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From the standpoint of video editing professionals in the UK, they require laptops that can handle large files with hardware components devoted primarily for crunching massive amount of numbers. Finally, 7200rpm of mechanical hard disk drive are no longer enough and SSD is definitely preferable. You can also contact me if you have any tech product which you like to promote or like to advertise your product on our websites. The trend to replace desktops by portable computers is well underway, but what if you use computer for something more demanding than writing and surfing the net, like video editing?
Video editing is not a task that is best suited to laptops, which usually have less powerful components and less cooling power (which is need to keep the components from burning up), than traditional computers, not to mention screen real estate. However, with the ongoing improvements in mobile components, especially the introduction of 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors, laptops can increasingly handle complex applications with aplomb. The Processor (CPU) power is very important, you should go for 4rd generation Ivy Bridge quad core i5, with a core i7 being ideal (but obviously more expensive). Memory: Sufficient RAM is also essential for video editing, you need a minimum of 4GB, with 6 or 8 being better.
Storage: An SSD drive will improve the speed with which your applications and files load but has limited capacity, you will need external storage if you go with this. You should go for a screen size of at least 15″ to give you the space required for serious work.
The Graphics Card Until recently didn’t play much of a part in video applications, strange though that sounds. Hard disk choice is rather trickier, on the one hand, the more storage the better which would suggest a standard SATA disk with big capacity. The new model MacBook Pro appears to be the laptop of choice whatever your application as people fall under the spell of that gorgeous retina display.
These components will definitely be sufficient to run any application you have in mind smoothly. On the negative side, apart from not being a Windows computer, which is a deal breaker for some people, and an advantage for others, Apple have stopped making 17″ MacBook Pros.
If you really want an Apple product, or the portability is important for you, but can’t afford the above, you can save some money if you are willing to do without the retina display, and some of the best components. The Toshiba Qosmio laptop clearly demonstrates the point above, that you get a lot more bang for your buck with non-Apple computers. With the exception of the screen, which is perfectly good, just not retina, and portability all of these components are as good, or better, than those in the MacBook pro. This laptop will definitely handle all your video applications with ease, will play high-end PC games decently, and really do anything you ask of it. Gaming laptops make good video editing computers, they have the powerful high end components necessary.
Asus makes the famous Republic of Gamers line of laptops, which are very reasonably priced for what they can do and are definitely worth considering. Again this is not a very portable machine, weighing 8.7 pounds and with a very short battery life. Driving in Costa Rica Photos from Costa Rica One of the ferries in Costa Rica A street in a small Costa Rican town. Boracay: The Best Paradise in the Philippines The Boracay Island A paradise that I really love. Want to Wear the Dress from Twilight like Kristen Stewart Twilight Wedding Dress Now that the new Twilight movie is over and everyone was drooling over the wedding dress that Kristen Stewart. Top 10 Tourist Destinations on Northern Bali Lovina Beach in Northern Bali Tourism. If you’re a photographer love to capture and share pictures through Smugmug or Flickr then you should need a best photo editing laptop to tweak your pictures.  However, picking up the best laptop for photo editing is not an easiest task as you should check various factors like graphical performance, processor speed, display (color accuracy and high resolution), robust storage, battery life and lots more. It is featured with 2 USB 3.0 ports and a Thunderbolt port to connect with external devices.
This is a sleek portable laptop comes with 128GB of solid state storage, which enhances the programs to load and run quicker. ASUS Zenbook UX303LA runs on i5 processor and has 8GB of RAM, which is large enough to work with latest photo editing apps. HP Envy 15-k020us features a 15.6” touchscreen display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution that delivers bright and clear image for designers. It comes with 15.6” anti reflective screen so you don’t have to worry while working under bright lights or sunshine. We are a group of Tech Geeks, passionate about latest trends and we love to share our knowledge to world. In order to be a successful video editor, you need to have the knowledge, technique and skills that you should upgrade on a daily basis, but you also need a powerful laptop. Digital video editing has long been associated with giant towers packed with the most expensive computer parts available, and with good reason. For a value price point it’s really hard to beat, and even when you go as high as the retina macbook, I think the asus is still better.
What kind of battery life do you get on that when doing simple things like web browsing tasks. Also there are 2 versions of the n56vj – one with backlit keys but slightly different spec, so watch out! So when you set your scaling to 150% to make it usable, UI elements like menus, text etc are very sharp, but your video is being scaled. Look for a well rounded unit, with good processor, gpu and an ssd for the OS and programs, second drive for storage and a few USB 3 or faster peripheral connections.
Myself, I decided on the MSI GT70, but many people would balk at the weight and size of the machine.
I also wouldn’t spend ?3k on a laptop which I need a 2nd screen for so I can do my job properly. You can get Quadro graphics too (meant specifically for workstations), which was only listed on the HP laptop in this article. Toshiba Satellite C850 P0012 15.6-inch Laptop is a high definition easy to use portable laptop that is widely used both by professional as well as students.
