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Lazarus is a free guestbook script written in PHP that uses your MySQL database for storage and is based upon the excellent Advanced Guestbook script from Proxy2. TaskJuggler is a modern and powerful, Free and Open Source Software project management tool. TeamLab is a multifunctional online service for business collaboration, CRM, document and project management. Resources : Assign human resources to work on tasks, see their allocation on the Resource Load chart. ClockingIT is a free Project Management solution, which helps your team stay focused and on top of things. Project HQ is a collaborative open source project management tool, similar to Basecamp and activeCollab. ProjectPier is a Free, Open-Source, self-hosted PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface. Atif Aslam performing LIVE in Kathmandu Nepal – 30 November 2012How to solve Rubik’s cube ?
You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.Syncs with Evernote and Google Calendar, and also comes with mobile version, and Android and iPhone apps.
We are grateful to announce the launch of “ProjectXimplify” – The simple way to manage your project. I am looking for a tool in php which can be used internally within my team to track projects. I am hoping that somebody can give me some advice on which project manager program will suit my needs.
There are several free, open source and paid project management tools available, but everyone has a unique and specific need. Actually, you must be very careful in selecting a project and time management tool because it is very difficult to change from one tool to another as transition is complete hassle. I really believe this awesome website has got some very awesome information for everyone Incredibly Nice! Selecting an ERP software package and implementing it correctly can be an extremely complex and intimidating process for many business executives and project teams.
I am looking for an Free Open Source E-commerce Platform that can be customized to sell all kinds of optical products like prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, etc,etc. To allocate task to employees as an adminMaintain the performance of the employeesEmployees must login to report their daily work and progressweb2project looks good, but there is not a feature that saves the performance of the employees. Songbird is a free and open source media player and web browser i.e a web player, available for Mac and Windows (Linux support was dropped in earlier versions). As we all know, there are lots of audio player in the market, many people are no longer limited in choose iTunes, here is a good alternative of iTunes, you can try Macgo Mac Media Player to enjoy your music world. Whilst first person shooters are mainly confined to the console, several good FPS games are available for PC. AssaultCube is a quite simple 3D FPS available for Linux, OS X and Windows, which just reached version 1.0 about a week ago.
The best aspect of AssaultCube is the online play; there's always a few busy servers available where one can play capture the flag, deathmatches or variations on those modes. Sauerbraten is an FPS built on the same engine on which AssaultCube is built but has much more sophisticated graphics and is built in a fantasy world as opposed to a real one.
The game notably lacks a crouch mechanism and struggles to run at higher resolutions on my MacBook Pro. Once again, Sauerbraten is orientated towards online pay but the CPU games are much better than AssaultCube's.

Needless to say there's scores of other good games, these are just my favourite free (as in beer and freedom) shooters.
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory easily beats the above three mentioned games hands down any day.
Urban Terror is awesome and cross platform -- I play it on Linux and there is a mac version. It is easy to use, flexible and customizable with templates to make it fit 100% to your homepage. Lots of additional features have been added in Advanced Guestbook and also added several layers of anti spam protection to make one of the most feature rich and spam resistant guestbook scripts available for free.
It is very simple to install and use, and the header and footer files included with the script allow you to customize the script to blend in with the rest of your website.
A good project management software would include many types of software, including estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems.
A quick look inside shows that Collabtive has all the basic features: milestones, task management, time tracking, calendar. Its primary functions allow users to manage contacts, appointments, projects and to-do lists. From only one interface, it gathers, all the needed tools for software development teams: management and versioning of code, bugs, requirements, documents, reporting, tests etc. Redmine is based on Ruby on Rails framework and has multiple database support: Postgre SQL, SQLite and MySQL. Its new approach to project planning and tracking is more flexible and superior to the commonly used Gantt chart editing tools. It has been developed by Ascensio System SIA, a Latvian company that offers IT-solutions for personal and corporate use. Extensive features like Project Management, Collaboration and Time Tracking makes this application very userful for our project. Project HQ is built on open source technologies like Python, Pylons and SQLAlchemy and is fully database independent. We aim to help project team to manage multiple projects in more organize way that match with daily office work-flow or routine. We're looking into expanding our feature set with project management, do you maybe know or have a list of project management apps with integrated invoicing. There are a ton of expert IDSA accessible for business use, but concerning being free as flexibility, Snort is my top choice.
I'm nothing more than a casual gamer but I enjoy shooters and I was surprised by the sheer number available. The graphics are not very advanced, but a benefit of this is that it's easier to run a server and that it can run on nearly any machine. AssaultCube is limited to seven weapons: sniper rifle, assault rifle, handgun, grenades, knives, shotgun and submachine guns. The game clearly belongs in the realms of fantasy, being set on a space station where one must shoot aliens. Movement is far too fast compared to Cube engine games and it really does require quick reflexives. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers.
The guestbook contains features such as entry flooding protection, administrative entry notification, bad word filter, emoticons, and much much more.
It is used either via its native web-interface, making access platform-independent, or by using different supported groupware clients, such as Kontact, Novell Evolution, or Microsoft Outlook.

Launched in 2002, phpCollab stands out for sufficient online collaboration tools such as discussions, notifications, support requests. TeamLab combines a set of productivity tools that assists a company team to work as one organism at solving common tasks and achieving results. The software is functionally elegant and secure without being cumbersome for users, or graphically intensive. Standing close to ERP software, ]project-open[ performs all basic project management tasks. Though the interface is incredibly simple and clean, all the basic collaboration features are packed. I just require basic functionality like task assignment, notification and report generation. We have adopted it after a long selection period and we are quite happy with that,The software is not free, you have to pay for a non expiring license but we though that an investment on this would be a benefit for the company. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! This post explains not only about the select best music player but also about some other good alternative media players. Marathon and Infinity are the major games based on it and they can work under Win, Mac, Linux.
If you had tried using the engine to build a map, you would notice that the engine is completely different from that of assaultcube. It is an internet-enabled system for use in projects that require collaboration over the internet. Redmine provides users with Gantt chart, calendar, time tracking features which are essential for project planning.
It covers the complete spectrum of project management tasks from the first idea to the completion of the project. It has 4 modules: project management, business collaboration, documents processing and instant messaging. The software is ideally suited to tracking multiple projects and innumerable small tasks across an organisation of any size. Project HQ aims to be a buzz word compliant application, making use of Web 2.0 design and technologies like AJAX.
Those organizations, such as consulting firms, that rely on a division between firm-side and client-side information will benefit most from use of phpCollab. It assists you during project scoping, resource assignment, cost and revenue planning, risk and communication management. You can set tasks, milestones, track project activity and generate reports, share bookmarks and wiki pages with your colleagues, keep your teammates up to date with news and even create a poll.
Project HQ attempts to use AJAX in appropriate places, to help the user work efficiently, rather than simply providing flash and getting in the way of usability. TaskJuggler is written in Ruby and should be easily installable and usable on all popular operating systems. Finally, other members can be alerted that somebody has already decided to work on this task.

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