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It’s time to stop thinking about the X Games as the biggest skateboard contest and turn your attention to Street League Skateboarding. There were many highlights from the competition, with skateboarding favorites like Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, and Laun Oliveira landing impossible tricks with confidence and swagger, but that never quite seems to capture the spirit of these events. We all remember a certain faceplant from Huston, who leads the competition in most titles, and that gave us the idea to bring you a collection of only our favorite bails.

Shot in super slow motion, deconstructed, then composited, this video shows how even skateboarding giants can get tripped up.
Door zijn prijzige speeltje te verpakken in een waterdichte behuizing, is Chris in staat gebleken de (wat mij betreft) mooiste surfvideo aller tijden te schieten.

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