I have a 1-year old MacBook Pro, and it just doesn’t seem well-suited for the heavy-lifting required by video editing software.
You may have gotten a bad Apple, but I log and cut 2.5K RAW footage in PP CC2014 on an older MBP with no problems.

Doesn’t match my experience, then I do use FCP which is better than Premiere in this regard. I love my MacBook Pro, but the battery lasts only about three hours despite Apples claims, and their video card offerings are seriously lacking. Dell & Asus have some very innovative designs and perhaps some performance advantages, but my 2011 MBP will not require an upgrade until I need to move beyond 4K. Not sure Apple should even be on the list given the problems, secrets, and corporate nonsense surrounding the staingate scandal.
At least 8GB of RAM is required to help speed up transfer gigantic video data from the storage unit and processor.
How do you go about choosing a laptop that will handle your Adobe Premiere, MovieMaker or whatever software you use for editing movies. It should not be too hard to find a laptop that can process your big movie files without burning up, and be truly portable, as opposed to the bulky desktop replacements. Video editing is a CPU intensive task, so this is where a lot of the money for your computer should go into.
4GB is now pretty standard, and you should definitely not go below it, but 6 or 8 GB is better. On the other hand, your computer will be reading from and writing to your disk when you’re editing so an SSD drive, which is much faster than SATA will make the task go faster. To work comfortably and allow you to see what is going on with the file you’re editing. The hard drive is a 256 GB SSD, although it ensures fast startup, application loading and writing temp files to disk, it will get full very quickly if you attempt to use it as your main storage. For $1700 you can get a Core i7 Macbook pro with 4 GB RAM, a SATA disk and a 1440×900 screen. Although I love my ultrabook, it really doesn’t have the power to handle harder applications.
If anything their video cards, one of the more expensive components, might be too powerful for video editing software nowadays. Barrow, Alaska is the northernmost city in the United States with a population of less than 5,000 people.
Source: Agus Sutanto Northern Bali Introduction Northern Bali is the alternative area if you like to explore the island further.
In fact, for photographers it’s really important to choose the right display that can deliver accurate color to edit photos.
Intel HD graphics 5000 processor along with GDDR5 memory of 512MB delivers great graphics when you are editing pictures or performing some graphical works.
Battery life is quite disappointing, it stands for 6 hrs at normal usage but at heavy workloads it lasts for 4.5 hrs.
The Full HD 15.6” IPS touch-screen display is featured with the incredible resolution of 1920 x 1080 that ensures accurate color for photographers to tune their pictures.
The touchscreen is cool and convenient and it uses high-fidelity touch actuators that improve touch performance.  This laptop stands for 5 hrs on heavy works but normally it lasts up to 6-7 hrs. It is equipped with i7 processor and 8GB of RAM plus an Intel HD graphics 4600 ensures its efficiency to run latest photo editing software. The picture quality is impressive as it delivers sharp images, perfectly suitable for professional photographers. It is featured with 750GB of HDD and Intel HD graphics 4000.  The battery life is quite disappointing, it lasts for only 4 hrs but it’s a big issue when compared with its performance and price tag. If you feel this article is informative then share this with your friends and leave us your thoughts below in the comment section. In this article, we are going to talk about the best laptops for video editing.When buying a laptop you will use to edit the videos, there are several important things you will have to consider.
Dark, musty rooms packed with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment are par for the course in the realm of editing. 3.2ghz Core i7 quad, 8gb ram, 1080p IPS screen, geforce 635m so cuda and half price of the MBP with actual usable resolution. The SSD works well (W8 boots in about 10s), but not a revolution by any means, stuff just opens a bit quicker.
Any other ratio involves scaling, which introduces a quality loss, and what you’re seeing is no longer true to what it actually is. I seriously doubt the color is better on the Asus, and I care much more about color than pixels.
Either way, the mac can drive it’s internal monitor plus an external and they 2 screen spaces, not mirror image. For you its colour, for me it’s important to see things in a similar way to how it will be seen when my work is out in the wild.
Little things like branding don’t make a big difference, you might have just had better luck with one particular laptop. They make some of the most badass workstation laptops available, capable of blowing some of these out of the water – yet they get almost zero time in the spotlight. Yes, some Toshiba and HP laptops are made by the same ODM (Toshiba buys from Quanta and Compal, while HP buys from just about everybody, including also Wistron, Inventec, Foxconn, and Flextronics).
A few paint manufacturers make many brands of paint, but they make them to the specifications provided by the paint companies they manufacture for. What it offers is excellent build quality, decent performance in a small package, Thunderbolt and a design with a comfortable layout. Going a decade without having to upgrade a laptop used for high performance applications is a great value, so I don’t mind paying the Apple tax. For instance, the best editing software, Vegas by Sony, will not run on the native Mac operating system, but must be run in a Windows shell. The Nvidia Quadro K3100M discrete graphics card really sets it apart as a professional-oriented laptop model.
