing page has generated over 6,500 emails at a conversion rate of approximately 35%.

GlutenAway provides customers with affordable gluten-free products to try before spending it on the full-size products.
GlutenAway’s landing page has generated over 4,000 emails at a conversion rate of approximately 60%. This landing page may have have generated the lowest amount of emails out of the group, but a landing page conversion rate of 59% is definitely brag-worthy. Hopefully these successful landing pages have inspired you to create some high-converting landing pages yourself! Use Wishpond to generate leads, track their activity, and nurture them with automated email campaigns. A squeeze page is a landing page with a hyper-specific purpose, to collect a user email address - and that’s it. Both the email form field and the CTA button contrast well against the black background of the form. At Wishpond we used auto-focused form fields to increase our website conversions significantly. Once a visitor has made it to your landing page, your only choices is to convert or to leave the page. Driscoll’s page is designed similarly to the above squeeze page, but it features more form fields. Again, this landing page has no navigation bar, which is a common theme among high-converting landing pages.
Jakes is a successful entrepreneur and best-selling author who works as senior pastor of The Potter’s House, a global humanitarian organization and 30,000-member church located in Dallas. Jakes’ landing page has generated over 12,000 emails at a conversion rate of over 50% so far.

A form with a singular field is more likely to convert than a form with more fields, that’s just how it goes. The offer isn’t asking much from the lead (only an email address) so the information on the page doesn’t need to be heavy. There’s lots of whitespace and there aren’t any additional elements that aren’t necessary on this page. It’s important to let your landing page visitors know that you respect them and their privacy. They used the platform to promote their offer, as well as Twitter where they have 29k followers.
I’m actually impressed that a form with so many fields for the offer has a conversion rate this high!
People need to know that you and the content you’re creating are legitimate and endorsed by others. SkipTheDishes is offering a $5 coupon off one of any of their 100+ restaurant’s delivery service in exchange for just a city and email - which is definitely a fair deal for the lead. You’ll notice that all of these top landing page don’t have a navigation bar or any links to other pages - which characterizes them as not leaky.
They also pinned their tweet to their profile so that every time someone visited their Twitter the promotion would be the first tweet they see. Non-leak pages have higher conversion rates because landing page visitors only have two choices - to convert or to leave the page.

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