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Wishpond is a tool that I have spoken about on various occasions, including in my book; Think #Digital First. I have been using landing pages for side product marketing, and after reading a great article from Wishpond about their most successful landing pages, I have learnt a lot. HypeForType is an online store that features over 25,000 fonts and is one of the most successful Wishpond landing pages. The reasons why this type of landing page works is because they are not selling anything, and only asking for an email address.
The landing page in question gives away journal entries as an exclusive insight into his latest book; Destiny. SkipTheDishes is a company which allows you to have food delivered from a range of restaurants that don’t already deliver. Their landing page, which offers $ 5 off your first order has generated over 7,000 leads with a conversion rate of 7%. This was another successful landing page because it was a singular field form with the right amount of written content and the use of the word “my” on the CTA button makes it even more personal. Kevin Curry; author of Fit Men Cook created a landing page based on his newsletter to give away recipes, inspirational message and health challenges.
It is a very simple landing page with a lot of white space which works as potential customers don’t want to feel overwhelmed. GlutenAway provides affordable gluten-free same products for customers who want to try something before they pay for a full-size product.

If you are a b2b marketer, you are using a content marketing with a mix of white papers, webinars, infographics, white papers and other socialized content types mixed in. CTA: In your page, you need to have a call to action that stands out without contrasting it too hard.
Finally, in thank you page example you need to present a great presentation that is appealing.
Wishpond is great for running competitions on social media, and building landing pages for lead generation purposes. They have also utilised their Facebook and Twitter following (community of 150,000) by sharing their lead page which increases their conversion. Their landing page (which you can see below) asks for people to sign up to their rewards club and in return they receive a 50 cent discount on their next berries order.
This lead page has been successful because there is no navigation bar, meaning they either sign up or leave the page completely.
It is a simple lead page, offering money off an order which is something that we, as customers love. These are all very important aspects of a landing page and this is the reason why it has such a high conversion rate. If you want to generate leads because you lack of it, you need to do well on your page so that it will look great and appealing to the eyes of people.
In order to have a magnificent content marketing, your page must need to have relevant content, effective promotion, design and much more.

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This offer also has a clear and defined headline which has increased conversion rate dramatically. This offer has been successful because it’s a valuable content giveaway asking for just an email. He has also stated that their information will stay private which is a big plus as people like to know their information is confidential. If you are having a hard time in creating your page, you need to do your best because in a landing page, lack of good visuals will affect its performance.
It is also descriptive in value and helps your page valuable and striking for other people.
Whatever landing page you want to have, just made sure you think and have a plan on things you will do so that you will able to have an effective page that generate leads and get many visitors. If you want to learn more, checking out examples online is a good help for you so get started today! With a 2 million strong following in Twitter, and a 4+ million following on Facebook there is no surprise that this is another successful landing page.

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