The most important factors in being able to deal with these files is processing power, and RAM. The newest Intel processor types, the Ivy Bridge, produces less heat than past generations and comes in three flavours Core i3, i5 and i7. You should pay attention to the screen resolution and make sure it is full HD (1920×1080). If you need a laptop that you will carry around with you every day, that has the power to handle video editing, this is the one for you.

Whenever I try to do any graphics rendering on it, it heats up horribly, and the loud fan noise becomes very annoying. Before buying a photography laptop, you should make sure whether it meets all the requirements of latest photo-editing software or not.
The battery life is superb, a full charge lasts more than 10 hours and occasionally it stands over 12 hours.
The pre-installed iLife and iWork suit offers some extreme features to make your life easier than ever. These duel graphics chips support latest Directx to delivery accurate color and graphics for editing tasks. Overall, it’s a stylish, effective, superfast laptop perfectly suitable for photographers and graphical designers. Bottom line; if you’re looking for a powerful laptop for photo editing with HD display then HP Envy is the right choice.
The powerful Nvidia graphics card with dedicated memory of 2GB offers advanced image processing. Keep in mind that the best video editing software, won’t run smoothly if your computer is slow. Not to mention they’re around half the price of the competition with a reputation for solid build quality. However, even when that is true, Toshiba and HP are not like the smaller manufacturers that buy generic ODM designs and re-brand them.
They may also make a generic type of paint that they label for smaller companies who don’t want to develop their own paints but who would like to sell paint under their own labels. I do more motion work than straight up editing, so c4d and after effects but have done a few full PP edits and it’s been very smooth. I’ll take a hit on battery life and performance before going back to a lunker for logging footage in the field or editing in an airport during an extended layover. All I see is Apple fanboyism justified by adding in two competitors that make equally less sense than a workstation.
Graphics cards are actually less important than for some other computer tasks, like playing games, but a dedicated graphics card is definitely an advantage. The most powerful i7 is obviously the best, but a quad core i5 processor will handle your applications just fine. Obviously, playing games and streaming online movies might drain your battery but it offers promising 9 hours of battery life at heavy workload. Finally, if you’re looking for durable laptop with terrific performance then Lenovo ThinkPad is the right choice for you. However, my research on the Internet has not borne this out, but fairly recently still indicated questionable durability. I would avoid laptops with a Core i3 CPU, they will not have enough power to deal with videos.
When it comes to RAM memory, 8 GB is a minimum, but if you decide to get a laptop with 16 GB RAM, for instance, the better.
This one comes with the Intel Core i7 processor (2.6 GHz), 1 TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX965M, and 16 GB RAM. Instead, they can actually join the rest of the world, and edit on the go.Okay, massive towers aren’t the only game in town anymore, but what exactly should an editor look for in a work laptop? Therefore, the laptops that HP and Toshiba sell won’t necessarily be comparable just because they are made by the same ODM. As far as I know Clevo does not manufacture to other companies’ specs, but only re-brands their own devices for different small manufacturers. The Mac has a high pixel count for its small screen, but the HP Z-book is configurable with a far better (and faster) nVidia Quadro graphics adapter. You always need to have enough storage space, so a 1 TB hard drive sounds like a good idea. When they make, for example, strawberry for one brand it can taste a lot different than strawberry from another brand even though they made both batches. But more than anything, you need to pick a laptop that fits your specific on-the-job needs. Your budget, your existing workflow, and the needs of co-workers or clients all come into play here. Editing videos on this laptop will be a completely new experience, and if you like to play games this might be the machine for you as it is among the best.
With a 2880×1800 native resolution, this laptop display allows you to edit in 1080p while the full user interface of your editing suite stays on screen. Cannot imagine how long it would take to load simple web mail with modem speeds like that today and I have doubts that it’d even work.
Both Thunderbolt and FireWire are left out completely, and it’s always slightly disappointing to see only two SuperSpeed ports on offer. This laptop has an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 13.3-inch Retina display, and 512 GB of storage, with up to 10 hours of battery life.
You might need to invest in a hub, though.The best of the bestVideo editing is definitely resource intensive, but laptops have finally become flexible and powerful enough to handle the task with aplomb. Even though many of these machines are expensive when compared with the average laptop, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck these days. This model comes with the Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860 M, 17.3-inch screen and 4-hour battery life. If you’re looking for an extremely high-res laptop with a slightly lower price point, this 15-inch Dell XPS model is no slouch. On the upside, it does have a built-in three-way card reader, so importing footage from cameras will be relatively streamlined. Both HDMI and mini DisplayPort are also available, so hooking up to external displays will be a snap.

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