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I've tried to put in a mix of games from strategy to FPS, MMO to driving, adventure and interactive fiction.
Normally when Blizzard drops a new game it's a major event, such as it was when StarCraft II and Diablo III were released.
Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) have become the new jam for many gamers who look for collaborative fun with other gamers online. The genre exploded after the development of a Warcraft III mod called Defense of the Ancients (DotA), and in fact Dota 2 is available for download for the Mac through Steam. What's more, League is free to play - you can certainly get started and play for quite a long time without having to put money into it, but eventually you'll probably want to bolster your abilities by using real currency to buy additional Riot Points (RP), which let you buy content like champions, alternate skins and boosts. It turned out to be Irrational Games' swan song (the company's founder, Ken Levine, is shutting it down to focus on different work), but what a way to go out: the third installment of the legendary Bioshock series is a masterwork. In this installment Bioshock goes Fringe-level weird, with explorations of different universes and overlapping realities, rewriting history to include a steampunk variation on the early 20th century in which a floating city called Columbia founded by a self-proclaimed prophet hides a young woman with a terrible cosmic power.
Bioshock Infinite has been out for a while but they've extended playability with a couple of DLC packs including Burial at Sea and Clash in the Clouds, so you can keep the gameplay going long after you've played through the initial story. Though this is a separate and distinct story using different characters and situations, there is some overlap. It isn't necessary to play Season One to enjoy Season Two, but it'll change the storyline if you have (the game uses your saved game files to alter story components depending on what you've done). It's been five years since Minecraft first appeared and the game shows no signs of letting up - more than 35 million copies of this game have been sold to date. Minecraft is a "sandbox" game in which you build stuff out of cubes, a little bit like LEGO building blocks. You can also play multiplayer, which is a big part of Minecraft's draw - players can run their own servers and set up their own rules for how to play, which makes it a big collaborative experience. Let's face it, the bloom of World of Warcraft is off the rose - we've been playing it for years and many of us are looking for new challenges and different fun. If you haven't gotten into Shadowrun yet, now's a good time - Dragonfall, a new expansion pack, is available for download. Shadowrun is a set in a cyberpunk future world where technology has run amuck and magic has returned to the world. Although it's rendered in first person perspective, The Stanley Parable isn't a first person shooter.
The Stanley Parable first appeared back in 2011 but was recently resurrected for release on Steam; the Mac version came out a couple of months after the Windows version debuted.
Another indie game that takes a very, very different perspective on the first person genre. It's another work of interactive fiction, though its emphasis is very different from the Stanley Parable. Apple has invested $1 billion in China's largest ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing (formerly called Didi Kuaidi).
Beme is a brand new video-sharing app that uses the proximity sensor on your phone to trigger 10 second video recordings. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of first person shooters, or FPS titles that run natively on the Mac OS X. The Mac is a great general purpose computer, which means it's also an excellent game system.
When the weather's too gray to go for a drive, kick it in this collection of recent racing Mac games featuring slick rides and unusual twists and turns. Square Enix's release of Final Fantasy XIV for the Macintosh seems to have been blunder after misstep after blunder, and it's becoming a textbook example of how not to release a game for the Mac. Explore uncharted territory as a intergalactic swashbuckler, a super-cute knight, or an Old Testament animal-sitter in this week's Mac games round-up.
Solve puzzles, travel to space, and unleash your psychic potential in this week's best Mac games!
In the spirit of last week's WWDC, I invite you to enjoy my collection of the finest Mac games to come out over the course of the past year or so. Valve Software plans to revamp its popular multiplayer online battle arena game Dota 2 as Dota 2 Reborn, with a new game engine, overhauled interface and improvements for new players, just to start. This week's Humble Weekly Bundle features adventure games, most of which run on Mac and Windows, some Linux too.
In what has become a tradition of sorts, Apple today published iTunes Rewind 2011, an annual list of the best iOS apps and games split across 21 App Store categories. See what we chose as the best apps and games of the year, and stream video trailers to find out more.

