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For those don’t know, actually Microsoft website get a lot nice PowerPoint presentations and slides template for download.
Designing a brochure is no easy task, luckily the Microsoft portal offers various brochure templates to help you create brochures in PowerPoint. Compatible with PowerPoint 2013 and earlier versions, this brochure template is quite suitable for making professional looking business brochures.  The template provides printing instructions on the left side of the sample slides and also offers tips in the form of sample text in placeholders to give you an idea of what might be the utility for each section. You can add your company’s basic information by editing the sample text and customize your slides with the help of basic PowerPoint features. For example, you can choose various themes to customize the look of the brochure, add your own logo, replace the sample images, add additional text boxes, add shapes, etc. You can search for templates by keyword and try various keyword combinations to find relevant templates at the Microsoft templates portal. For example, searching for a brochure template can be performed by simply using the keyword ‘brochure’ in the search bar.
Speaking of bulky, shooting videos with your smartphone is a great alternative than bringing along a video camera.ADVERTISEMENTSmartphones nowadays are already packed with HD capabilities and ita€™s no wonder why people choose their trusted phones to capture and record videos.
But dona€™t you know that you can also enhance your video with the use of Android applications? Wea€™ve put together a list of the most creative video-editing apps that let you enhance and edit your videos on the go.Clesh Video EditorClesh Video Editor is the ultimate cloud-based video editor that offers real time rendering in the cloud.
However, Clesh Video Editor is not entirely built for newbies, but rather, the app requires you to have basic knowledge when it comes to video editing. Veteran users of PC-oriented video editing applications can really appreciate how powerful Clesh Video Editor can be on your phone.Featuring full time editing, storyboard trimming, and lots of real-time video transitions, Clesh Video Editor is a powerhouse app that can do just about everything. If youa€™re fond of watching movies on your smartphone, then you probably have explored the option of trimming down your videos. Aside from being a video editing application, Snip Video Trimmer also lets you shorten clips and view information directly from the app itself.
You can also upload and share short videos over the web.Snip Video Trimmer is simple software that doesna€™t necessarily have fancy additions compared to its counterparts.

But, for users who just need a lighter video editing application on the go, then Snip Video Trimmer is the right application of choice.Video Slide Show MakerVideo Slide Show Maker is another application that lets you easily create slide show video presentations on the go. If you have lots of pictures on your phone then Video Slide Show Maker makes it easy for you to compile them onto one neat video presentation.Users can create personalized video slideshows using multimedia content found on their phone.
Creating presentations is easy, as users just need to select the photos they want to be included in their slide show, make the necessary enhancements, and add the media to their slide show.They can also add music and text to make their slide show even more entertaining and informative to watch.
Apart from that, they can also pan and zoom from the image and add a specific duration for the next slide to show. As an added bonus, the app also supports transition effects to unleash your creative style. This is your chance to become one–and all you need is your smartphone to do your bidding. Turn ordinary shots into stunning, breathtaking movie clips with the Ultimate Special FX application developed by TechCat Mobile.Ultimate Special FX offers users different visual effects that they can apply to their videos. From missile pods to air destruction, nothing is more satisfying than having Hollywood-style video effects rolling out on your camera. To add special effects, users just need to select a specific scene, and then start shooting on their cameras.
In order for the visual effects to be seen in your shot, you need to let the app know what scene you need to insert the effect.Dona€™t expect to see some fancy or complex special effects that you see in movies, as Ultimate Special FX is still in its infancy. The application works well in portrait and landscape modes, which is pretty convenient if you want to sit down and get down to some hardcore trimming.VidTrim is surprisingly fast in trimming and cutting down videos without any performance lags. For those of you who arena€™t familiar, Lapse It is an award-winning, full-featured app that captures amazing time lapse clips using only your Android camera.Lapse It is fairly easy to use and beginners who are new to taking videos will become instant professionals with just a weeka€™s practice. To capture time-lapse videos, users just need to select the duration of seconds in between images, select a color effect, and hit the capture button to start shooting. Designed with a simple, easy to use interface, users will never have a hard time creating wonderful short clips.AndroMedia is a fully featured video editing program that lets users design and create professional videos in a matter of minutes, thanks to the appa€™s informative user-interface. To edit videos, users just have to configure their project by setting the frame size, default transition, output format, and quality.After that, they can just drag and drop various multimedia like videos, pictures and sounds to their project.

Videocam Illusion from Mobile Illusion lets users record videos in real-time with special effects that will make them drop their jaws in amazement.Videocam Illusion features cool real-time effects on any video that you have captured on your Android smartphone. All you need to do is install the application and you will be automatically directed to camera recording. Applying special effects and filters can be done within the camera recording itself.Choose from different filter effects such as mono, Chicago, pencil, x-ray, and other filters. Users can also combine different filters, effects, and mask options to make their videos even more creative.The app also offers numerous other options that include audio settings, recording speeds, and memory for users to choose from. Packed with tons of unique features that separate it from other Android editing apps, AndroVid Video Trimmer can trim videos in numerous ways. The app also organizes clips for easy referencing and even lets you upload them to social networking sites such as Facebook. The app is considered as the starting ground of many users as it also known as the stock camera app that works on all Android devices running Android 1.6 and higher.
The preinstalled camera app can record full HD videos depending on your phone’s hardware.
The app also lets you tweak video recording quality depending on the megapixel resolution you are going to use, as well as the file size to save you precious storage space.Camcorder also supports tap-to-zoom, and can turn your phonea€™s flash into handy little flashlights for recording in low light conditions. Lastly, the app also supports video stabilization and other effects, although these really depend on your phonea€™s hardware. If youa€™re lucky enough to own the latest phone that supports HD recording, then consider yourself lucky.Do you capture videos as a hobby?

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