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If you’re a real estate agent new to marketing automation software, choosing the right system can be confusing. This e-book simplifies the process of finding the right marketing automation system for real estate professionals. It contains information on how to find the right vendor based on the marketing strategies, channels and tools you use to connect with home buyers, and details best practices you should use to ensure a positive return on investment.
Where you get leads, what marketing strategy you plan to use and what other tools you’re using will help you determine what functionality you need.
What are you doing to market your real estate property management company and your commercial, residential or retail properties? The best marketing campaigns are launched with significant premeditation, diligent tracking for effectiveness, and a focus on follow-through. Take the time to analyze your business, your clients, and your existing network to craft a marketing strategy that includes a written mission, established (realistic) goals, and a plan to achieve those goals. If you find this process daunting, consider hiring a professional to help guide you through the process of establishing your messaging strategy and marketing plan. As you’re implementing your real estate marketing strategy, it’s appealing to go after all of the potential clients.

Facebook and Twitter can both be powerful tools to connect with prospective clients, share information, and learn more about your industry, but there’s so much more out there for promoting your real estate business.
As a marketing tool for property managers, Pinterest can serve as a springboard for inspiration, giving you insights into the minds of consumers. There’s so much out there online to change the way you’re reaching your prospective clients. Understanding your options and how to build a short list of vendors is a critical step in selecting the right software. Knowing how to begin using it and what to expect when you do will help make the transition easier, and produce better results. However, in an age of digital marketing and social media, it’s easy to start something, get distracted, and let it drift away without actually putting in the necessary work to cultivate rewarding results. This should include a rework of your website and marketing collateral to make sure that all of your outward facing communications present a strong, unified message that appeals to your customer base. There are many freelance marketing consultants who will guide you without breaking the bank! However, if you want your marketing plan to succeed, you might want to focus on one group at a time.

This pinboard-inspired site gives users the tools to plan everything from weekly meals to major home renovations; it’s the ideal platform for sharing and cultivating information about current trends in real estate.
It’s also a powerful place to record your own ideas, saving photos of inspiriting properties and more to your own carefully cultivated pinboards.
Select the one that will be easiest for you to penetrate and move outward as you dominate smaller demographics and markets.
Though it’s young, it’s the third largest social network, recording record growth and user retention that continues to expand.
It’s also an excellent tool for featuring your best properties, sharing photos and information from your website that might otherwise never catch the eye of prospective property owners or renters.

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