In addition to apps, charts are also available for music, movies, television shows, e-books and podcasts. Surprisingly, Apple gave Tiny Tower the iPhone Game of the Year award even though Angry Birds remains the top seller in the games category. The amount of astounding things we can do with our computers soared with this year’s Mac App Store launch. For years there was an undeserved assumption that the Mac platform was unfit for gaming, but not anymore! If you’re a gamer, check out this list of some of the best RPG’s, shooters, platformers, and strategy games the Mac App Store has to offer, all on sale for this weekend!
Be sure to check out the system requirements for each individual game in this list before you buy, the requirements vary per game and you’ll want to make sure the game runs on your Mac. I'm interested in what you think are the best games for the Mac, too, so make sure to share your thoughts with me in the comments.
Hearthstone has sort of crept out from the company, produced at a smaller scale and with a very different focus: it's the first card-collecting strategy game that Blizzard has done.
Even if you've never been into Magic: the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, Hearthstone is really easy to pick up, learn and play, and it's a lot of fun. You won't be bombarded with demands for money in in-app purchases or an inability to play effectively unless you pay. They're realtime strategy games that emphasize the control of champions and minions as you try to take over your opponents' territory and destroy their troop-making ability. But League of Legends has captured the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide as developer Riot Games puts a continuous stream of improvements and changes into the the game to rebalance and change around gameplay. Check out Feral's recent Mac conversion of Codemasters' F1 2013, a game that recreates the Formula 1 2013 season in minute detail. Gorgeous graphics, terrific gameplay, and a AAA console-style gaming experience on your Mac.
As anyone who's familiar with the graphic novel series upon which it's based will tell you, things have unfolded very differently on the TV show than they have in the book. The story focuses on Clementine, a young girl who's been orphaned in the wake of the zombie apocalypse.
Minecraft is without question one of the biggest successes in the history of indie computer gaming. Elder Scrolls Online is still a few weeks away from general release, so what's a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) fan to do?
The game is set in fictional realm of Xen'drik, populated with multiple sentient races plagued by attacks from magical monsters great and small. Shadowrun Returns came out last year and won accolades for bringing back a beloved RPG franchise to OS X and Windows.
A narrator will try to keep you on track, at least for his story, but whether or not you listen to him is up to you. In this work, you arrive home after traveling for a year abroad only to discover your family is missing. While The Stanley Parable emphasizes different choices and how they affect the outcome of the game, Gone Home is a much more linear experience - there's only one end in sight here.
The service dominates the ride-sharing segment in China with a market share of 87%, facilitating over 1 million rides a day.
At the end of the recording, it instantly uploads the video to Beme, making it impossible for you to edit the video in any way.
This week, take a look at Superfly, Bejeweled Stars, and great apps that improve accessibility. You can pick any of these games up through Valve's Steam platform or through the App Store. There are tons of great games for the Mac, and we constantly strive to find you the best ones.
These five picks run the gamut from family-friendly fun to fiendishly difficult fare, so choose your adventure carefully. Plus, browser 2011’s top sellers and our favorite apps from this year in all 21 categories. They named Snapseed for the iPad App of the Year and Electronic Arts’ Dead Space for the iPad Game of the Year.
Now with just a click, we can download amazing apps for editing photos, designing graphics, getting things done, playing great games and more.
Thanks to the Mac App Store, the Mac platform is amassing a wide library of amazing games that must be played.

KOTOR is an immersive action-role playing game set in the Star Wars world where each decision you make sways you either towards being a hero or a member of the dark side. You control three heros each with different powers that you must use to solve puzzles, fight off enemies, and traverse around a beautifully rendered world. You’ll wield crazy powers and brutal weapons as you explore and fight your way through a failed utopian world.
Civilization games offer complex strategy and warfare options and endless hours of entertainment. Play online in teams of 8 against another squad in classic shooter modes like Capture the Flag.
Generally if you have a newer Mac they shouldn’t be a problem, but obviously the newer and better your Mac and its video card, the better games will play.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! It may be less true now than it has been, but Mac OS X as a gaming platform has a hundreth of the games there are for Windows, and they almost always perform less well. I've rounded up ten of the best games you can get for the Mac right now in this collection, with links for where to buy or download them. You play attack and defense cards as you seek to run your opponent's health down to zero and keep yours positive. You can play quite effectively without ever putting a dollar into it; if you do, you'll end up buying card booster packs that give you rare cards and Legendaries. It's essentially a sophisticated version of Capture the Flag, though that really sells the experience short. What's more, Classics Mode lets you race in legendary cars and against legendary drivers from the 1980s.
Telltale Games saw an opportunity to introduce yet another narrative pathway through the Walking Dead with its adventure game series.
You have do whatever it takes to help her survive, not just in a world filled with the shambling undead, but with people who are still alive and pushed to desperate extremes to survive.
Emphasis is on real-time tactical combat; you can switch between third-person and first-person views. The game includes a map maker that lets you build your own scenarios, but Harebrained Schemes recently created the game's first official expansion pack, Dragonfall. You're an office worker named Stanley; one day your computer stops working and you get up from your desk only to realize that everyone else is gone. The Stanley Parable is all about making choices, and it explores the nature of choice-making as it affects the outcome of a game.
Here are some of the features we've produced outlining the best games in various categories — make sure to check them all out for ideas! As for the iPhone, Apple put Instagram at the top (runners-up were VidRhythm and Band of the Day). You’ll assemble a team of customizable warriors, travel between worlds, master Jedi powers, and so much more.
Other than being a phenomenal first person shooter with a great storyline, Call of Duty 4 really shines in multiplayer mode where you’ll participate in huge battles against people from all around the world. Especially compared to some of the other more popular shooters, this game is a steal for $13, with great graphics and gameplay.
Putting your deck together in the most effective way is the strategy side of this game, and if you're familiar with World of Warcraft folklore, you'll get a big kick out of seeing characters here that you'll recognize from the game — but that knowledge is purely optional.
In the first game, you're tasked with solving an old accomplice's murder, and in the expansion, you travel to Berlin to uncover the secret of Firewing, a great dragon thought dead since the early days of the rise of magic.
It's highly experimental and very thought provoking, definitely worth a look if the average run of the mill action game leaves you cold. It's short - you should be able to burn through it in a couple of hours in a single sitting, unless you have no aptitude for adventure puzzlers, but it's still a rewarding outcome and a good game for non-gamers to boot.
I myself game on an iMac 24 which works fine, but I have to boot into Windows for all the games I play, unfortunately.

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